Otome Game / Translation

Sidekicks! – Prologue

[short sequence that plays before the game menu appears]

MAN 1: Hey, do you have the camera on this!? Get the broadcast going, quickly!

NEWS BROADCASTER:  There has been an explosion at the upper side Sakrada Police Station.

MAN 2: It’s burning! Hurry up!

[overlapping voices of Man 1, Man 2, and Broadcaster]

MAN 1: There’s some smoke coming out… Can you get closer?

[Breaking News]

NEWS BROADCASTER: There has been an explosion at the Sakrada Police Station. Black smoke is emerging from the building. This footage is being broadcast directly from the scene. According to current-

SHISUI: Flames are dancing in Sakrada’s darkness. Now, take a good look. What sort of truth is it that you can see there?


Pitch black rain.

Where could this be…?

Is there someone standing over there…?

[voiced by Shisui]

A drug that gives intense hallucinations… Before we knew it, this poison had flooded into our city and began to eat away at you all…

Yesterday, a man’s body was discovered at the Bussell River Bridge, and a friend of his was arrested by Sakrada Police as a suspect.


“Are you okay?”

(I’m the kind of girl who brings out the sun…)

“Your phone fell.”



???: “Hm? Did I wake you up? Sorry.”



> “Thank you.”

> “What is this place?”

> “I wasn’t sleeping really…”


> “Thank you.”

“U-um… Thank you.”

???: “You’re welcome. Is your phone all right?”


“Yes, it seems to be fine…”

???: “Are you the always exhausted type?”

“I… don’t think so.”

???: “Do you come here often?”

“No, today’s my first time here. I just happened to stop by, but it would have been nice if I was actually hungry…”

???: “Yeah, the food here is really good. The menu has lots of different things, too.”

> “What is this place?”

“What… is this place?”

???: “What is it? Well, it’s a diner. Little Kirara’s.”

“Oh, right. I got sleepy…”

???: “Shouldn’t you check your phone? It made a pretty loud noise when it fell.”

“Oh, um…”

“It doesn’t seem to be broken.”

???: “Good. Take care not to drop it again.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

???: “Are you a Sakradaite?”

“Well yes…”

???: “Ah, sorry. That was strange question to ask out of the blue. There are a lot of regulars that come to this shop, and I was just thinking I hadn’t seen you before.”

> “I wasn’t sleeping really…”

“N-no, I wasn’t really sleeping. I was just spacing out a little…”

???: “Really? More importantly, is your phone all right?”

“Ah! Um…”

“It looks fine.”

???: “That’s good.”

“Thank you very much.”

???: “You’re welcome. …Haha.”

“Um, what…?”

???: “You were making a really cute face when you were sleeping.”

???: “We’ll leave it at that then.”

[rejoined dialogue]

➞ Diner “Little Kirara’s”

???: “Ah, I’ve got a phone call. I’ll be going then.”

???: “Hello? Oh, Shisui, what is it? If it’s about that thing you asked me for, just now I-“

When I looked at my table, the latte I had previously ordered still hadn’t arrived.

(I fell asleep again…)

I’ve been troubled by this ‘condition’ for as long as I can remember.

I get overtaken by drowsiness and doze off.

When I was a child I was just written off as a ‘kid who nods off a lot’, but I feel like since I’ve become an adult that the frequency of my sudden sleepiness has increased.

I went to the hospital thinking it might be hypersomnia or something, but my examination results always come back with ‘no abnormalities’.

I was only asleep for a short amount of time just now while waiting for the coffee I had ordered.

But for me to not even notice that I dropped my phone and have it get picked up by a man passing by…

(I wish I could do something about this condition…)

???: “Here, sorry for the wait!”

I turned around at hearing a voice behind me. A nametag with ‘Manager Kirara’ written in cute letters on it caught my eye.


KIRARA: “Oh no, sighing like that. All your happiness will get away!”

“I-I just do it without noticing. I’m job hunting right now, but I’m not really good at interviews…”

Though quite large, the somehow charming manager had me unintentionally venting my worries.

Prompted by their kind words, I picked up the cup.

KIRARA: “If you’re hungry, I recommend this one. It’s a mutton curry filled with plenty of meat!”

KIRARA: “If you eat this, you’ll get 100 times more cheerful in one gulp— Oh my, what’s wrong?”

A flavor sweeter than I had expected spread throughout my mouth when I took a sip from the cup.

“Huh? It’s sweet…? Um, I thought I ordered a café latte…”

Kirara looked back and forth between the cup I was holding and the receipt in a fluster.

KIRARA: “Oh look at me, getting your order wrong like that! I’m so sorry!”

Kirara took the cup from my hand as if they were trying to cut me off from completing my sentence.

KIRARA: “No! Bringing customers the drinks they want is my mission! I’ll remake it right away, so please just wait a little bit.”

His- no, Kirara’s statement gave me a peculiar uncomfortable feeling.

CUSTOMER: “Excuse me!”

KIRARA: “Yes! So sorry. Wait just a minute! It’ll be done right away! Right away! Really, it’ll be right away!”

As I absentmindedly watched Kirara’s back as they moved away, I churned over the phrases I had gotten stuck in my mind.

This scene, where have I…?

KIRARA: “Oh look at me, getting your order wrong like that! I’m so sorry!”

KIRARA: “No! Bringing customers the drinks they want is my mission! I’ll remake it right away, so please just wait a little bit.”

(This… I saw this in a dream…!)

I took out my phone in a rush and opened my note app.

(I think… it was a few days ago… Ah, here! Let’s see, at a diner…)


I raised my voice and stood up without thinking.

…This condition that’s been troubling me since I was a child wasn’t just sudden drowsiness.

Unable to fight off the sleepiness, I would close my eyes and see strange dreams. Landscapes I’d never seen, unfamiliar people… I see things unrelated to me in my dreams a lot.

No, having a condition where I have dreams wasn’t the strange part; it’s the frequency at which those dreams turned out to be true…

(So that’s why I decided to take notes on the dreams I have…)

At a diner, I mistakenly get a café mocha instead of a café latte. When my new café latte is brought to the table—

A truck crashes through the windows.

…I just mistakenly got a café mocha instead of a café latte.

(So that means, that’s going to happen now…!?)

“Th-this is bad!”

Several gazes shifted to me as I abruptly shouted.

It’s always like that. The people around me look at me like I’m some weirdo after I talk about my strange dreams.

But this is really dangerous, right? What should I do…!?



> Yell out

> Call for the manager

> Ask someone for help


> Yell out

I didn’t have the time to think this over. I stood up and raised my voice toward the window seats.

“Hey, everyone!”

A couple sitting in their seats looked at me with puzzled stares.

Their expressions went blatantly suspicious as I drew close.

“A truck is going to crash through the window seats! Hurry away from the windows!”

“Um, I know I’m saying something that sounds weird, but please believe me for now and just do as I say!”

As I shouted in a loud voice, the customers at the window tables exchanged glances and unanimously began to speak.

CUSTOMER: “Mama, what’s that person doing?”

CUSTOMER: “Shh, don’t look!”

…It’s inevitable that they’d doubt me.

But if I just leave them, what happened in my dream might become reality.

And if that’s the case, a truck is going to burst through the window seats.

If they stay sitting here then…!

> Call for the manager

(R-right, I can ask the manager from just before…)

I’ll ask the manager Kirara for their help to get the customers evacuated.

(Kirara, where are you!?)

I caught a glimpse of their large figure behind the counter. It looked like they were redoing my café latte.

“Kirara! Ahh!”

Kirara waved at me with a smile after I called out to them.

‘Just a little longer.’

That’s what they mouthed.

“Not that, um! Kirara!”

CUSTOMER: “Excuse me, can I add something to my order?”

KIRARA: “Sure thing!”

Kirara looked my way and mouthed ‘sorry’.

No, I won’t make it in time at this rate…!

> Ask someone for help

According to what’s written in my notes, I only have until Kirara brings back my remade coffee.

(I-I need to get someone to help me…!)

I approached a person sitting nearby at the counter and spoke up.

“Um, excuse me! A truck is going to crash through the windows soon!”

“Would you help me evacuate everyone?”

CUSTOMER: “…What’s with you? Creepy.”

“I’m serious!”

They wouldn’t look my way anymore.

…That’s right though. It would be creepy to be told that all of a sudden…

But what should I do? This isn’t the time to be saying that sort of stuff..!

[rejoined dialogue]

Anyway, I need to get the people in the window seats to move…!

“Everyone, please hurry away from the window seats! A truck is going to crash through any moment now!”

I suddenly noticed four men sitting at the seats furthest in. They were taking it easy, but I needed to get them to move too.

“Um, excuse me! Everyone over there too—”

???: “Shut it, what the hell have you been going on about?”

“Please, run away!”

???: “Huh? Run? Why?”

“Um, a truck is going to suddenly crash through here very quickly. So please, it’ll be dangerous if you don’t all move away right now!”

???: “Huh? What’s with her? Is her head alright?”


INORI: “I’m Inori.”

HIBARI: “Oh, Inori, that’s a cute name.”

HIBARI: “That guy with the unpleasant look in his eyes is Chika, the one who won’t look away from his phone is Shishiba, and this is…”

RICO: “I’m Rico! Nice to meet you!”

CHIKA: “…Ridiculous.”


HIBARI: “So? What’s this about a truck? Can you take some time to tell us about it?”

INORI: “I can’t take my time! A truck is going to crash through that window seat very forcefully!”

INORI: “If you don’t move quickly, it’s going to be bad—“

HIBARI: “Calm down, okay? Can you try taking a deep breath?”

RICO: “Take a deep breath in! And out!”

INORI: “I don’t have the time for that! This seat is going to be crushed by the truck that’s going to drive through here!”

SHISHIBA: “…Are you sure you didn’t just dream it?”

INORI: “Huh? W-well, I did but…”

CHIKA: “Huh? You saw it in a dream? Don’t mess around, making a big scene like this.”

SHISHIBA: “Hah, annoying.”

HIBARI: “Inori, it’s quite common for scary dreams to feel real.”

INORI: “It’s not that! It’s really going to happen!”

They exchanged glances at my raised voice.


INORI: “Umm!”

SHISHIBA: “She’s going to cause a disturbance for the store. Should we call the police?”

HIBARI: “Aren’t we all cops too, more or less?”

SHISHIBA: “…Well, that is true. Should we take her into the station?”

INORI: “It’s the truth. Please believe me…”

What should I do? They won’t listen to me at all… It’s only to be expected but this isn’t the time to say that!

HIBARI: “Hey, you. Do you mind for just a sec?”

The man called Hibari stared at my face, looking straight into my eyes.

HIBARI: “Hmm, doesn’t seem like alcohol or drugs.”

CHIKA: “Isn’t her head just off? She’s like a kid, saying she saw a dream or whatever.”

There’s nothing persuasive about saying I saw it in a dream. I didn’t have time to explain about my condition or that my dreams become true.

INORI: (But I’m not lying! I really saw it!)

RICO: “Hey hey, you’re not a liar, right? So if a truck is going to crash through the windows, that means the people in here are in danger, right?”

INORI: “Yes, so we need to hurry…!”

CHIKA: “Don’t bother with her, Rico.”

RICO: “Hmm… Hey, Hibari, move out of the way.”

RICO: “Heeey! You over there! You should hurry away from the windows!”


CHIKA: “Gah- Rico, you-!”

RICO: “It’ll be dangerous if we don’t hurry, right? Hurry! Everyone back away from the windows!”

Rico, the one who looked to be the youngest, yelled out.

CUSTOMER: “Wh-what’s all this?”

INORI: “Please. I can explain why later!”

RICO: “So she says. Get away from there!”

CHIKA: “…Come on, what the hell is this?  Rico just immediately believes anything.”

HIBARI: “Why not? I believe it this time, too.”

HIBARI: “I mean, it doesn’t seem like that girl’s been drinking or doing drugs. So why would she have to make up such a bizarre lie?”

CHIKA: “Like I know. She’s probably just nuts.”

HIBARI: “It’s fine, there’s a cute girl in trouble so let’s lend her a hand.”

SHISHIBA: “I don’t understand that motive at all.”

CHIKA: “This is so annoying…”

Whether or not the men believed me, they helped me get the customers away from the windows.

There were also customers who might have left their seats because they got spooked by me causing a ruckus…

CHIKA: “…Well, there’s no one left by the windows?”

INORI: “Th-thank you. I’m sure it’ll be-”

The remaining customers in the shop had stood from their seats with expressions of not knowing what was going on. There were people leaving money on their tables.

KIRARA: “Hey hey! Oh my goodness, what have you all done?”

Kirara returned from the back. They looked displeased at seeing the window seats void of customers.

In their hand was my remade café latte.

HIBARI: “No way- It’s really—“

CHIKA: “Are you serious!?”

It felt like the whole world had been upturned along with an incredible noise.

RICO: “*coughcough*”

HIBARI: “Ouch…”

CHIKA: “Hey! You okay!?”

INORI: “…”

INORI: “Ah-… Y-yeah… I’m fine.”

It really was that truck…! The truck that I saw in my weird dream a few days ago had crashed through the windows and was stopped right in front of me now…

INORI: “!!”

I had a moment of dizziness when I hurriedly stood up. I slowly shook my head and looked at my surroundings.

INORI: “Any injuries!? Is anyone injured!?”

SHISHIBA: “There wasn’t anyone left in the window seats, so everyone should be fine except for the truck right?”

INORI: “Thank goodness…”

INORI: (Ah! What about the person driving the truck!?)

INORI: “U-um!!”

HIBARI: “Hey, Chika! You didn’t have to shove me.”

INORI: (It’s the same… as my dream…)

The smell of burnt rubber and the sound of crumbling glass.

I had only just stood up, but I ended up once again sinking to the floor. That’s how shocking the scene in front of me was.

…But one thing was different. I didn’t hear the cries and screams that were in my dream.

INORI: (Thank goodness… This means we avoided a situation like what I saw in my dream…)

RICO: “Amazing!”

HIBARI: “I’m very interested in that as well. Will you tell us?”

INORI: “W-well…”

???: “Heeey, Kirara. Was this the type of store you had?”

A tall man wearing a suit appeared out of the noisy customers.

???: “This is a really novel remodel.”

CHIKA: “Tatewaki.”


RICO: “An early morning to you!”

HIBARI: “What an early arrival.”

TATEWAKI: “Thanks for the joint sarcasm.”

TATEWAKI: “Oh, Kirara. I’ll have a cream soda. With two ice cubes.”

KIRARA: “Huh? Uh? A cream soda with two ice cubes- H-hey! Goodness, it’s not the time for that!!”

Hibari and the others followed suit after that man and sat down.

RICO: “Ah! Me too, me too! I’ll have an orange float!”

SHISHIBA: “Rico, weren’t you drinking milk? You still hadn’t finished drinking the one you ordered before. A mineral water for me.”

RICO: “Urk… Right… I still haven’t had my portion for today… Okay, I’ll have milk.”

HIBARI: “If you don’t drink it every day then you won’t grow bigger, you know? Oh, I’ll have a latte, non-fat.”

CHIKA: “Tch… A cola.”

KIRARA: “Let’s see, a cream soda with two ice cubes, milk, mineral water, non-fat latte, and a cola— Argh!”

KIRARA: “The truck! What are you going to do about the truck!?”

TATEWAKI: “The truck? As for what I’m going to do with it, well, I didn’t order that.”

TATEWAKI: “Hey, what are you having? This old man will treat you to it.”

INORI: “Uh? Um, well… Are we leaving the truck like that…? Do you think the driver is okay…?”

TATEWAKI: “It’s fine, it’s fiiiine, that’s not our area of responsibility. Someone will come soon, probably. All right, a coffee then.”

TATEWAKI: “It’s out of our jurisdiction! Someone from the S.P.D. will be here sooner or later. Ahh, I’m thirsty. Kirara, make it quick please.”

CHIKA: “That’s right, I forgot. Kirara, I still haven’t gotten my burger.”

RICO: “And my double cheese fries too!”

KIRARA: “Yeah yeah, just a moment… Add on a coffee, and a hamburger and double cheese fries that haven’t been brought out yet…”

Kirara returned behind the counter, sighing a ‘dear me’.

INORI: (S.P.D…. That’s the Sakrada Police Department, right?)

HIBARI: “Nevertheless, it really did come true. Was that a first for you? You said you saw a dream, right?”

Even after a short breather, the brunt of the conversation was aimed at me. Tatewaki, who had only just shown up, didn’t follow what we were talking about.

TATEWAKI: “What do you mean by ‘came true’?”

RICO: “Listen listen, before anything even happened, Inori yelled out ‘a truck is coming!’ and got everyone to evacuate!”

CHIKA: “It’s obviously just a coincidence. Or this girl is an accomplice.”

INORI: “I’m not!”

SHISHIBA: “So what then?”

INORI: “…saw it.”

CHIKA: “Huh? I can’t hear you at all.”

INORI: “I saw it in a dream!”

Whatever. I’ll just tell them. No matter how I explain it, it’s not something they’ll believe…

HIBARI: “A dream… You mean like you have prophetic dreams?”

INORI: “It’s nothing outrageous like that…”

INORI: “I’ve always had this thing where I get taken over by a sudden drowsiness and then I have weird dreams.”

INORI: “I see places I’ve never seen before, people I don’t know; they’re a little different from dreams I have when I sleep normally. And those dreams frequently turn out to be true…”

TATEWAKI: “Hmm… So you saw what happened today in a dream?”

INORI: “Yes, I don’t remember when I saw it, but I make sure to take notes whenever I have those strange dreams. There was a situation that matched what happened in my notes today…”

At a diner, I mistakenly get a café mocha instead of a café latte. When my new café latte is brought to my table, a truck bursts through the windows.

They all stared at my phone’s screen and then turned to face me.

CHIKA: “What is this?”


HIBARI: “This is very interesting.”

RICO: “This is kind of amazing!”

INORI: “…”

No matter how you look at it, this will just end with them being suspicious of me…

But in any case, I’m just glad no one got hurt.

It was then that Kirara came back holding a tray of drinks.

KIRARA: “Okay, thanks for waiting. Sorry, but would you all mind grabbing your own drinks?”

TATEWAKI: “Oh, I’ve been waiting for you, my cream soda!”

KIRARA: “Hey Tatewaki, seriously, what about this truck!? Be serious!”

TATEWAKI: “It’s fine, just fine. I contacted someone. Tsubaki and the others will come bounding in soon.”

KIRARA: “ It’ll get in the way of my sales if it isn’t removed quickly!”

SHISHIBA: “So you plan to just continue selling things under these circumstances.”

INORI: (Ah! Speaking of the truck reminded me: what about the driver!?)

KIRARA: “Obviously? There will be more customers at night so I’ve got to get it cleaned up quickly!”

INORI: “Um! Do you think the truck driver is okay?”

KIRARA: “Oh! Now that you mention it, that’s right! It’d be courteous for them to start by getting out and apologizing.”

Kirara approached the driver’s side seat and spoke out.

KIRARA: “Hey? What’s wrong? I’m only a tiny bit angry so come on out.”

KIRARA: “What, so you really are in there. Are you-“

KIRARA: “Kyaaaah!”

They opened the door and the driver came tumbling out.

Then he rose back up and grabbed Kirara’s arm at the same time, brandishing a blade.

INORI: “What the-!?”

MAN: “All of you, shut it!”

KIRARA: “Hey! What are you doing!?”

INORI: “Ki-Kirara!?

Kirara couldn’t move because the man had a knife on them.

TATEWAKI: “Whoa there.”

CHIKA: “Hey, you over there. Did you see this in your dream too?”

I quickly shook my head. I hadn’t seen this situation in my dream.

What should I do!?

KIRARA: “Tatewaki! Save meee!”

SHISHIBA: “Looks like you were nominated.”

TATEWAKI: “Yeah well, even if they ask me…”

INORI: “What should we do!? We have to save Kirara…!”

I stood without even thinking. The chair wavered and hit my leg, making a clunking noise.

RICO: “It’ll be fine, you don’t have to panic like that.”

INORI: “You say it’ll be fine- but, he’s got a knife…!”

My mind was in chaos, so I couldn’t speak properly.

INORI: (The Sakrada Police…!)

It was the police that Tatewaki had mentioned.

TATEWAKI: “Hey, good work there! Come on, hurry it up! Looks like Kirara is getting taken as a hostage.”

TSUBAKI: “’Looks like’…? What are you Sidekicks even doing!?”

INORI: (Sidekicks…?)

I’d heard of it before… I thought it was some newly established special investigation team of the Sakrada Police…

RICO: “What? I mean, this sort of thing is your job, right? It’s not ours.”

TSUBAKI: “You guys…!”

RICO: “But you know, I know that truck’s number! I ‘recorded’ it once before!”

RICO: “Let me see, it was last night- it was in the stolen vehicle files I got from the Criminal Investigation Division. The report number was S0821980-W.”

RICO: “The report of the theft happened last night at 2334, and the owner is the Sakrada branch store of Whole Market Distribution.”

He said it smoothly, as if he was reading from a document.

Was all that stuff he remembered?

TATEWAKI: “A theft, huh…”

KIRARA: “Jeez! Tatewaki, save me already!”

TSUBAKI: “Look at that, you’ve been nominated.”

TATEWAKI: “Hmm… What should I do, Chika?”

CHIKA: “Why are you asking me? Come on… Hey, Hibari, what do you think?”

HIBARI: “Right… Considering his complexion and excessive perspiration inside an air conditioned indoor space, it doesn’t seem to simply be anxiety or an obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

CHIKA: “Say it in words I can understand! Make it simple!”

HIBARI: “I’m saying this is different from simple stage fright or momentary nervousness. With that amount of sweat combined with his eye movements and the trembling in his limbs, I’d say it’s likely a drug overdose.”

SHISHIBA: “…Symptoms of Rip Cord?”

HIBARI: “That’s it.”

INORI: “Rip Cord… You mean that drug that’s been popular lately?”

TATEWAKI: “Well, we still don’t know if it’s really drug-related yet!”

TATEWAKI: “Which means- Hey, Tsubaki! Good luck!”

INORI: (If the criminal is a drug addict, wouldn’t that mean they don’t know what he’s going to try to do…?)

INORI: “U-um! We need to hurry up and save them! Because what could happen next-“

INORI: (-is something I don’t know… I saw the truck crash through in my dream, but I didn’t know this would happen.)

INORI: “Um, you’re with the police right? Wh-what should we-“

TSUBAKI: “Civilians should stand down!”

TATEWAKI: “Wow~! Tsubaki is so cool!”

TSUBAKI: “Don’t make fun of me!”

INORI: (Huh? Hibari and Chika are… gone?)

INORI: “…!!”

HIBARI: “Hey, that was some accident, driver. Are you injured?”

MAN: “Huh!?”

Hibari boldly approached the criminal from head on.

MAN: “The hell you doing!? I’ve got a- a hostage here!”

HIBARI: “Yeah, I know. Well, it doesn’t look like you’ve got a frail hostage…”

MAN: “Hey asshole! I-I’ve got a, a, knife here! You can’t see it!?”

HIBARI: “Yeah, I can see it quite well. By the way, where did you buy that knife? It looks pretty sharp.”

HIBARI: “Could that be one that has the same specs as the tactical knives the military uses?”

HIBARI: “Ahh, talking about the military reminds me-“

MAN: “B-b-be quiet! More importantly, d-don’t you come closer! This man-… woman? I’ll stab ‘em!”

KIRARA: “Kyahh! Stop!”

INORI: (What should I do!?)

Hibari approached the criminal while talking to him. But it looked like that was making him even more agitated.

MAN: “Enough! Asshole!”

INORI: (No! This is dangerous!)

INORI: (…What!?)

I heard the sound of a table being flung to the floor and saw Chika in the top of my field of vision.

CHIKA: “Hey-“

Chika jumped high and flipped his body midair before landing behind the criminal.

The criminal had his attention completely taken in by watching Chika’s movements.

MAN: “Agh-!”

Chika moved quickly to kick the man’s arm, and the knife he had been holding fell to the floor.

CHIKA: “All right, take it nice and easy now-“

KIRARA: “My goodness. That’s enough! Just how long are you going to touch me!?”

Kirara twisted their body and broke free from the criminal before swiftly fleeing.

MAN: “Urgh!!”

TSUBAKI: “Freeze! You’re under arrest for aggravated assault!”

KURUMI: “…So you say, but it doesn’t look like he can move anymore.”

The one called Tsubaki rushed over and handcuffed the criminal who had lost consciousness when he was flung into one of the seats at the counter.

KURUMI: “Wow, manager, you’re really something. You were a hostage but you got away almost completely on your own…”

KIRARA: “Tatewakiiiiii! I was so scared!”

TATEWAKI: “Yeah yeah, well done. Hmm. But that might have been excessive for self-defense.”

TSUBAKI: “This is 7J01, we’ve got a Code 3 at Little Kirara’s on Temperance Street. We need an immediate patrol car- wait, an ambulance maybe?”

The criminal was unconsciousness and completely limp. Shortly after Tsubaki made that phone call, an ambulance showed up.

After being placed on a stretcher, the criminal was taken out of the store.

RICO: “That was kinda weird! A truck drove through here but the only person that got injured was the driver.”

SHISHIBA: “It is a rather odd situation.”

CHIKA: “Hey.”

INORI: “Y-yes?!”

CHIKA: “You’re not hurt?”

INORI: “N-no, I’m fine. What about you and Hibari…?”

CHIKA: “Do I look like I’m injured?”

INORI: “No… Thank goodness everyone is okay…”

???: “Haha, so the hostage broke free on their own. The Sidekicks didn’t do much at all in the end.”

RICO: “Ahh! It’s Nora!”

TATEWAKI: “Hey, you’ve got a good nose for these things.”

CHIKA: “Ah! Hey Tatewaki! Don’t say anything unnecessary to him! He writes reports that are only half-true.”

NORA: “That’s an awful thing to say. I write the facts. I don’t write any fiction. I hate lies.”

HIBARI: “Yeah, sure.”

RICO: “Right!”

CHIKA: “So, what were you talking about? Probably insulting us.”

NORA: “I wasn’t insulting you, just stating the facts. Having a hostage free themselves means the Sidekicks aren’t playing much of an active role.”

NORA: “Wouldn’t it be better for your reputation to act more police-like?”

HIBARI: “Well, say whatever you want. I’m not interested. Either way, we’ve caught the criminal, and there were no victims.”

CUSTOMER: “Kyaaah!!”

TATEWAKI: “Hey hey hey, is there something else going down now?”

CHIKA: “What is it this time!?”

I looked out the window and saw a sports car quickly stop in front of the diner with a loud noise. The car doors opened upward like wings.

A man with long silver hair stepped out. He was accompanied by a number of men wearing black suits as he gallantly entered the store.

INORI: (I think that person is…)

SHISHIBA: “? It’s Shisui.”

CHIKA: “It’s just one uncalled for guy after another showin’ up here…”

HIBARI: “You don’t think Nora called him?”

Then a remarkably loud and shrill voice – actually something I thought was closer to a shriek – rang out through the store.

KURUMI: “Kyaaah! Shisuiiiiii!”

ONE: “!”

SHISUI: “Okay, let’s start transmitting right away. One, camera over here. Two, lights to the right. Three-“

KURUMI: “Shisuiii! Are you going to report on the incident already?”

SHISUI: “Yeah, and I believe you were with the S.P.D.-“

KURUMI: “I’m Kurumi of the Criminal Investigation Division.”

SHISUI: “Kurumi. We’re about to get started so wait like a good girl.”

HIBARI: “He’s as conspicuous as always.”

SHISHIBA: “…He just rudely intruded on the scene of a crime. Is that okay?”

TATEWAKI: “I know nothing.”

SHISUI: “Heh, this is amazing. So even though there’s all this damage, it was taken care of with just one ambulance?”

SHISUI: “Hey, you over there. What did you see?”

SHISUI: “The Sidekicks, huh? They’ve been pretty remarkable lately.”

NORA: “Really? I think Inori was the most distinguished contributor though.”

SHISUI: “Inori? That’s a cute name. Nice to meet you. I’m Shisui.”

INORI: “I-it’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

SHISUI: “So? What sort of role did you play in all this?”


NORA: “I’m sure it would please you, Shisui. You’ll understand once you see the footage. I was able to start recording before the truck even came.”

NORA: “Well now, who knows? You’ll understand if you watch the recording. Do you want it?”

SHISUI: “Three! Buy the video from Nora and get it ready for distribution immediately.”

NORA: “Always a pleasure.”

THREE: “!!!”

SHISUI: “Okay, let’s get started.”

[voiced by Shisui]


Come to me if you want to know the truth.

Sakrada. A diner that everyone knows on Temperance Street, Little Kirara’s… A reckless truck crashed into the crowded shop interior.

But do not fret. Not only were there no deaths, there were no injuries either. It seems the ‘Sidekicks’ from the Sakrada Police Station were quick to act.

TSUBAKI: “Hey- they were just skipping out on work!”

TATEWAKI: “Hm? Oh, is this recording? Hello! It’s really great that there weren’t any victims. Hahaha.”

Tatewaki pulled me toward him by my shoulder with his hand that wasn’t holding his cream soda.

TATEWAKI: “Oh, by the way, this kid is our newbie. Thanks.”

I don’t know what Tatewaki was thinking when he spoke straight into the camera with that crazy joke.

INORI: “Wait? What!?”

CHIKA: “Hey, Tatewaki! I know we’re recruiting right now, but you’re crazy to try and scout a suspicious girl like her!”

INORI: (W-wait a minute, what is this? What does he mean by ‘newbie’?)

HIBARI: “I approve. Sounds like it’ll be fun.”

RICO: “Yay! Our first girl!”

INORI: “Um, hang on a minute please. The ‘Sidekicks’ are police, right? I don’t have the qualifications or anything for that…”

TATEWAKI: “It’s fine, totally fine! Don’t worry about it.”

RICO: “All right! Welcome to the Sidekicks! Come on, I’ll take a picture. Everyone gather up!”

CHIKA: “Hey Rico, I’m good.”

RICO: “No! This is a commemorative photo for our new member! We’ll take it all together!”

SHISHIBA: “Hibari, I think you’re probably out of frame.”

KIRARA: “Hehe, congratulations on your new job!”

INORI: “Hey, wait-!”

SHISUI: “Heh, this seems like it will be interesting.”



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