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Sengoku Night Blood Translation: Uesugi Army (Part 1 of ?)

Sengoku Night Blood: Uesugi Army

Sengoku Night Blood doesn’t have a default name for the MC. I’ll be using the name ‘Ichiko’ in these translations (it looks weird to just leave it as [Name]).

If you’d like to read through this translation with your own MC’s name, I’ve set up a document you can use to insert whatever name you’d like. Download this file and follow the replacement instructions here.

When you opened your eyes, there in front of you was a world you’d never seen before called ‘Shinga’.

The one who offered you a helping hand, saying he couldn’t abandon a girl by herself, was a werewolf named ‘Kenshin Uesugi’.

KENSHIN Uesugi (上杉) …… CV. Kousuke Toriumi (鳥海浩輔)
KAGEKATSU Uesugi (上杉景勝) …… CV. Yoshihiko Aramaki (荒牧慶彦)
KAGEIE Kakizaki (柿崎景家)…… CV. Kazuyuki Okitsu (興津和幸)
KAGEMOCHI Amakasu (甘糟景持) …… CV. Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川光)
KANETSUGU Naoe (直江兼続) …… CV. Tetsuya Kakihara (柿原徹也)




ICHIKO: “Nn… Huh? When did I pass out…?”

ICHIKO: (Wait…!?)

ICHIKO: (A forest?)

There was an abundance of trees as far as I could see; there were no streetlights or buildings to be found.

ICHIKO: “Why am I out here in a place like this…?”

There was no one there to answer my question. All I could hear was the sound of the trees’ leaves rustling in the breeze.

I was all alone in an unfamiliar place with no signs of human presence. I was immediately struck with anxiety the moment I realized that.

ICHIKO: (What in the world is going on!? What’s happened to me!? What am I supposed to do now—)

ICHIKO: (…No, just worrying won’t change anything.)

I urged on my quivering legs and forced myself to walk on.

ICHIKO: (In any case, I need to get out of here! There’s got to be a train station or bus stop close by. And I might even meet someone along the way…!)

However, time simply passed without me finding any sort of lead…


ICHIKO: (There aren’t any sort of landmarks so I have no idea…)

I felt increasingly forlorn as I wondered through the forest.

But I had to do something so I mustered up my courage and continued on, step by step.

Shortly thereafter, there was a break in the forest—

ICHIKO: “Ah…!”

ICHIKO: “It seems more like a village than a town…? It looks like something I’d only see from a period drama though…”

ICHIKO: “But if there are houses then there’s got to be people, too, so let’s go take a look!”

ICHIKO: (Hm? I thought I heard something that sounded like a roar just now…)

ICHIKO: (What…are those…?)

My legs tensed as the monsters crept forward. I reflexively took a step back and my body lurched backward.

ICHIKO: (That’s right, I’m on a cliff!)

ICHIKO: (What should I do, I’m falling—!)

ICHIKO: “Huh…?”

A shadowed figure suddenly appeared and cleaved through the monsters with a swinging motion.

In a flash, the person grabbed my hand with his empty one and forcefully pulled me toward him.

ICHIKO: “Ahh!“

Though I wasn’t able to land gracefully and ended up falling on my bottom, it was thanks to him that I didn’t fall off the cliff.

ICHIKO: (Thank goodness; I’m saved…)

ICHIKO: (Er, this is no time to be feeling relieved! First I need to thank him…)


He had long, flowing silver hair and a dignified appearance. His icy gaze pierced through me sharply.

ICHIKO: (He’s a little scary… but my goodness, he’s gorgeous…)

While I was deeply fascinated by him, I heard another one of those roars.

I turned my eyes toward it when I suddenly noticed it; I saw another one of those monsters just like from before, about to leap at the man.

ICHIKO: “Look out…!”

The man slowly turned around. However, by then the monster had already drawn close—

ICHIKO: (No, he won’t make it in time!)

ICHIKO: “…Huh?”

The attacking monster was cleaved in half in an instant.

KENSHIN?: “No, you saved me.”

???: “That was nothing!”

???: “Right. To think they’d actually come out to a place this close to the castle…”

???: “Thank goodness we took them down before they could attack the villagers.”

???: “By the way, Lord Kenshin; who is this?”

???: “That’s a strange outfit if she’s from the village at the base of the mountain. Hey, miss, which village are you from?”

ICHIKO: “Umm…”

While I didn’t really know how to answer because I didn’t have a good grasp on the current situation, the one called Lord Kenshin quickly turned on his heel.

KENSHIN?: “There may still be fiends out here. If you don’t want to be eaten, you should hurry on home. Well then.”

ICHIKO: “What!? Um, please wait!”

KENSHIN?: “What is it?”

ICHIKO: “Thank you for saving me. And also, um… I’m called Ichiko.”

ICHIKO: “So please! Would you help me out…?”

I bowed my head feeling desperate; after a slight pause he gave back an answer.

KENSHIN?: “Why not? You can stay at my caste for the time being.”

ICHIKO: “Really!? Thank you!”

???: “But Lord Kenshin, isn’t it dangerous to invite a person of unknown origins into the castle?”

???: “She’s clearly got a suspicious outfit on.”

KENSHIN?: “But we can’t just abandon her in the mountains.”

KENSHIN?: “First and foremost, those with power are obligated to protect the powerless. And since she’s asked for help, it’s all the more reason why we cannot refuse.”

The two exchanged glances at that, and shrugged their shoulders with an ‘oh great’.

???: “…Very well. If you say so.”

???: “You’re lucky, miss. You better be thankful for Lord Kenshin’s generous heart.”

ICHIKO: “Yes, thank you, truly! Um… Kenshin?”

ICHIKO: “What, no!”

???: “Then answer.”

ICHIKO: (I don’t know what to say to that… Hmm… Kenshin… Uesugi… I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere—)

ICHIKO: “…Ah! Wait, like Kenshin Uesugi? The feudal lord of the warring states…”

???: “What, so you do know! This is indeed Kenshin Uesugi! He governs the Uesugi domain!”

???: “Kageie. I don’t think you should talk about that sort of thing to someone whose background we don’t know…”

KAGEIE: “Well, why not? Lord Kenshin won’t be at disadvantage because of something like this! And besides—“

KAGEIE: “…It’s not as though I trust this girl.”

My body reflexively went stiff as I felt his appraising gaze.

KENSHIN: “Kageie, Kagemochi. Leave it at that, we’re going back to the castle. Miss, you should follow along if you want to come as well.”

ICHIKO: “R-right! …Huh?”

KENSHIN: “What’s wrong?”

ICHIKO: “Sorry, I can’t stand up…”

Maybe it was because so many unreal things had happened in succession.


ICHIKO: (He’s glaring at me…! What’ll I do if he says he’s decided to leave me here after all…?)

Not even noticing my unease, Kenshin crouched down and put his arms beneath my back and knees and swiftly lifted me up.

ICHIKO: “What!? Wait, could this position be…?)

ICHIKO: (A bridal carry!?)

ICHIKO: “Uh, you don’t have to go that far!”

KENSHIN: “Why? You can’t stand, right?”

ICHIKO: “Yes but…”

KENSHIN: “Let’s go.”

That’s all Kenshin said before he started to walk.

ICHIKO: (This Kenshin seems sort of elusive, but it doesn’t feel like he’s a bad person…?)

ICHIKO: (His manner of speaking is cold, but he’s treating me well, so he might really be a good guy…)


ICHIKO: “Okay! Thank yo-”

ICHIKO: (Wait, he’s gone!?)

KAGEIE: “Hey miss, Lord Kenshin may have said that but don’t you go doing anything strange. I’ll be standing watch outside your room!”

ICHIKO: “What!? What do you—”

ICHIKO: (…He left.)

ICHIKO: (Well, they did lend me a room, but given Kenshin and Kageie’s attitudes, I guess I should be obedient…)

ICHIKO: “Kagemochi…!”

KAGEMOCHI: “You must be cold now that it’s night. I’ll get you something to cover up with.”

ICHIKO: “Kagemochi, thank you for being so kind.”

KAGEMOCHI: “Haha, Lord Kenshin invited you to the castle, so it’s only natural for me to welcome you.”

Kagemochi brought his lips close to my ear with a kind smile on his face.

ICHIKO: “What…?”

KAGEMOCHI: “Well then, I’ll bring you a change of clothing. Don’t go strolling about on your own.”

ICHIKO: (That surprised me… Kagemochi’s tone went cold in an instant…)

ICHIKO: (He told me to feel at home, but I don’t think I can feel like that now…)

The sliding door opened quietly while I sighed.

ICHIKO: (Did someone come back?)

(Hm? No, it’s not a person. What could that white thing be?)

ICHIKO: “Huh…? A tanuki? A tanuki that talks!?”

IMARI: “Ah, sorry for surprising you like that. I’m called Imari!”

IMARI: “You’re the ‘girl from a parallel universe’ that Miko Hime told me about, right? Thank goodness I was able to meet you!”

ICHIKO: “H-hang on a second. Miko Hime? Parallel universe? What’s all this about?”

IMARI: “I’ll tell you about them one by one! Let’s see—”

This is apparently a world similar to the warring states period called ‘Shinga’.

There are ‘werewolves’ and ‘vampires’ of the ‘Moonfang races’ that are currently competing for hegemony of ‘Shinga’.

ICHIKO: (Werewolves… That reminds me, I didn’t ask about it back then but Kenshin and the others all had ears like wolves…)

ICHIKO: (Wait, so I’ve come to a parallel world during the warring states period!?)

A sense of danger swelled up inside me although it was already far too late for that.

My current situation felt increasingly more real with Imari’s explanation.

ICHIKO: “Hey, Imari. How do I get back to my world!?”

IMARI: “Sorry, I don’t know…”

IMARI: “But Miko Hime who predicted your arrival to Shinga might know!”

ICHIKO: “Well then…!”

IMARI: “Ah, um, about that, Miko Hime’s current whereabouts are unknown…”

ICHIKO: “What!?”

IMARI: “It’s just, right before she disappeared she said if anything happened she wanted me to search for the ‘girl from a parallel world’.”

IMARI: “So please! Please search for Miko Hime together with me!”

ICHIKO: (If there’s no other way for me to get home other than searching for Miko Hime then…)

ICHIKO: “Okay, got it. I’ll help you, Imari.”

IMARI: “Really!? Thank you! Umm…”

ICHIKO: “I’m Ichiko. It’ll be nice to work together with you, Imari.”

IMARI: “Yeah, let’s give it our best shot together!”


You’ve been informed you came from a parallel world and you’re searching for a way to return to your original world.

First, you’re heading toward the site where you had originally been collapsed at in the forest, along with Kagekatsu and Kanetsugu. However…



ICHIKO: (I have to go find her, no matter what it takes!)

ICHIKO: “Oh, but I was told I shouldn’t go wandering out by myself.”

KAGEMOCHI: “…Excuse me, I’m coming in.”

IMARI: “One of the warlords is coming…!? Sorry, I’m going to borrow your back!”

ICHIKO: “What- hey, Imari!?”

ICHIKO: “What?”

KAGEMOCHI: “I heard you call them ‘Imari’.”


KAGEMOCHI: “Who is that? Are you a spy from an enemy country, here to underhandedly spill information about our country?”

ICHIKO: “N-no! Um…”

ICHIKO: (How should I explain this!?)

KAGEMOCHI: “…You can’t talk about it. So that’s your answer.”

KAGEMOCHI: “Then I have no choice. Even if it goes against his intentions, if you’re planning to harm Lord Kenshin, then I’ll—”

Kagemochi put his hand on the hilt of his katana. It was right then as a went pale thinking ‘he’s going to kill me!’ that—

KAGEMOCHI: “…What’s this? A tanuki?”

IMARI: “This person is not your enemy! And that’s because—”

Imari said that he came looking for me at Miko Hime’s request.

Imari fervently explained about Miko Hime’ s disappearance and that I wasn’t an enemy country’s spy.

KAGEMOCHI: “…I see.”

Perhaps Imari’s desperation got through to him, because Kagemochi put away his katana, albeit looking reluctant to do so.

KAGEMOCHI: “I’ll trust that you’re not an enemy spy for the time being.”

ICHIKO: “Thank you…!”

ICHIKO: “I feel the same way. I mean, I’ve always lived in a different world up until now.”

ICHIKO: “And I thought I was being called for by a girl I didn’t know, but before I knew it, I was in ‘Shinga’…”

ICHIKO: “I don’t know why this happened or how to get back to my original world…”

KAGEMOCHI: “You don’t have any leads?”

ICHIKO: “Miko Hime may know something but her whereabouts are currently unknown…”

ICHIKO: “Just what in the world is going to happen to me if I don’t find Miko Hime…?”

KAGEMOCHI: “…I understand your circumstances. It seems you’ve gotten caught up in something quite serious.”

KAGEMOCHI: “It would be better to not just tell me, but to have it reported to Lord Kenshin as well. You don’t mind, right?”

ICHIKO: “To Kenshin?”

ICHIKO: (Will that be okay? What if he tells me ‘you shouldn’t be at this castle’ once he finds out about me…?)

KAGEMOCHI: “Lord Kenshin may seem cold-hearted, but he’s an incredibly reliable individual.”

KAGEMOCHI: “He’d certainly help you out in finding a way for you to get home.”

ICHIKO: “…All right.”

KAGEMOCHI: “Well then, I’m going to go inform Lord Kenshin.”

KAGEMOCHI: “Oh, I did say not to wander about on your own just before, but you can walk about freely as long as you stay inside the castle.”

ICHIKO: “Wait, really?”

KAGEMOCHI: “Yes. It should lighten your mood more than just staying cooped up in your room.”

KAGEMOCHI: “Well then, excuse me.”

IMARI: “Thank goodness! He trusts that you’re not an enemy for now!”

ICHIKO: “It’s all thanks to you. Thank you.”

IMARI: “Hehe, that’s not true.”

IMARI: “By the way, what are you going to do after this?”

ICHIKO: “It’s already late, so why don’t we look around the castle tomorrow? I’d like to know what kind of a place this is…”

After I said that, Imari said ‘got it!’ and left with a smile.

I laid down on my futon once I was alone, and immediately fell asleep from physical and mental exhaustion.


ICHIKO: “It’s tended to so carefully; it truly does have that castle feel to it…”

???: “…Is this the first time you’ve been in a castle?”

ICHIKO: “What?”

ICHIKO: “And you are…?”

KAGEKATSU: “Kagekatsu… Kagekatsu Uesugi.”

ICHIKO: “Uesugi? So then…”

KAGEKATSU: “Yeah. My father is— I’m Kenshin Uesugi’s adopted son, and the Uesugi family’s successor. …More or less.”

KAGEKATSU: “And then you are…?”

ICHIKO: “I’m—”

KAGEKATSU: “…Ah. You have a kind of curious, nice smell to you.”

ICHIKO: “Err?”

ICHIKO: “Um, it’s Ichiko but…”

ICHIKO: “…Oh, my apologies. I was thinking we were close in age and just ended up talking to you casually.”

KAGEKATSU: “…Mmm. On the contrary, you don’t need to be formal with me.”

ICHIKO: “Huh?”

KAGEKATSU: “The people around me… There aren’t many people who talk like they’re friends with me so… It’s lonesome.”

KAGEKATSU: “So could you keep talking like that from now on…? You don’t have to be formal with the way you address me, either…”

ICHIKO: “Um… Okay, Kagekatsu?”

Kagekatsu nodded after I timidly spoke.

KAGEKATSU: “…Nice to meet you.”

ICHIKO: “Oh, yeah… Nice to meet you.”

ICHIKO: (He doesn’t seem like a bad person but… The way he talks is a little hard to follow, or maybe he’s just a bit strange?)

While I was thinking that over—

ICHIKO: “Huh? Me?”

I looked toward the source of the voice and found a man about the same age as Kagekatsu looking at me with displeasure.

???: “Hah? Who do you think you are, talking so relaxed toward someone like me?”

ICHIKO: “Oh… My apologies.”

ICHIKO: (I ended up just speaking casually when I heard his voice sounded around the same age as Kagekatsu…. I wonder if I put him in a bad mood.)

???: “You’re the girl that Lord Kenshin and the others picked up from the mountain, right?”

???: “Kageie and the soldiers suspect you might be a spy. Don’t complain if you end up getting killed for wandering about aimlessly.”

ICHIKO: “What!?”

KAGEKATSU: “…Kanetsugu, stop it. She’s scared.”

KANETSUGU: “You should be careful too, Kagekatsu. What are you going to do I she ends up really being a foreign spy?”

KAGEKATSU: “That’s impossible…”

KANETSUGU: “How can you affirm that?”

KAGEKATSU: “I feel like she’s a good person… And she has a calming scent.”

KANETSUGU: “So you have no basis at all! Come on…”

Kanetsugu roughly scratched at his head in exasperation and turned toward me.

KANETSUGU: “Ahh, you too. You should get back to your room in any case. It’s dangerous.”

ICHIKO: “But Kagemochi told me that I could ‘walk around freely’…”

ICHIKO: “I’m searching for a way to return home. So I’d like to get to know my surroundings, even just a little.”

KANETSUGU: “Like I care about your situation. You think so too, right Kagekatsu?”

KAGEKATSU: “No, I… I’ll work with you to find a way for you to get home.


ICHIKO: “Thank you, Kagekatsu!”

KAGEKATSU: “Do you remember anything, like why you were in the mountain?”

ICHIKO: “No, nothing… I was on the mountain when I came to.”


KANETSUGU: “So? There weren’t any clues or anything on the mountain?”

ICHIKO: “I don’t really remember…”

KANETSUGU: “Hmm, so unless you suddenly appeared there from being spirited away, you or someone else must have brought you there.”

KANETSUGU: “If you search there might still be footprints or a clue to the path taken to get you there left there, right?”

KAGEKATSU: “In that case… Should we go take another look?”

ICHIKO: “Wait, really? But Kagemochi only permitted me to walk around inside the castle for now…”

KAGEKATSU: “It’ll be okay… I’ll speak with them…”

ICHIKO: “Really? Thank you!”

KANETSUGU: “…Tch, fine. I’ll go with, too.”

ICHIKO: “Kanetsugu…!”

KANETSUGU: “Let me just say this: I’m doing this for Kagekatsu. It’s not as though the Uesugi successor can go walking about without a guard.”

KANETSUGU: “If you understand that then let’s go already. If the sun sets we won’t be able to find anything worth finding.”

ICHIKO: “R-right!”

KAGEKATSU: “Kanetsugu said he didn’t care about her situation just before but… Well, who cares…”

[To be continued]




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I finish Uesugi army route just 2days ago, I barely understand some japanese words so I had a hard time to understand. And now I found your translations I’m happy I understand now, thank you very much for this ^^

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