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Home, Honey Home Short Story Translations

Four short stories were released on the Sylph website to commemorate the release of the Home, Honey Home drama CD and first book release. Each story is about Ichika visiting one of her potential fathers in their new room at her house.

KEI Tsuzumi – English Lecturer
Works as an English lecturer at the protagonist’s high school. Has a refined appearance like a prince and a calm disposition. But he’s scary when provoked!

CHIAKI Yura – Popular Actor
An incredibly popular and skilled actor with sex appeal. He never divulges his true feelings. A considerably dangerous man.

FUYUHARU Shindou – Architect
A young architect with workaholic tendencies. He has a pompous personality, but he might have a different side when relaxed?

YOUSUKE Komasa – Stalker?
Occupation unknown, age unknown – an airy and mysterious type of man. He talks with a peculiar sense of distance, and also draws close unexpectedly…


SS 1: Kei Tsuzumi

It was truly an ideal room for him. As soon as Kei entered it, his eyes shimmered as he spoke.

“Classical, jazz, pop… Amazing. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this many records. Was this your grandfather’s hobby?”

“I think some of them are my grandpa’s, but most of them are ones that my great-grandfather collected.”

I never met my great-grandpa, but I heard about his unparalleled love for music often. I remember my grandma saying ‘I wonder if Ichika’s love of music comes from her great-grandfather’.

“Do you listen to music in here, Ichika?”

“Yes, all the time.”

I took a look around. It resurrected nostalgic memories.

“I’ve gotten in trouble for falling asleep in here, entranced by the music. I brought my blanket in and selfishly said it was my room.”

“I see… I’ve done something bad then, taking this room.”

“No, I’m happy about it. Because I think you’ll definitely cherish it, Kei.”

“Of course I will,” Kei smiled kindly.

“Should we put some music on? Do you have a recommendation?”

“Let me think… Hmm…”

I went toward the shelves. Records covered the shelves all the way to the ceiling.

“Got to be opera. Like Maria Callas or… I think it’s over here.”

I relied on my memory to search for a particular record. It was up on the top of the middle shelf. I couldn’t reach it without a chair as a child, but I should be able to now.


I stood on the very tip of my toes and reached out my hand.


I couldn’t reach the intended record which was just a bit further out of my reach. Something touched my back then. Surprised, I turned my head and standing right behind me was Kei.

“Which one?”


It was Kei’s chest that was touching my back. I immediately turned back to face forward. Kei reached his hand out from behind me. His gaze and fingers searched for the record. He was just genuinely trying to help me out, but my face turned red.

“Ichika? Do you know which record it is?”

“Oh, um, it’s the third one on the right.”

“Ah, this one.”


This had happened before. That time it was my life ambitions worksheet. Kei had firmly caught the sheet of paper that had slipped from my hand.

“Pardon me for a sec.”

Kei moved his arm inward. The area of him touching me increased even more. I lectured my pounding heart and confused mind. Calm down, compose yourself–

We may have only just met recently, but this person might be my dad so—

“Here you go.”

Kei pulled the record off the shelf and held it out to me.


“Ichika? What’s wrong?”

“…If I am your daughter, will I get taller?”

“Huh? Hmm, I wonder. Why this all of a sudden?”


“It’s fine if you don’t get any taller. I’ll just get things for you like this whenever you need.”

…That’s embarrassing so I’d like to get taller, though. That’s what I was thinking, but with Kei smiling in front of me, I ended up responding ‘right.’


SS 2. Chiaki Yura

Chiaki Yura is apparently an excellent and highly rated actor. According to his co-stars, he’s kind to others and strict with himself. According to directors, he’s an intense perfectionist in understanding pieces of work. According to critics, he has a sense of stability and is an incredibly authentic actor. He gets rave reviews in any article. They’re overflowing with words of praise for him.


At home Chiaki is…

“Chiaki! You dropped your shirt in the hallway again!”

“I put it there.”

“The hallway is neither your dresser nor one of your shelves!”

He takes off his clothes and leaves them in shared spaces and abandons books he’s started to read. He leaves messes and doesn’t tidy up after himself. Frankly, he’s an incredibly hopeless person.

“Chiaki, no matter how many times you say this is your room, this isn’t.”

I surveyed the room as I spoke. On the shelves were plenty of books, movies, and drama DVDs. There were official documents casually piled up, with several fallen to the floor. Furthermore, there was a laptop on the center of the desk with mountains of scripts and papers. It felt more like a novelist’s room than an actor’s. It’s not that it was dirty; I just thought you couldn’t help but lose things here often. When my grandpa used this room, it had a very serious atmosphere to it, so I couldn’t approach it easily. There wasn’t a trace of that left now. Because this was my grandpa’s treasured space, I wanted it to be used tidily.

—That’s what we promised at the beginning.

“Do you have any intentions of cleaning?”

“Mmm, I do, I do. Once I get to a good place to stop reading this,” Chiaki answered, sitting at the desk. He didn’t move his eyes from the script as he spoke.

“You said that before, but you didn’t clean at all.”

“Is that so?”

“I’ll clean if you don’t mind.”

“I’ll do it myself~ Just 10 more minutes!”


I sat down in the green chair in front of the desk. I figured I’d wait there for 10 minutes. Because Chiaki doesn’t get many days off, if I let today slip away I don’t know when it will happen.

“…this is… no…”

He muttered something and wrote on the script. There was a deep crease in his brow and a stern expression on his face. He’s always had finely chiseled features, but today might have been the first time I’d seen them so prominently.


There’s incredible concentration happening in front of me, I thought. And he really enjoys his work as an actor, too. He’s a perfectionist strict with himself. I guess that’s why he’s looking at a work now on a day like this when it’s his day off. Hardworking Chiaki was very handsome.

…After 30 minutes passed, Chiaki returned to reality.

“Ah, has it already been 10 minutes?”

“No, you’re fine. …Um, is it a bother for me to be here?”

“Not at all. I don’t mind even a little. …But.”

Chiaki finally raised his head. Then he smiled kindly.

“It’s strange, but today I’m making more progress than normal. Ichika, are you putting out negative ions or something?”

“I’m not.”

This is my grandpa’s room. I had thought I wanted it to be used cleanly. But it’s different now. This is already Chiaki’s room. It’s a place that should be used by Chiaki. The moment I realized that, the landscape of the room changed.

“Maybe I’ll look over my sheet music here.”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

…Thus, the solemn and hard to approach office became Chiaki’s place to study and sometimes mine too.


SS 3. Fuyuharu Shindou

“Use this watering can when you water the plants. Give them lots every day, okay? Oh, but be careful not to water them too much. And after you’re done watering them, use this sprayer last to spray water on the leaves, please.”

“…This is such a nuisance,” Fuyuharu muttered with an extremely disagreeable look on his face. “I mean, that explanation is too long. I’ve lost interest in listening. Cut it down to under 10 words.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Water the plants when you feel like it… There, 8 words.”

“You can’t just water them when you feel like it!”

The room Fuyuharu picked gets great sun exposure. So my grandma, who liked plants a lot, put decorative plants in here. Minus the sunroom, this room has the most greenery in it out of the whole house.

“It’s just giving them water. Didn’t you do that in elementary school? Like growing morning glories or mini tomatoes over summer break…?”

“You mean that recording your observations thing? I made my little sister do that for me.”

He’s the worst brother.

“I’ve got enough on my plate already with my handful of a daughter.”

“I’m no longer at an age where I’m a ‘handful’.”

“And who was it that had a fever the other day?”


It was problematic to have him throw out what happened then. Fuyuharu and the others took care of me and they were extremely kind. But that and this are different.

“I’m not suited for this sort of thing. I’m incapable of raising things.”

That was a cruel remark to say in front of his daughter (certainty pending). Since we hadn’t met in 16 years, it’s true that I hadn’t been raised by him.

“If just watering a plant is that much of a nuisance to you, I’m sure that raising me must have been a bother as well.”

My words were loaded with resentment. Fuyuharu knitted his brows, looking puzzled.

“That’s ridiculous. My daughter is different.”

“How is it different?”

“You’re cute. Plants aren’t.”


‘Cute’… Does he actually think like that? He’s never shown that behavior before. He said it so suddenly that I turned my face away to hide my embarrassment.

“What I’m trying to say is this is impossible for me. You can just let yourself in and do it.”

“You’re the one who said you wanted to be soothed by the greenery and picked this room. Therefore, since you’re benefiting from it the most, you should be the one to do it.”

“What about when I’m gone? I don’t come home a lot.”

“I’ll do it then. I water the plants in the sunroom as well.”

“Then just water these, too.”

“…I don’t think I can just invite myself into a man’s room every day,” I said hesitantly.

“…All right. Let’s do this: I’ll water the plants in the sunroom too. We’ll do shifts. Fine, right?”

“But won’t that just make it harder on you…?”

“This way I won’t have to worry about them drying out. …Your grandmother really cared about these plants, didn’t she? It’s too much responsibility.”


It seems he was reluctant to do this because he was worried about them drying up more so than it being a nuisance.


Fuyuharu always treats everything I cherish with care. He’s blunt, has a sharp tongue, and gets mad quickly, but he really is a very kind person.

“This is a job for the two of us.”


I raised up my pinky.

“Okay, pinky swear.”

“Huh!? Why!?”

“‘Why’… Because we’re making a promise.”

“Like I’d pinky swear at this age! I’m not a child!”

“I used to do it with my grandma all the time. She was way older than you, Fuyuharu.”


Fuyuharu winced slightly. Before long, he quietly held out his pinky.

“Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.”


SS 4. Komaki Yousuke

“It’s Ichika. Ichika’s here.”

Yousuke happily came out to meet me with the enthusiasm of an elementary school student having a home visit.

“Listen, Yousuke. I’ve come to your room to check if you’re using it nicely. This is an inspection, so to speak.”


I threatened him with a serious face, but it didn’t get through to him. This all started because of a casual conversation in the living room.

“You’s room had paper walls, right? Seemed like he was having fun making holes in ’em.”

“He brought a dog in, too. It’s gotta be pretty bad in there, right?”

“Yousuke brings snacks to his room all the time… Is that really okay?”

I imagined the paper walls full of holes, traces of a raging dog, and snacks scattered about. He may be an adult, but he has pure eyes and an innocent heart, much like a child. No matter what occurred, I wouldn’t find it strange at all.

“Excuse me, then.”

I timidly entered his room.


There was a large travel suitcase, but not a single other item other than that. The room didn’t feel lived-in compared to the other three. Nothing in the room had changed since before Yousuke came to live here.

“…You don’t really have anything, huh.”

“Mmm, I guess.”

“Your clothes?”

“They’re in a carry case. It’s in the closet.”

“Even though there’s a wardrobe in here?”

Yousuke doesn’t have many clothes. He mixes and matches about three sets, and when he can’t get his laundry done, he helps himself to other people’s clothes to wear.

“Haven’t you thought about buying some clothes? And there must be other things you need too, right?”

“Mmm…” Yousuke responded indifferently.

“I haven’t had a room to call my own because I’ve spent a lot of time living out of hotels or tents. So I don’t really like owning things.”


“It’s best to have few belongings. The room is open to use and I can move around easily. It’s comfortable when I leave, too,” said Yousuke as he smiled gently.


Because this is his room, it’s better for him to use it however he likes. And because he said it was comfortable, it’s not for me to butt in. But loneliness pierced through my chest.

‘It’s best to have few belongings’; ‘it’s comfortable when I leave’. It’s like he’s already decided that the day he’ll leave this house will come.

“Ichika? What’s wrong?”


I rushed out of Yousuke’s room and came back with a certain something.

“I’m giving you this.”

What I presented to him was a stuffed animal – a bear with soft white fur. I thought Yousuke, who likes cute things, would surely like it and brought it from my room.

“It’s very cute. I’m happy. But why?”

“I think it’s okay for you to have more of your own things. This is your room, after all.”

I said exactly what I was thinking. And then Yousuke-

“…Ah, I see,” he mumbled quietly.

He hugged me and the stuffed animal together.

“You’re very kind, Ichika. I love you.”

Yousuke had a happy expression on his face.

“I’ll be at your side. I’m not going anywhere.”


This person’s heart is beautiful, to be so happy over something so trivial. He always notices my loneliness and sadness. He holds me in his gentle arms.

“…You can let go of me any time now. Please.”

“Mmm, just a little longer.”


He appeared in front of me suddenly when I was 16. This person might be my dad or maybe just a total stranger. I couldn’t help but be embarrassed by being hugged by such a person but—

Shaking off his arms… is incredibly difficult.



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