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Binary Star Translation – Chapter 2 (Rayla Route)

Our first route will be Rayla! While Yun is the recommended first route, I’m going with Rayla because ① Yun is my least favorite of the bunch and ② he can be a little… off-putting for Reasons.

Here are the rough designs for Rayla, including his other possible haircuts and uniform styles. (ohmygod floofy haired rayla ♥)


> Soldier Rayla Konomi (+♥ RAYLA)

FUU: (I really do need to consider this in terms of our missions…)

Thinking about weapon compatibility, I—

FUU: “Rayla, will you pair up with me?”

RAYLA: “Naturally.”

Rayla responded confidently with a straight face, as if he already knew what my answer would be.

TCHICAI: “Whaaat! You’ve got bad taste, picking Rayla! I mean, he’s definitely no fun.★”

IDZUKI: “That’s right. Wanting to have fun during a mission would be a cause for concern.”

YUN: “And I’m annoyed that you said ‘naturally’! It’s not like she belongs to you now, Rayla!”

MICT: “…Why Ray though…? When he seems to have such a bad personality…”

With that, Rayla heaved a giant sigh and then looked at everyone as he spoke.

RAYLA: “…Listen up, because I’m about to tell all you idiots the reasons why you weren’t picked.”

IDZUKI: “Hey, what do you mean ‘old man’?”

RAYLA: “If you think about it- Well, you can tell without even thinking.  I’m the best.”

Everyone, including me, was rendered speechless at Rayla’s incredibly confident statement.

IDZUKI: “I’m not at the age you’d call me an old man. Wait, first off, being excluded for being an ‘old man’ is—”

Correction: Nana was the only one to react to it strangely.

After that, the remaining pairs were decided.

First, Rayla and I.

Next, Yun and Tchicai.

Finally, Nana and Mict.

Next came the room assignments. First we discussed with our partners which floor we wanted.

FUU: “You said you wanted the third floor; that’s fine with me.”

RAYLA: “Right. Okay, we’ve decided on the third floor.”

FUU: “Okay.”

RAYLA: “…”

RAYLA: “Are you really okay with the third floor?”

FUU: “Uh, I mean, yeah… Is there a problem?”

FUU: (I don’t want a particular floor so I just agreed with him…)

RAYLA: “No, there’s no problem, just… You’re going along with what I want, but don’t you have a wish of your own?”

FUU: “No, not really. No matter where they are, the rooms are the same and I’m not picky.”

RAYLA: “I see. That’s fine then. I’ll tell you right now though; you don’t have to be reserved with me at all.”

FUU: “Okay, got it.”

RAYLA: “…You’re seriously obedient. So obedient it’s making me uneasy.”

FUU: “…?”

He furrowed his brow at that for some reason and seemed to not quite understand something.

FUU: (We’re going along with what he wanted, but is he not satisfied with something?)

After that, Rayla and Tchicai got into a bit of a dispute concerning the third floor but…

It ended with Yun persuading Tchicai.

The third floor is Rayla and I.

The fourth floor is Yun and Tchicai.

The fifth floor is Nana and Mict.

Because the layout and make of the rooms were the same, Nachi handed the keys to us at random.

We were then put on moving duty from then until 1800.


FUU: “Anyway… I guess that’s done.”

There were still some things that I couldn’t get settled, but I can at least stay in here today.

FUU: (I’m glad I didn’t have many things… It looked like Tchicai’s going to have a hard time. I hope he can get it finished during the scheduled time.)

[ding dong]

My doorbell rang.

FUU: “…Who could it be?”

I looked at the affixed screen and there was—

FUU: “Rayla?”

FUU: “What is it, Rayla?”

RAYLA: “Just come out.”

FUU: “? Okay.”

FUU: (Is something wrong?)

I couldn’t tell from looking at the screen, but I felt like there was a slight tremble in his voice.

The oddity I felt wasn’t my imagination after all; his face was pale.

RAYLA: “Follow me.”

FUU: “Huh— Ah, hey!”

Rayla forcefully grabbed my hand and started walking.

FUU: “R-Rayla, what’s wrong!?”

RAYLA: “…”

Not knowing what to do, I simply let myself get dragged along.

With that, Rayla got into the elevator and pressed an unexpected button.

FUU: “The rooftop…? Seriously, what’s wrong?”

FUU: (He was so against it just before…)

I peered at Rayla’s face and saw he had his eyes tightly shut and was quietly chanting something.

RAYLA: “I’m going to the basement right now, not to the rooftop, absolutely not…”

FUU: (Err… This doesn’t really seem like he’s desperately trying to overcome his fear of heights.)

He put more force into the hand holding mine as we went up the floors.

FUU: “R-Rayla… My hand is starting to hurt a little…”

FUU: (What in the world is going on?)

The elevator announced its arrival as a view of the town spread in front of us.

RAYLA: “Urk-!!”

Rayla’s shoulders trembled with a start; I could feel it through his hand.

Then he pushed me out in front of him and—

I could feel his body warmth through my back as he forcefully embraced me.

FUU: “L-l-let go of me!”

RAYLA: “Please… Find it…”

FUU: “Huh…? Find it…?”

RAYLA: “It must have fallen… My bracelet… It probably fell because I was tied up with that whip when we were shown around the rooftop.”

FUU: “…”

I could vaguely see the situation at hand through Rayla’s tone and words.

FUU: “Your bracelet fell around here?”

RAYLA: “Mm.”

My quickly beating heart began to slowly calm down upon understanding the situation clearly.

FUU: (It must be a really important bracelet for him to go to these lengths to search for it…)

FUU: “Understood. Just leave it to me!”

FUU: (…So I said but… It’ll be hard to look from this position…)

I thought about what would be best and then made a suggestion to Rayla.

FUU: “Just leave this to me and you can go back to the third floor.”

FUU: “I’ll take responsibility for finding your bracelet.”

After several seconds passed, I heard a small voice murmur from behind my back.

RAYLA: “That’s impossible… Someone who only gives orders and doesn’t do it themselves… Not a chance. I don’t want to lower myself to being that sort of person.”

His words were monotone but he conveyed what he was trying to say. So…

FUU: “…Understood. So… Can we change this position a bit?”

As I tried to move to change our position a little, Rayla hugged me even stronger than before—

FUU: “!”

My heart throbbed loudly as his breath crossed my ear.

FUU: (R-Rayla’s battling his fear. He’s really terrified so I need to get it together and search…)

FUU: “B-back then, you sat down near the elevator entrance, right…?”

RAYLA: “Right.”

FUU: “Then it should be close to this area near the elevator…”

I looked around nearby and saw something small glint near my foot—

FUU: “Ah-!”

As I fixed my gaze on the glittering spot, I noticed something bracelet-like slightly hidden in the grass.

FUU: “Rayla, there’s something that looks like it near my foot!”

RAYLA: “Really? Pick it up.”

As I was about to tell him ‘yes!’ I realized I couldn’t crouch from this position.

FUU: “Oh, um… With you … um, h-hugging me like this… I can’t crouch… and can’t pick it up…”

As I said that while controlling my embarrassment, Rayla finally seemed to be aware of how he was glued to me—

RAYLA: “!!”

FUU: (…He finally set me free.)

Feeling relieved, I crouched down to look and sure enough, there was a bracelet there.

FUU: “Oh good… Rayla! Is this it-? Err?”

I lifted my head once I picked up the bracelet, but Rayla wasn’t in the spot where he had just been.

RAYLA: “Hurry in. We’re going down.”

I turned to face his voice and there was Rayla, already inside the elevator.

I responded, surprised at his quick movement, and got on to the elevator.

RAYLA: “It is. Thanks.”

Seeing Rayla’s face go red as he took back his bracelet reminded me of a certain scene.

FUU: (He had the same symptoms back at the day of the banquet. Back then I thought he was just not feeling well, but the reason was actually because he has a fear of heights.)

If that’s the case, he might not be feeling well now just like that day.

FUU: “Rayla, your face is looking red. You haven’t gotten a fever out of fear, have you?”

I said that out of concern, and Rayla’s face went even redder.

RAYLA: “It’s not that bad, and it’s not that either, it’s… It’s your fault.”

FUU: “Huh, it’s my fault?”

RAYLA: “…No, it’s my fault, I guess.”

FUU: (…? Is he trying to act tough?? But still, I don’t really understand what he means…)

The elevator reached the third floor as I thought to myself.

FUU: “Well then, I’ll be going back to my room… Please get some rest if you’re not feeling well.”

I began to walk to my room when he called out to me—

RAYLA: “…Did you finish putting away your stuff?”

FUU: “Oh, I’m not completely done, but it’s in pretty good order. And you?”

RAYLA: “I’m done. I don’t have much. …If you don’t mind, I could make some tea for you downstairs.”

FUU: “!”

I finally understood the reason why Rayla had gone all red when I looked at him. I’m sure it was because he wanted to thank me.

I felt happy seeing him awkwardly trying to express his feelings through words despite how he currently was.

RAYLA: “It’s fine if you don’t want it.”

I grabbed his hand as he went to leave—

FUU: “I-I’ll go! Let’s take a break!”

RAYLA: “Hah… It’s funny to see you so desperate. You’re like a dog.”

FUU: “A dog!? No way, don’t compare me with a dog…”

In any case, we got back into the elevator and went down to the second floor where we enjoyed some tea in the kitchen.

We all gathered in the meeting room at 1800.

There were orange, pink, and blue boxes on the table.

NACHI: “Nana, this is all of them! There-!”

Nachi placed the red and purple boxes he was carrying on to the table. There were five boxes total.

FUU: (What in the world are these?)

Nana took a look around at us and then turned his gaze upon the five boxes.

IDZUKI: “There is something you’ll need for your duties starting tomorrow within these boxes. There’s one box per person.”

The orange went to Yun, the blue to Rayla, the red to Mict, the purple to Tchicai, and then the pink was mine.

FUU: (We already have our uniforms and our weapons… I wonder what else we need.)

IDZUKI: “Inside these boxes are robots modeled after butterflies called ‘Tefu Tefu’.”

RAYLA: “Wow, seriously.”

IDZUKI: “I’m still in the middle of my explanation. Save your impressions for later. As for its features, well, it has several…”

According to Nana, you can do things such as manage your schedule, record detailed information on missions, and even communicate through it like a phone.

However, it only can transmit to other Tefu Tefu so it can’t get through a regular phone. It also has additional features.

FUU: “It looks like it’ll be hard to remember it all, but it’s nice it’s so convenient.”

YUN: “Well, that’s fine and all but… I wish it would have been modeled after a beautiful fairy instead of a butterfly. A fairy like you.”

I reflexively averted my eyes after he said those terrifying words along with a wink in my direction.

TCHICAI: “Kyahaha~♪ Mic is so honest, I love it. ★ I’d better follow his example.”

RAYLA: “Is it good to judge that he’s being honest? Isn’t that kind of off?”

IDZUKI: “Hah… I told you to listen until the end. Well, whatever. Just learn it by using it directly rather than listening to an explanation.”

NACHI: “There’s just one thing from me! If there’s something wrong with your Tefu Tefu, please let me know. I’m the one who setup your Tefu Tefus.”

NACHI: “I also decorated them so we wouldn’t get them mixed up, but you can change it if you don’t like it.”

IDZUKI: “…So that’s it. Okay, everyone open them up.”

Everyone all opened their boxes at once with Nana’s signal and then—

TEFU TEFU SYSTEM: “Tefu Tefu is booting up.”

FUU: “—!”

What flew out of the box was a very cute model that looked like a tuft of cotton candy with wings.

But before I could declare that it was cute—

MICT: “KYAAAAAAAH! Hah, hah, hahahah! IT’S WAY TOO CUTE—!”

NACHI: “The Tefu Tefus float around their respective Angels. They do need to be charged so please keep that in mind.”

NACHI: “Oh, also! It goes into sleep mode when charging, so you can’t use its functions~ The charger is inside the box.”

I looked in the box the Tefu Tefu flew out of and like he said, there was a charger inside.

RAYLA: “It’s so fluffy… It’d be great for an afternoon nap.”

Rayla was enjoying putting his face against the Tefu Tefu.

FUU: “Rayla, it’s not meant to be used as a pillow.”

YUN: “Hey, is this thing alive?”

NACHI: “It’s not. Nana said it was a robot, didn’t he?”

TCHICAI: “Kyahaha ♪ It’s cute~! But it doesn’t look like a butterfly~★ It looks so yummy~”

Then, as we were all messing around with the Tefu Tefus, the door to the meeting room suddenly opened—

JIRO: “Thanks for waiting, everyone! The Undercover Angel of Akatsuki, Jiro Hyuga, has come to say hello!”


We were all in a daze at his sudden appearance and introduction.

IDZUKI: “Ah… This old man is the other Akatsuki Angel I spoke of at the banquet.”

IDZUKI: “Despite his appearance, he’s a veteran and a reliable person. However, there are times when he gets carried away so don’t model yourselves after those parts of him, okay?”

RAYLA: “Seriously, is Akatsuki done for? Having this weird old man as the veteran other than Nana means Akatsuki is over.”

FUU: “R-Rayla! That’s far too rude!”

MICT: “R-Right! I’m a little uneasy b-but I think he’s probably a reliable person!”

TCHICAI: “Hm~ Okay, can I call you Jiro??”

JIRO: “Yeah! Jiro or Mr. Jiro or Lord Jiro or Sir Jiro, call me whatever you want!”

FUU: (W-what an incredible number of selections—!  Just Jiro should be fine I guess.)

I asked him about something I was curious about, Undercover Angels.

I heard that the position existed at Angel School, but that was the extent of it.

Also, there isn’t an Undercover Angel Course at school. That’s because it’s a position that only those trustworthy enough can be entrusted with.

FUU: “Jiro, what do Undercover Angels mainly do?”

JIRO: “We do intelligence work in the cities, mixed among the general civilian population. That’s why we don’t wear a uniform and work in civilian clothes.”

YUN: “Heh. So it’s like you’re investigating for intelligence concerning Star.”

JIRO: “Yeah. It is our duty to report tips concerning Star to the Heavens Intelligence Department, but there are also times when the intelligence Undercover Angels collects leads to missions.”

JIRO: “Well, there are times when I’ll participate in missions to gather intelligence so I hope we’ll get along when we work together.”

FUU: (Wow, amazing. So Jiro is an intelligence gathering specialist.)

I finally understood the part why this job was only entrusted with trustworthy individuals.

JIRO: “That’s about it for my self-introduction. So, there was something I was rather curious about… Is it all right for Wing to be left out in the open like that?”

Nachi made a face like he suddenly realized something at Jiro’s words.

NACHI: “I-I forgot! I took Wing out because I thought I’d show it to you all!”

NACHI: “I’ll explain from inside Wing. Anyway, please follow me!”

We quickly said goodbye to Jiro in the meeting room and went outside the Angel Tower.

JIRO: “They all seem well. That’s a relief.”

JIRO: “Don’t look so gloomy. You’re not responsible for this heavy burden alone. I’ll tell them the truth when the time comes.”

IDZUKI: “No, that’s my duty. I have to take responsibility for not doing anything for them…”

JIRO: “Don’t say you didn’t do anything.”

JIRO: “You always said you were doing things for your country or for justice, but you always thought about them first before making a move.”

JIRO: “There’s no mistaking that, coming from someone who’s been watching you from close by.”

IDZUKI: “Heh. Thank you. But if we think about it before making a move then… It’s my duty to tell them the truth.”

JIRO: “…”

IDZUKI: “Please leave it to me. I’m not just going to tell them the truth; I want them to be able to face it head on.”

JIRO: “Well, all right. Leave the Heavens to me then.”

When we exited the Angel Tower, there was a single large vehicle parked there.

Its appearance was rather bizarre…

TCHICAI: “Hey hey, why does it have ‘Wing Express’ written on it??”

While it’s true that its name is Wing, I wonder what the implication of having express attached to it means.

NACHI: “Good eyes! That’s because we’re feigning as forwarding agents. See, even the name plate on the Angel Tower gate—”

‘Wing Forwarding Company’

FUU: “Wow… I didn’t even notice…”

NACHI: “Well, you know. If we put ‘Angel Tower’ on the nameplate, dealers will be suspicious. And I mean, there would be a risk of us getting attacked, too.”

NACHI: “Because it seems like there are some dealers that hate Angels.”

I learned about that in class through old cases.

There are dealers who have attacked Angels in the name of revenge when their buddies had been killed by Angels.

RAYLA: “I get that, but what’s with this design? The styling is god awful.”

FUU: (I was thinking the same thing…)

MICT: “…the worst sense of style… I have to ride this when we’re dispatched… I wanna die…”

YUN: “Jeez, Mict you’re going overboard. And anyway, what’s bad about this design? It’s super sharp, isn’t it! It’s great!”

NACHI: “Umm, it’s normal inside so just go in and check it out!”

So we all went inside of it…

Other than the driver’s seating area, Wing had two rooms inside it.

First, we were guided to the intelligence office, a room where we can manage intelligence even when inside the vehicle.

NACHI: “Also, if you press this button on the desk, and only while you’re holding it down, you can speak with whoever is in the driver’s seat and those inside the reception room next door. Keep that in mind!”

TCHICAI: “Wow, amazing~! It’s great that I can mess with the PCs even in the car. ♪It looks awful outside but the inside has a nice feel to it~★”

Tchicai looked quite pleased but Yun was the exact opposite…

YUN: “Hah… The inside is normal. What a letdown.”

And with that, next was the adjacent room- the reception room.

There were more seats in the reception room than there were in the intelligence office.

NACHI: “That something is restraining targets. You can lock the seatbelts in this room from the driver’s seat.”

FUU: “Wait, lock… You mean these can’t be taken off?”

Nachi nodded.

NACHI: “Not only can they not be taken off, but they hold you so tightly you can’t even move your body.”

NACHI: “There are also times when there will be a large number of people being taken into custody, so there is also transport vehicle that I can take out then.”

FUU: (I had thought there would be a transport vehicle for captives, but I didn’t think we’d be going around in a vehicle like this…)

MICT: “So we can talk to the other rooms with this button like in the intelligence office, right?”

The button Mict was pointing at was on the table.

NACHI: “Right. And then I can lock the seatbelts from the driver’s seat if you tell me to.”

NACHI: “Oh, right right. I forgot to say, but I’m usually the one who will be driving, so try to remember that!”

And that was the end of our tour of Wing according to Nachi.

When we exited Wing, the stars were already glimmering in the sky.

We had dinner immediately after that where Nana told us about our duties for tomorrow and to get with our partners to have a discussion at some point tonight.

What we were supposed to discuss with our partners was our understanding of each other’s tactics, how we would cooperate, who will take the lead during missions and give instructions, etc.

While on one hand I wanted things to go smoothly, on the other I was anxious over whether I would be able to actually take action during the real thing.

I want to get to know my partner even just a little through our discussion tonight so I won’t get in his way. And then I want to deepen our trust while we’re paired up.

I’m sure that I’ll be able to be successful in my missions and protect the objective I’ve given myself…

After we all finished eating dinner—

Rayla and I moved into the recreation room to have our pair meeting.

It wasn’t a very suitable location, but all the other rooms had already been taken for use by the other pairs.

FUU: “First off, I’d like for us to understand each other’s weapons…”

RAYLA: “I said it during the banquet, but my weapon is poisoned needles. It only takes the target’s freedom to move away from them; it’s not lethal.”

FUU: (So I was right…)

There were several weapon selections that were not lethal.

Among them was Rayla’s weapon, poisoned needles.

FUU: “Mine is the kunai so it can be lethal. I can prevent the target from moving by injuring them with my kunai and then you can take them down with your needles.”

FUU: “That was the kind of collaboration method I had in mind when I chose you to be my partner.”

RAYLA: “Hmm. It looks like I was right to want to have you as my partner after all.”

FUU: “Err… What do you mean?”

RAYLA: “…I’ll talk about that later. More importantly, I’d like to decide who’s going to give instructions first.”

FUU: “Oh, right. Let’s see…”

FUU: (I wonder if there’s some other reason why he picked me as his partner…)

RAYLA: “So, about the giving instructions thing, I’d like to leave that to you.”

FUU: “Oh, are you really okay with that?”

From what I’ve seen of him until now, he didn’t seem like the type of person to leave things to someone else so this was unexpected.

Perhaps it was the way he always clearly states his opinions that made me think that.

RAYLA: “I’m not suited for it. If you don’t mind, I’d like you to do it.”

FUU: “Ah… Sure. I don’t really have any objections so I’ll do it…”

FUU: (I’m a little anxious, but Rayla’s leaving it to me so I’ll do my best…)

FUU: “Well then, we’re done with our tactics review and decided who is giving instructions, so would you mind continuing the conversation we had just before?”

I felt nervous as the air about him seemed to change at that.

RAYLA: “Even though it’s part of your duty, could you kill someone?”

I thought he was going to be speaking so I was surprised that he asked me a question and also at that question’s subject…

‘For what purpose would you kill someone?’
‘Are you prepared to kill?’

It was something I studied at school and one I had to hammer into myself. So—

RAYLA: “That’s a simple answer.”

FUU: “I mean, it’s the truth. We’re permitted to kill because we’re Angels. It’s our duty so we have to kill.”

RAYLA: “Heh. You’ve said something surprisingly good.”

FUU: “Err…?”

RAYLA: “You said ‘have to kill’, right?”

FUU: “Hah… What about it?”

RAYLA: “It’s your duty, but you don’t agree with killing. That’s what you’re thinking, right?”

FUU: “Well that’s… Of course. I mean… This is my personal opinion but,”

FUU: “When I heard that we could take dealers into custody instead of killing them—”

FUU: “And bring them to a place of fairness… What I’m trying to say is, I think it’s a peaceful solution that they can be sentenced at a Judgment of the Heavens.”

FUU: (Just because it’s a Judgment of the Heavens doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t get killed though…)

FUU: “I know it’s a naïve way of thinking, but no matter what terrible thing they’ve done, everyone should have the chance to repent.”

FUU: “…That’s all.”

Rayla grinned broadly at that.

RAYLA: “I really was right to pick you.”

I couldn’t help but be curious about his reason why when he said a similar phrase as before. It was almost like he was keeping me in suspense on purpose.

FUU: “Um, I’d like to hear the reason why then. The reason why you picked me.”

RAYLA: “Do you remember Nana’s opinion that he gave at the banquet? The ‘you have an influence over the target’s future’ thing.”

FUU: “Oh… Yes, I remember.”

I replayed the scene from then in my head as I spoke.

IDZUKI: “We’re permitted to dispatch dealers only… But whether you take them in or dispatch them is up to the judgment of the responsible Angel.”

IDZUKI:  “That judgment is an important thing; it controls a person’s life. Don’t take their lives lightly just because they’re criminals.”

IDZUKI:  “Make a good effort to get to know your target from the investigation phase. Don’t forget that your judgment has a great influence on their life.”

RAYLA: “From my point of view, you were the only one who took what Nana said seriously.”

RAYLA: “That’s why I wanted to pair up with you. That’s it.”

FUU: “So that’s why…”

Like I had chosen Rayla because of tactics, Rayla had chosen me thinking as an Angel.

FUU: “So then you really cherish what Nana said… Or rather, you’ve accepted it and want to put them to use from here out.”

FUU: “That’s what you’re thinking, right?”

RAYLA: “Mm. This is mainly for dealers, but the only thing that will end is their life; their crimes won’t disappear and the Star will still remain.”

RAYLA: “In that case, making them start over should take precedence over ending them.”

Rayla’s opinion was in line with my own. I was happy to hear it but—

RAYLA: “I’m going to prioritize taking criminals into custody not just as Rayla Konomi, but as an Angel. What I’m trying to say is I won’t dispatch anyone.”

FUU: “What… W-wait just a moment! What do you mean!?”

RAYLA: “Exactly what I said? You got a complaint?”

FUU: “Of course I do! So if Nana or the others order you to dispatch someone, you plan on not obeying it!?”

RAYLA: “I’m going to have them obey me, so relax okay? There’s no law saying ‘you can’t say your opinions’. I’ll persuade anyone to change their orders if they tell me to dispatch.”

FUU: “…Do you really think that’s possible?”

RAYLA: “That’s why I said it?”

FUU: (Where in the world does he get his confidence from…? No, this isn’t confidence. This is a strong conviction inside of him that will not yield.)

RAYLA: “Heh, are you shocked?”

FUU: “No… Just… I just thought you’re pretty amazing to assert it like that.”

FUU: “I… The only thing in my mind is to just obey the regulations for Angels and to retrieve as much Star as possible…”

RAYLA: “Huh? So what was that before then?”

FUU: “That was just… an ideal that it would be nice if things were like that. It’s not my objective.”

RAYLA: “Hah. What the hell is that? ”

FUU: “Well, ideals and reality aren’t the same so…”

Rayla frowned at that.

RAYLA: “Does an Angel that just settles things by claiming ideals are just ideals and doesn’t include them as part of their objective have any worth at all?”

FUU: “!”

Upon hearing his words, I recalled the times when other students would talk about their own dreams back at Angel School.

‘I want to improve our country’
‘I want to eliminate Star’
‘I want to save Stardust’

FUU: (Those are all ideals that are also their objectives. They all worked so hard to become Angels so they could make them come true.)

RAYLA: “My objective is what I said earlier. I’ll do anything for it. That’s why I became an Angel.”

RAYLA: “You can’t become an Angel if you just give up on things saying ideals aren’t reality.”

FUU: “I’m sorry… It’s exactly as you said.”

RAYLA: “To be honest, I was disappointed at your insistence that it’s an ideal.”

FUU: “That’s because…”

FUU: (I can’t say anything. I mean, because I truly had only thought that it would be nice…)

RAYLA: “Your objective is that you want to ‘retrieve as much Star as possible’, right?”

FUU: “Yes. I’m just going to borrow what you said, but I’ll do anything for it.”

FUU: (Even if it means I’ll have to hurt someone with my own hands…)

FUU: “…I think that your objective of not dispatching anyone is really amazing. I’d like to do the same if possible.”

FUU: “But there’s no way to know whether we’ll be in a situation where we’ll have to dispatch someone. That’s all I want to say.”

RAYLA: “Well, I guess that’s good for now. We’ll both do our best.”

Rayla stood up, giving me the sense that the conversation was over. I went to stand up and follow him when—

RAYLA: “…Mm.”

Rayla said that with his hand raised.

FUU: “? Umm, this is…? Oh, does this have some sort of other meaning?”

I said that because it looked like he was raising his hand, but it seems that wasn’t it.

FUU: “Err… Haven’t done what?”

While I didn’t really understand what was going on, Rayla lifted up my arm and—


FUU: “!!”

RAYLA: “Fuu, I hope we work together well starting tomorrow.”

FUU: “R-right!”

Maybe it was because it was the first time he said my name, or maybe it was because he was touching me…

FUU: (This is sort of making me feel shy…)

After that, I went back to my room and fell asleep while thinking over what Rayla and I talked about.



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