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Binary Star Translation – Chapter 2 (Common Route)


One month after our meeting—

FUU: (So this is the Angel Tower. This is where I’ll be living from now on, huh.)

I walked up to the place written in the invitation letter that arrived along with my uniform.

The luggage I’m moving with has already been transported by the Delivery Office of the Heavens Institution.

???: “Oh, Fuu!”

I shifted my gaze toward the voice and saw Nachi running toward me from the entrance of the Angel Tower.

NACHI: “I was waiting for you! It’s been a long month!”

NACHI: “They’re already here. And, surprisingly, the two who overslept that time were the first ones to get here! Hehehe~”

FUU: (The two who overslept means-)

Yun and Tchicai’s faces immediately came to mind.

NACHI: “I guess they learned their lesson, huh~ Oh, right! You don’t have to be formal with me.”

At his smile I felt my own cheeks relax.

FUU: “Got it. So I’ll just call you Nachi then, okay?”

NACHI: “Yes, please do so! All right, everyone is waiting so I’ll show you to the meeting room.”

FUU: “Thank you.”

I entered the Angel Tower feeling a bit nervous.

I saw the figures of everyone I met a month earlier when Nachi opened the door.

NACHI: “Fuu has arrived~”

IDZUKI: “So the last person has come. We’re all here now.”

FUU: “I’m sorry. So I was the last one, huh?”

Nana nodded with a smile at Nachi’s words. I felt relieved upon seeing it.

NACHI: “Okay, I’ve got things to do, so I’ll see you all later.”

FUU: “Oh, Nachi. Thanks for showing me the way here.”

Nachi waved at that and left the meeting room.

As if that was some sort of signal, Yun appeared in front of me at the speed of light—

YUN: “We finally meet again! I was so lonely this past month; I thought my heart was going to break! So let’s touch and rejoice for our reunion!”

FUU: “Ah… No, I’m good.”

TCHICAI: “It’s been a while~ ♪It’ll be nice to work with you!”

FUU: “Yes, likewise.”

MICT: “F-f-f… Fuu…”

I turned upon having my sleeve tugged, and standing there was a shy looking Mict, with drooped shoulders and a wandering gaze.

FUU: “Long time no see, Mict.”

MICT: “Oh, uh, y-yeah… I’m happy to see you again…”

YUN: “Mict is sneaky. They’ve only just reunited and he’s already touching her.”

MICT: “I-I’m not touching her! What are you looking at, you perv! I was just pulling on her sleeve!”

RAYLA: “Anyway, Yun touching her and Mict touching her are completely different.”

Everyone was being loud, but it all stopped when Idzuki cleared his throat.

IDZUKI: “Let’s leave the greetings at that and have everyone sit down on the couch over there. We have plans for today.”

Everyone sat down on the circle shaped couch.

As I sat down and looked around, I was reminded of the time we all first met.

FUU: (I think the sofa in the living room at that building felt sort of like this, too.)

IDZUKI: “All right, about the plan for today- first, I’ll give you a tour of the inside of the Angel Tower. After that, we’ll decide on pairs.”

FUU: (Decide on pairs… I was pretty flustered when they asked me who I wanted to pair up with at the banquet.)

TCHICAI: “Yes, yes~ When are the room assignments decided?”

IDZUKI: “After the pairs are finalized. Personal rooms are from the third through fifth floors, with two rooms on each floor. So—”

RAYLA: “So you’re on the same floor as whoever you partner up with. …I WILL be living on the third floor.”

FUU: (I see. So that’s why it comes after the pairs are decided.)

IDZUKI: “Nachi is currently bringing all of your luggage into the lobby. After the tour, pairings, and room assignments are done—”

IDZUKI: “You’ll each take your luggage up to your own rooms. Anyway, we don’t have much time so let’s get the tour started.”

And that was how our tour of the Angel Tower by Nana began.

IDZUKI: “So, we’ll start with this room.”

RAYLA: “Making it seem like we have to stand up and get ready to go and then starting in this room sort of ruined it, don’t you think?”

Like Rayla said, we all stood up and made to leave the room when Nana pulled us back in and made us sit down once again.

TCHICAI: “Now, now, Ray. Don’t be so grumpy. Come on, I’ll give you a lil candy. ★”

IDZUKI: “My bad for ruining it. Anyway, this room is the meeting room. Well, it’s exactly as the name says.”

FUU: “So we use it whenever we need to meet up or talk together.”

IDZUKI: “Yeah, and we generally will hold our morning assemblies and reports on outcomes here. Just recognize that this is our assembly location.”

MICT: “…assemblies in… meeting room…”

YUN: “Hoo, nice. Taking thorough notes like that makes you pretty conscientious or serious I guess.”

MICT: “W-well, this place seems pretty big so…”

I realized something at what Mict said.

FUU: (That reminds me…)

I was curious about Nachi, who had left the room.

FUU: “Nana, I know it’s sort of late to be asking but, is it all right that Nachi isn’t here with us?”

IDZUKI: “Nachi arrived here three days ago, because Butlers do just about all their work inside the Angel Tower.”

IDZUKI: “He’s in a position that requires him to be familiar with this building and its systems more than anyone else.”

IDZUKI: “So if there’s something you don’t know, ask me or Nachi.”

FUU: “So that’s what’s going on. Understood.”

FUU: (A Butler’s job is totally different from ours…)

Because I was only trained as a Soldier, I’m not as familiar with the other positions.

FUU: (I’m certain there are differences with an Analyst like Tchicai’s duties as well.)

This time we all stood and followed Nana out of the meeting room.

I was surprised by its splendor the first time I entered, but I was also shocked by the difference in feel between this and the meeting room.

IDZUKI: “I’m sure you already know since Nachi showed you through here, but this is the lobby. We have guests occasionally.”

YUN: “Wait, we have guests? Do you mean like people from the Heavens Institution?”

IDZUKI: “Yeah. Other than that… Well, it doesn’t happen often but Angels responsible for other towns come as well.”

Mict underwent a sudden change and started to shake.

MICT: “B-b-by other Angels do you mean… f-f-from our neighboring town?”

Our neighboring town would be Iromeki Town.

FUU: “There’s no need to shake that much, Mict… They’re the same Angels as us.”

YUN: “The same, huh? Us being the same as the Iromeki Angels doesn’t ring true to me. I mean, we have no experience with dispatching yet?”

Yun smiled coldly as he spoke.

TCHICAI: “It’s not just experience with dispatching; we don’t have any mission experience yet. ★”

RAYLA: “Iromeki Angels, huh? They’re a bunch I don’t really want to meet. I don’t want to be around them either.”

Nana sighed and gave his opinion after everyone’s reaction.

MICT: “…… Their dispatch rate.”

That murmuring reminded me of a rumor I heard at school.

FUU: (They’ve got the highest dispatch rate in the entire country. In other words, they’ve killed the most dealers.)

FUU: (I don’t really want to remember it, but I heard at school they were ‘experts at killing’.)

IDZUKI: “Anyway, that’s it for the lobby explanation. Oh, also- no matter who comes, make sure you greet them properly.”

The only ones who responded were me and Tchicai.

Nana sighed and told us ‘that’s the next room’ and pointed to the solid doors right next to us.

The three that didn’t answer had their heads in the clouds as they followed Nana into the room.

IDZUKI: “This is the room we use when we have guests. It’s the reception office.”

MICT: “So is this the room we’d lead the other Angels you mentioned earlier into?”

IDZUKI: “Yeah. Also, the big shots from the Heavens come once a year or so for inspections.”

FUU: “So should we think of this as a room that’s not normally used?”

IDZUKI: “It’s not that; when we don’t have guests you can use it to meet up and talk as a pair. Use it freely.”

FUU: “Understood.”

We then moved on to the next room. It appeared to be the final room on the first floor.

IDZUKI: “This is a room we use when we’re doing research or preparing documents. Well, you can tell just by looking. Tchicai will primarily use this room for his job.”

TCHICAI: “Roger~♪ But I probably won’t use the PCs here much. ★”

FUU: “? What do you mean?”

TCHICAI: “Because~ I brought 10 of my own. ♪”

He spread open his palms as he spoke.

RAYLA: “Isn’t bringing that many or even just owning that many kind of a lot? I mean, do you even need that many?”

FUU: (True… I wouldn’t even know how to handle using 10 computers.)

IDZUKI: “I’ll give you a written application later so fill it in and submit it back to me. You can’t use your own PCs without permission from the Heavens.”

IDZUKI: “By the way, it’s one application per computer.”

IDZUKI: “Well. You can also review past missions on the PCs. You could learn something from your superiors’ cases.”

YUN: “Wait, seriously? So does it have the missions that happened before the Lightning of Babel?”

FUU: “Oh, I’m sure that’s not-”

There’s not an Angel out there that doesn’t know about the Lightning of Babel. It was an incident 10 years ago where all of the Heavens Institution’s internal data was erased.

Due to this, even the Intelligence Department doesn’t have any records remaining of the data that disappeared from before 10 years ago.

It wasn’t that the Heavens Institution was struck by lightning; it was named such because everything was gone in an instant. In any case, we were taught the actual cause of the incident was unknown.

RAYLA: “…I’m not interested in the past.”

FUU: (Rayla?)

He had a pained expression and his murmuring caught my interest.

IDZUKI: “Apologies, I misspoke. What I meant was data for missions from the past 10 years are recorded here.”

It wasn’t just Yun but Mict also whose shoulders dropped at that. Conversely, Rayla’s mood went back to normal.

FUU: (? I wonder what’s wrong with everyone.)

I tilted my head, puzzled at everyone’s baffling attitudes, but the conversation stopped there as we moved on to the next area.

We were waiting for the elevator because we had finished going around the entire first floor.

This is the elevator we use to move between floors.

We were given an explanation of the emergency stairs but it was done with just an opening of the door.

The elevator doors opened after it announced its arrival. Everyone got inside and the doors shut. However—

Because we were right at its capacity limits, we were packed together tightly inside.

FUU: (Ughh… I want to hurry up and get out…)

I felt something touch my ear—

YUN: “Your scent hasn’t changed since when we first met. It’s a captivating scent that’s alluring to men’s hearts…”


FUU: “OH, I’m so sorry!!”

RAYLA: “Ugh. Annoying. Are you incapable of being quiet? Well, I guess it’s impossible if there’s a groper in here!”

Along with the end of his statement, Rayla stomped at the ground with all his might—

YUN: “GAHHH—!!!!!”

Yun screamed out. Meanwhile, Mict checked out what was written on the information board as he clung to it.

MICT: “That part of the first floor was called the ‘Angel’s Face’.”

TCHICAI: “Wow, how interesting. ★Every floor has a name, huh~♪”

FUU: (It’s sort of like a shopping center.)

IDZUKI: “The place we’re headed to now is the first basement level, ‘Angel’s Paradise’.”

TCHICAI: “Does ‘paradise’ mean it has plenty of snacks!? I’m super excited~♪”

RAYLA: “It’s just a name isn’t it? The first floor was called ‘face’ but it was just a work space.”

YUN: “But hearing paradise does get my hopes up like Tchicai. What could it be? An open bath, maybe a big one?”

FUU: “A large open bath… Like a hot spring?”

FUU: (Hot spring… A hot spring, huh. There aren’t many of those in this country, though.)

FUU: (I’d be happy if it was.  I’d like to go in one, even if it was just once.)

RAYLA: “Isn’t this elevator slow? Still not at the hot spring.”

FUU: “Wow, the ceiling is really high.”

A spacious room came into view as soon as we arrived.

When I looked up there were perhaps two or three floors worth of space up to the very high ceiling…

IDZUKI: “This is the recreation room. There are typical entertainment goods gathered in here from what you all like.”

IDZUKI: “There are all sorts of things for you to enjoy, so you should come here to blow off some steam from work.”

I was looking around the room when Mict’s surprise sprung out.

YUN: “Whoa… Mict has turned into some kind of pervert…”

RAYLA: “He’s not as perverted as you, so no problem.”

YUN: “What, really!? I mean, he’s panting over there!?”

TCHICAI: “Mic’s ‘hah hah’ is cute, but Yun-Yun’s ‘hah hah’ is creepy. ★”

YUN: “Uurk… You guys all treat me so cruelly, so coldly, you wouldn’t even think this is only the second time we’ve met…”

FUU: (It’s true their treatment toward Yun is getting progressively crueler. Well, not that I can really talk…)

Feeling empathetic, I gave some words of encouragement to the dejected looking Yun.

FUU: “You could also interpret that as showing just how much all your allies are watching you, Yun.”

I was feeling anxious over whether that sounded desperate or not when—

YUN: “Oh, I see. Hehe, how embarrassing. The thought of you watching me that much makes my whole body flush, you know.”

I ignored Yun, who was getting carried away, and spoke to Mict.

FUU: “Umm, Mict, do you… like sewing?”

Mict smiled broadly as he answered my question right away.

MICT: “Yes, I do! Altering clothes or accessories I’ve bought is a hobby of mine!”

RAYLA: “Seriously? Okay, I’ll leave my uniform alterations to you then.”

YUN: “Oh, I’d like to ask you to do mine as well. I can’t do it myself.”

TCHICAI: “All right~♪ I’ll have Mic do my uniform alterations. ★”

MICT: “S-s-so many!?”

Mict held his head, his discomfort laid bare as everyone put him into the bind of having something he loved get ruined by giving him orders.

There was a large screen and some media equipment prepared for me as a movie enthusiast.

FUU: (I already know about Mict, but I wonder what the others like.)

Up next was the second floor – ‘Angel’s Source’.

The second floor hallway had the exact same look as the hallway on the first floor.

IDZUKI: “This is the second floor. We’re going into that room over there with the fork and knife on the door.”

I had a general expectation from his words; surely the next room was—

Upon seeing the large built-in kitchen, I thought ‘I knew it’ to myself.

TCHICAI: “Ah ♪ It’s a kitchen, a kitchen!”

IDZUKI: “Of course, there is food in here, but the basic essentials are stocked in here too. If there’s something you want or want to eat, it’s possible to get it.”

FUU: “That’s much appreciated.”

IDZUKI: “There’s a reason why we’re treated so well. Angels have a dangerous job that puts our lives on the line.”

RAYLA: “The whole ’have no regrets’ thing, you mean?”

YUN: “Well, it wouldn’t be odd if we died tomorrow.”

We were told what Yun said at Angel School a number of times. Also—

‘If you don’t want to die, refine your skills.’

‘If you want to protect your friends, get strong.’

‘In order to make this country peaceful, study well.’

A great number of lessons were etched inside of me.

FUU: (I could lose my life even tomorrow. A coworker who was laughing this morning could become a corpse tonight…)

I tightly balled up my hands as I looked around at everyone.

FUU: (I will protect everyone; I’ll protect this country… And I’ll retrieve as much Star as possible.)

IDZUKI: “I’m not trying to scare you, but Angels are always being shadowed by death. That’s ordinary for those who become Angels.”

IDZUKI: “The Heavens took that into consideration and made it so that we can spend our time at least a little comfortably inside the Angels Tower. Hence the ‘latest facilities’.”

Everyone had a grave expression on their face while listening to Nana when—

TCHICAI: “Ah! There are so many snacks~♪”

Tchicai rummaged through the kitchen cabinets.

FUU: “Tchicai, were you listening—Oh? This tableware has the Heavens Institution mark on it…”

The Heavens Institution mark was on the neatly arranged dishes and cups as well as other items.

IDZUKI: “Oh, I forgot to mention that. All the daily necessities here are Heavens only special use goods; they don’t have typical designs.”

TCHICAI: “Oh, I knew that~ They get auctioned off on underground websites pretty often. ★”

IDZUKI: “So it seems; I’ve heard there are Angels goods collectors. Tchicai, give me the information on that later. I’ll report it to the Heavens.”

Tchicai cheerfully answered ‘yeees’ to Nana.

FUU: (It’s amazing that there are collectors out there… I’d never even heard of these before.)

We went out into the hallway after getting an explanation for the kitchen and our eating space in the dining room.

That finished up the second floor. However, there was still a door in the hallway with a broom painted on it that hadn’t been explained yet.

FUU: “Wait please. Is there no information for that room?”

IDZUKI: “Oh, don’t worry about that. That’s Nachi’s room. Taking his job into consideration, he’s the only one with a room on the second floor.”

FUU: “Oh, I see. It would be pretty efficient for him to be close to the kitchen.”

RAYLA: “…I’m jealous he’s on a lower floor…”

FUU: (? Did Rayla mumble something just now?)

Rayla sighed and got onto the elevator with everyone. I followed in after him.

We went on to the third floor.

The third through fifth floors were given the name ‘Angel’s Rest’.

As the name said, our personal rooms were prepared there and we were informed they were all identical.

We would be able to check out the insides when we take our luggage to our rooms later, so we moved on to the sixth floor…

The sixth floor was called the ‘Angel’s Schoolhouse’.

My heart throbbed with excitement at the view.

FUU: “Amazing-! This is a training room where we can practice! We even have targets in here!”

FUU: (I haven’t had a place to practice since I graduated so I’m super happy-!)

As I looked around the room, I saw there were stairs going down somewhere.

FUU: “Nana, where do those stairs lead to!?”

I asked him eagerly and then wondered if my enthusiasm was strange as he smiled and answered me.

IDZUKI: “This is the range, and we have training equipment below. This place is made of this room and the one below it. Hone your skills here to your heart’s content.”

FUU: “Yes! I’m going to use this immediately tonight!”

Yun looked worn-out as he spoke after my spirited response.

YUN: “It looks like this is what she’s happiest about… I didn’t want to see her get excited over this place…”

TCHICAI: “Oh well! She’s a hot-blooded, cool girl after all. ★”

MICT: “B-but, I think it’s surprisingly accurate…”

FUU: (Urk… Maybe it was strange of me to show such interest in this room…)

IDZUKI: “Let’s move on to the next one. The final floor is the rooftop. Rayla, prepare yourself.”

RAYLA: “Are you trying to kill me?”

IDZUKI: “It’d be a problem if you didn’t at least get a general look. Being knowledgeable of this building is part of your assignment.”

RAYLA: “I can do my job without being familiar with the rooftop. I’ll ask the others for their impressions later.”

I couldn’t follow their conversation; just what in the world were they arguing over?

IDZUKI: “So you’re not going to go no matter what. Fine then.”

With that, Nana took out his whip in a flash and wrapped it around Rayla’s body.

RAYLA: “Agh–!”

The tied up Rayla looked rather like…

TCHICAI: “Kyahaha! Ray looks like a caterpillar. ♪”

FUU: (It’s like a rerun of the day of the banquet.)

IDZUKI: “Forgive me, Rayla. This is part of my job as being a supervisor to all of you.”

RAYLA: “Dammit, let me go! Seeing the rooftop won’t affect my job!”

Rayla was carried into the elevator without Nana accepting his protests.

It was impressive how Rayla shook the entire time we were in the elevator…

FUU: (I feel kind of bad for him. I didn’t know it at the time, but I’m sure Rayla has a fear of heights…)

The rooftop – ‘Akatsuki’s Angel’.

There was a 360 degree view of the town and a grass covered floor.

FUU: “Wow… This feels nice.”

TCHICAI: “It really, really does~♪ It’s so nice that I can’t believe Ray’s reaction~★”

The whip that had been tied around Rayla had already been unfastened. He sat in front of the elevator doors with his eyes shut.

RAYLA: “Is the guy who thought of this rooftop some kind of idiot? I mean, the Angel Tower doesn’t really need a rooftop area, does it? Why’s this even here?”

RAYLA: “This is the worst, I want down, I can’t breathe-”

Nana ignored Rayla and began his explanation.

IDZUKI: “I don’t think it’s really possible to return through the rooftop, but I’ll tell you just in case…”

IDZUKI: “There are sensors in various places along the building, and if there is an intrusion from the outside, there is an alarm mechanism that will sound.”

Other than here, there appear to be sensors in rooms like the kitchen and training room, but not in our own individual rooms.

So as long as you go inside via the entrances, the alarm won’t sound.

While on one hand I thought the security was amazing, on the other I thought trying to come in via the rooftop was foolish and couldn’t imagine getting in through any place that wasn’t an entrance.

IDZUKI: “And with that, the Angel Tower tour is over. Let’s return to the meeting room again. …Hm? Where’d Rayla go?”

MICT: “R-Ray is already in the elevator.”

Rayla, who had been in front of the elevator before, was now sitting inside of it, his arms wrapped around his knees.

FUU: “Y-you’re quick.”

With that, the curtain closed on our guided tour of the Angel Tower.  Next on our plan was deciding on pairs and room assignments.

FUU: (I wonder who I’ll end up being paired with.)

We were greeted by the scent of black tea as we returned to the meeting room.

NACHI: “Made with Heavens exclusive tea leaves, grown with the concept of giving you the sensation of rising to the heavens! They’re superb!”

FUU: (Heavens exclusive! So what Nana said earlier wasn’t necessarily just about the dishes, it was about food products as well.)

TCHICAI: “Yaaay! Thank you, Nachin! Are there any snacks~??”

RAYLA: “…I’m seriously exhausted. That last bit was especially effective…”

Once Nana confirmed that everyone was seated on the sofa, he moved onto the next thing.

IDZUKI: “All right, let’s get the pairs and room assignments decided right away. I said it before but pairs are assigned to rooms on the same floor.”

Excluding Nachi but including Nana, we’d have three pairs total.

FUU: “So how are they being decided? You said during the banquet that you hadn’t decided on how yet…”

With that, Nana stared at me for a bit and then said something surprising.

IDZUKI: “We’ll use a bidding system. I decided when I saw everyone’s response at the banquet. Those who want to pair up with Fuu, raise your hand.”

FUU: “What!?”

I was stunned at the sudden development of having everyone raise their hands except Nana.

I was dumbfounded by the sight.

FUU: (…I’m happy but what should I do?)

My hands were captured amid my confusion.

YUN: “Hey Fuu. Pair up with me?”

YUN: “I’d be comforted by being beside your cuteness. It’s only been a few days since we met, but not a day has gone by where I’ve not been mesmerized by you.”

FUU: “Oh, um…”

IDZUKI: “Denied.”

FUU: “…”

FUU: (…Was it good that I didn’t answer?)

Yun let go of my hand and objected to Nana.

YUN: “Why are you rejecting me? I was asking her.”

IDZUKI: “Because being ‘comforted’ and ‘mesmerized’ would be deadly on the job.”

IDZUKI: “Just what is being mesmerized or comforted by someone else when you’re confronting a target going to do?”

YUN: “Urk… B-but, I get serious when it comes to missions! I’ll get all fired up with a fighting spirit and face down our targets! Like a shooting star!”

RAYLA: “You should just vanish into dust before you burn out.”

Ignoring the sparks flying between Yun and Rayla, Tchicai leaned forward and spoke.

TCHICAI: “Got it! Okay, here’s my proposal. I think Fuu should pair up with someone whose tactics are compatible with her. ♪”

IDZUKI: “Well, that’s true but… Everyone has long-range weapons so I don’t think that should really matter?”

TCHICAI: “Right, right, I think it’s a good idea!”

IDZUKI: “Haha… He’s not listening…”

FUU: “Nana, it’s okay. I’m listening.”

FUU: (I sort of thought so at the banquet, but everyone has a strong personality… There aren’t really any gaps to break into the conversation.)

YUN: “Tchica, you don’t have any tactics though? I mean, does the person paired with Tchica even go on the scene?”

IDZUKI: “Of course they do. Additionally, there’s coordination that can only be done with Tchicai.”

FUU: (That’s right… I was sure that we could only guard him or provide research support as his partner.)

MICT: “Coordination with Tchica… I’m a little interested in that.”

RAYLA: “Then shouldn’t you pair up with Tchica?”

MICT: “Huh? What!?”

RAYLA: “Yun is gross so Nana can look after him, and I’ll pair up with her. There, it’s decided.”

MICT: “N-no! I don’t want to be with Tchica, and it’s high-handed to just decide by yourself!”

Perhaps judging it wouldn’t be resolved at this rate, Nana clapped his hands together and gathered everyone’s attention.

IDZUKI: “It’ll never be decided like this so we’ll have her decide herself.”

FUU: “Uh… So I get to choose then?”

IDZUKI: “Yeah. It might be a little pushy, but you’re the only woman amongst us. I guess you could say it’s ‘ladies first’.”

FUU: “But…”

RAYLA: “No complaints.”

MICT: “Y-yep yep.”

TCHICAI: “Kyahaha ♪ I’d be happy if Fuu picked me. ★”

YUN: “If it’s someone you pick, then I can’t complain either.”

YUN: “But just one thing… When you’re choosing can you take my— take your partner’s hand?”

FUU: “Huh…?”

FUU: (Why would that be necessary…?)

FUU: “Y-yeah. Okay—”

FUU: (The person I want to pair up with is-)



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