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Binary Star Translation – Chapter 1 (Part 2 of 2)


> Yun
> Mict
> Rayla
> Tchicai
> I can’t decide now (appears after completing all other routes)

>YUN (+♥ YUN)

FUU: “Yun… I guess.”

For a moment he made a face I hadn’t seen up until now—I couldn’t get it out of my head and I had a bad feeling about it.

YUN: “You’ve got a discerning eye, my princess!”

Yun suddenly embraced me as he spoke-

FUU: “L-let go of me!”

I desperately struggled to get away from him, but he was so strong that I was no match for him.

Then Mict slowly appeared from behind Yun carrying a skewer with meat still pierced on it-

MICT: “Get away from her, you SLEAZEBAG!”

YUN: “AGH-!”

After that, everyone had to stop Mict from chasing after Yun to stab him.

Once the dinner party was over-

After I helped clean up the barbecue, we had our rooms assigned and I took a rest on the bed in my room.

Perhaps I was tired because of all the new things from today, but I had fallen asleep before long…

Several hours later.

I looked at my watch; it was past midnight.

FUU: (I think it was around 2100 when I came to my room…)

FUU: (I wonder if it’s okay that I ended up resting without saying anything to anyone.)

In any case, I was thirsty so I got out of bed and left my room.

As I entered the living room, I saw Yun sitting on the couch playing with his cell phone.

Once he noticed me, he closed his phone and greeted me in a way it was still too early for.

FUU: “Oh, um… Good morning.”

Because I was still a little spacey from just waking up, I ended up returning the greeting even though it wasn’t even morning.

YUN: “Haha, what’s wrong? Are you still waking up?”

FUU: “…No, I just ended up meeting you unintentionally.”

FUU: “More importantly, I’m sorry for going to sleep without saying goodnight.”

YUN: “It’s fine. Well, I did want to talk with you some more. So, why don’t we talk for a bit?”

FUU: “Oh… I don’t mind, but what are we going to talk about?”

YUN: “Like about us from here on out, or what if we started dating, or if we-”

FUU: “…Excuse me.”

I interrupted his speech and started to head toward the kitchen when I heard a sob coming from behind me…

YUN: “…*sob*…*sniff*… Why? You’re so cold toward me… Just what have I done!?”

FUU: (He’s speaking oddly.)

With my answer in mind, I sighed and turned back toward him.

FUU: “Fine… It’s already midnight so for 10 minutes only.”


FUU: “Y-Yun, it’s the middle of the night-! Keep your voice down.”

YUN: “You’re so stiff. You’re a girl so you should be gentler… Okay, take a seat.”

FUU: “Oh- Um, all right.”

I sat down as he told me to, and Yun started his lecture on being a girl.

YUN: “Listen, okay? You’re a girl so try to have a gentler atmosphere about you.”

FUU: “A-ah… A gentler atmosphere? So what should I do specifically?”

YUN: “Indeed, a good question, Fuu! The answer is surely… smiling!”

FUU: “I see. It’s smiling.”

Rina had also told me this. She said good women have splendid smiles.

FUU: (I have a feeling that what Rina said is different from this. However, I might appear a little more girlish if I can be gentle like Yun said.)

I psyched myself up and answered Yun.

FUU: “I’ll give it a try!!”

I tried to smile gently.

FUU: (A gentle smile, a gentle smile…)

Yun’s face went pale as I deliberately smiled.

YUN: “S-scary! That’s terrifying!! You can’t call that a smile!”

FUU: “Hm… What should I do then?”

YUN: “Hmm~ Well then, I’ll make you aware of the fact you’re a girl.”

With that, Yun extended his hand toward me-

I immediately grabbed it and stopped him.

FUU: “What are you planning to do?”

FUU: (Was he going to do something like what he did on the bus again…?)

YUN: “Close, so close!”

FUU: “What?”

His response was so far off from what I expected that I felt disappointed.

YUN: “You were doing well up until the hand holding, but your grip is too strong, your eyes are too sharp, and your words are too cold.”

FUU: “Urgh- B-but I’m on guard by instinct!”

Yun removed his hand from my hold.

YUN: “You know, when you hold hands, you do it like this.”

He tenderly touched my hand and slowly glided his fingers to intertwine with mine.

It tickled and made me feel embarrassed…

YUN: “Hey, how is it? How do you feel right now?”

FUU: “F-f-feel, I mean, it’s embarrassing-!”

YUN: “Hehe, this feels nice. You look like a girl. You’re at the cutest I’ve seen up until now.”

FUU: “!”

Unlike the things he’s said before now, the sweet and kind ‘cute’ he said remained in my ears.

I should be able to shake him off but for some reason I couldn’t find the strength. My consciousness was stolen by the boy in front of me; I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

YUN: “Words come after you touch. Use those lips of yours to say this cutely-”

FUU: “…………. What?”

The heat I felt in my cheeks cooled in an instant, and in its place a chill swept over my entire body enough to make me shiver.

YUN: “Okay, give it a try.”

FUU: “Not a chance. I don’t want to.”

YUN: “Whaat, why? Come on, it’s just one more step so just do it real cute and loaded with emotions! Okay!”

FUU: “If what you’re saying is part of being a ‘gentle girl’ then I’m fine staying the way I am now.”

I shook off his hand and rose from my seat; this time I went toward the kitchen.

YUN: “Ah, wait, Fuu! Fuu, come on~~!”

IDZUKI: “SHUT IT! Just what time do you think it is right now!?”

NACHI: “*yawn* You’re a little loud…”

YUN: “No, see, right now Fuu-”

NACHI: “What…? Fuu? Wait, you weren’t creeping into her room were you!?”


YUN: “Huh? No-nonono! What are you saying!? Of course I’m not!”

IDZUKI: “Yun… I thought you were shameless, but I hadn’t thought you were this bad…”

IDZUKI: “Come. I’m going to monitor you in my room until morning.”

YUN: “What!? No- wait, wait! You’re wrong, this is a misunderstanding! I mean, I can’t possibly sleep with a man!”

IDZUKI: “Don’t worry; I won’t let you sleep. Now, come! I’ll lecture you until morning!”

That night-

I could hear someone sobbing until dawn and couldn’t fall asleep.

I don’t think it was my imagination that in the early morning, after hearing the sound of a door opening-

I heard someone say ‘You can go back to your room.’

[The following morning scene]


FUU: “Mict would be good.”

His composure when he introduced himself was something I should try to follow by example. I thought I’d like to study that which I lacked at his side.

FUU: “Before when you showed us your calmness during missions-”

I began to speak when something odd happened to Mict.

MICT: “I-I’m happy, but I also feel strange… What is this? What is this…?”

An uneasy feeling that maybe I was bothering him washed over me as I watched him acting so perplexed.

FUU: “Um, Mict? If it’s a bother—”

MICT: “I-i-it’s not a bother! I just feel strange… It’s just weird!”

FUU: “Huh-?”

I didn’t really understand what he was saying.

RAYLA: “No matter how you look at it, you’re the one that’s weird. I don’t get it.”

Mict alone squirmed.

Unable to do anything for him, we all just left him be.

Once the dinner party was over-

After I helped clean up the barbecue, we had our rooms assigned and I took a rest on the bed in my room.

Perhaps I was tired because of all the new things from today, but I had fallen asleep before long…

Several hours later.

I looked at my watch; it was past midnight.

FUU: (I think it was around 2100 when I came to my room…)

FUU: (I wonder if it’s okay that I ended up resting without saying anything to anyone.)

In any case, I was thirsty so I got out of bed and left my room.

FUU: “…?”

I picked it up and noticed written on the neatly folded paper were the words ‘To Fuu’.

FUU: (A letter? Who could it be from?)

I unfolded it.

Dear Fuu,

I’m sorry for acting strangely after you picked me as your partner to pair up with. I was very happy.

Also, thank you for being so kind. I’m grateful that you listened to what I had to say seriously, when I’m the kind of person who can’t really deal with others too well.

I feel like I might be able to understand the meaning of this unexplainable feeling I have in my heart if I can be around you.

We’ll part temporarily tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to meeting you again. Well, see you tomorrow.


My heart warmed at the polite words Mict wrote about his feelings.

FUU: (But what in the world did he mean by unexplainable feelings?)

After that—

I wrote a response and slipped the letter under the door to the room Mict was using.

FUU: (I guess it’ll be tomorrow when he reads it.)

The content of what I, someone with no literary talent, wrote was a single sentence:

‘I’m also looking forward to the next time we meet.’

That was all, but it was how I truly felt.

[The following morning scene]


FUU: “Rayla would be good.”

I chose Rayla by considering our weapon compatibility. I can injure the target and Rayla can reliably down them with his needles so we can arrest them.

I wonder if I thought that way because the word ‘executioner’ Nana said still lingered in my mind.

YUN: “Hey- Just what about this ice cold guy is good?!”

RAYLA: “Hah, you’re a sore loser? Embarrassing.”

YUN: “Urk-! Rayla, you jerk-!”

Yun ran into the forest-

YUN: “…I-Its darker inside the forest than I expected.”

It goes without saying that Rayla made fun of Yun again after seeing that.

Once the dinner party was over-

After I helped clean up the barbecue, we had our rooms assigned and I took a rest on the bed in my room.

Perhaps I was tired because of all the new things from today, but I had fallen asleep before long…

Several hours later.

I looked at my watch; it was past midnight.

FUU: (I think it was around 2100 when I came to my room…)

FUU: (I wonder if it’s okay that I ended up resting without saying anything to anyone.)

In any case, I was thirsty so I got out of bed and left my room.

My gaze was taken in by the starry night sky out the window as I headed to the kitchen feeling thirsty.

FUU: (I want to feel the wind so maybe I’ll climb down…)

I took in a deep breath as I looked up at the night sky after descending the ladder.

The scent of greenery flitted through my nostrils.

And then when I exhaled—

???: “Who’s there?”

FUU: “!?”

After I went on guard out of shock, I turned my gaze toward the voice to see Rayla lying down on the grass.

RAYLA: “…It’s you.”

He raised himself up and pointed at the sky.

RAYLA: “I was looking at the stars.”

FUU: “Is that so…”

I could understand why Rayla would want to watch the stars. They seemed to be shining noticeably brighter than normal tonight.

FUU: “How long have you been out here?”

RAYLA: “Since after the barbecue.”

FUU: “What!? After the barbecue-”

I recalled the banquet ending around 2000.

FUU: (He wasn’t there when we decided on rooms… But I hadn’t thought he would just stay here…)

FUU: (Is he all right being outside all this time?)

Worried over his condition, I quietly stole a glance at his profile as he looked up at the stars.

FUU: (He seems to be okay now. But when he was pulled up and then forced down later…)

Thinking about that, I recalled a strange feeling. Why was it that he only got pale when going up or going down?

RAYLA: “Can you not stare at other people’s faces like that? It gets on my nerves to be frank. Well, it gets on my nerves when people talk to me, too.”

FUU: “Ah- I-I’m so sorry! I was being a nuisance, huh.”

I went to say goodnight to him as I stood up, and it was then that I remembered I hadn’t said anything to anyone earlier.

He was always down here so he probably wouldn’t know that I fell asleep without saying goodnight but…

FUU: “Um, it’s bad for your body to stay outside all the time so please go up and get some rest as soon as you can.”

RAYLA: “…I wouldn’t be here if I could go up.”

He spoke so quietly that I couldn’t really hear him, but I’m sure that asking him to repeat himself would only worsen his mood.

FUU: “Rayla.”

Rayla turned toward me as I said his name. Once I confirmed that, I lowered my head a little…

FUU: “Good night.”

That was my particular habit of saying good night since I was a child.

Therefore, I didn’t think there was anything strange about it but—

RAYLA: “Pffft-! Hahahaha! What was that just now? Are you a child?”

He held his hand over his mouth and laughed like he couldn’t hold it in.

FUU: “W-well now that you mention being a child… It was something that I did as a child to my parents; I guess you could say it’s a habit…”

FUU: (I said it to Rina every night, too.)

With that, Rayla’s smile was gone and in its place was a painful expression.

RAYLA: “…You grew up being loved by your family, huh?”

I didn’t think he would say something like that, so I lost my response.

RAYLA: “Good night…”

Just like that, Rayla went back to lying down on the grass and looking up at the stars.

FUU: “Good night.”

Not knowing what to say, I said good night once more and put my hand on the ladder.

This time I only said it out loud and didn’t bow.

It might make him have that painful expression again-

That’s what I thought in the spur of the moment for some reason.

[The following morning scene]


FUU: “I want to be paired with Tchicai.”

Protecting the Analyst is linked with an increase in mission success. That was my train of thought.

YUN: “Just what’s good about this incomprehensible guy of indeterminate age!?”

FUU: “It’s because of the importance placed on Tchicai’s role as the brains of the team.”

FUU: “I thought I could guide our missions to success by protecting Tchicai from the shadows.”

RAYLA: “The shadows? Are you a ninja?”

TCHICAI: “Wow… Being told you’ll protect me is making my heart pound. ★”

TCHICAI: “Well then, a present for you for choosing me~ ♪ This and this, and thisandthisandthis-”

FUU: “Uh-um, uh!?”

Tchicai pulled sweets from his pocket and gave me so many I couldn’t even hold them with both of my hands.

Upon seeing that, everyone began to argue whether Tchicai’s pocket was connected to a fourth dimension.

Once the dinner party was over-

After I helped clean up the barbecue, we had our rooms assigned and I took a rest on the bed in my room.

Perhaps I was tired because of all the new things from today, but I had fallen asleep before long…

Several hours later.

I looked at my watch; it was past midnight.

FUU: (I think it was around 2100 when I came to my room…)

FUU: (I wonder if it’s okay that I ended up resting without saying anything to anyone.)

In any case, I was thirsty so I got out of bed and left my room.

As soon as I came out into the living room—

FUU: “Ugh-!?”

An overbearingly sweet scent assaulted my nostrils.

TCHICAI: “Oh, Fuu! I thought you were already asleep. ★”

There was something boiling with a bubbling sound; as I turned my gaze toward the table I saw a small pot on top of a lit candle.

FUU: “W-what is this…?”

I confirmed the state of things near Tchicai. In front of him was a notebook computer, plentiful amounts of candies and fruit, and also—

TCHICAI: “It’s chocolate fondue~♪”

TCHICAI: “I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d drink some hot milk, but when I was scavenging through the kitchen I found a fondue set~ ★”

FUU: “I see…”

FUU: (This guy is a real diehard sweets lover to be eating chocolate in the middle of the night.)

TCHICAI: “Where are you off to?”

FUU: “I was headed to the kitchen to get something to drink.”

TCHICAI: “Oh ♪ In that case, here! I’ll give you this!”

FUU: “Th-this is a little, um… I’m not really in the mood for that, I mean-”

TCHICAI: “Hm… Well, what flavor are you in the mood for then?”

He looked blatantly disappointed and put away the strawberry milk. He then once again rummaged through his luggage.

FUU: (What I want is definitely not in his bag…)

But I didn’t want to lie so I was straightforward with him.

FUU: “I feel like drinking water. So I’ll go to the kitch-”

But before I was done speaking, he pulled out a bottle of mineral water.

FUU: “You have some!”

TCHICAI: “Yep. I mean, it’s an essential ingredient when making sugar-water. ★”

FUU: “Uh, sugar-water?”

TCHICAI: “Sometimes I crave a simple sweetness~ ♪ Oh, should I put in some sugar for you??”

Tchicai started to look through his luggage but I stopped him in a hurry.

FUU: “Oh, I’m fine with my water as just water! I don’t need any sugar!”

TCHICAI: “Hm, okay~ Water doesn’t have any flavor to it so I don’t usually drink it just like that.”

FUU: “Oh- really? Well then, what do you normally- wait, you don’t only eat sweet things, do you?”

TCHICAI: “You got it~ ♪ I make anything sweet.”

FUU: “Anything you say…?”

FUU: (So like, even hamburgers and stew for example…?)

Just imagining it was making me feel ill.

TCHICAI: “Kyahaha! You’re so easy to read. ★ You were making a really displeased face right now.”

FUU: “Oh-uh- I, I mean… I was imagining it and I thought I couldn’t possibly…”

I know it’s good to state your opinion, but I spoke too frankly. I immediately regretted it and apologized.

FUU: “I’m sorry… They’re just my own thoughts so please don’t let them bother you.”

TCHICAI: “It’s nothing to apologize for. ★ Being honest is a good thing.”

FUU: “Is it though? There is such a thing as being too honest I think…”

With that, Tchicai smiled in a different way from his cheerful one earlier.

FUU: “…I see…”

I was so terrified from the coldness in his words and his smile that I couldn’t say anything else.

TCHICAI: “Oh, and I really hate being diplomatic.”

TCHICAI: “I mean, there are times when it’s necessary but… How should I put it?”

TCHICAI: “I always want to be straightforward, to be honest with myself and with others.”

FUU: “…”

I was surprised at his way of thinking in light of how he acted today.

Because I hadn’t thought he’d be so completely open about himself.

FUU: (I’m pretty sure there aren’t many people out there who can show themselves to this extent to someone they’ve only just met.)

I couldn’t judge whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, but it made a favorable impression on me.

FUU: (I think he’s the kind of person that won’t lie and…)

FUU: (He’s someone who has his own strong way of thinking.)

TCHICAI: “Hey, Fuu. Always stay the way you are, Fuu. You’re wonderful how you are now.”

FUU: “…Right. That’s how I’d like to be, too.”

TCHICAI: “Mm, mm! You really are a good kid! ♪ Such good kids should be given chocolate fondue.”

FUU: “Oh, I don’t need it. I don’t feel like eating something sweet.”

I promptly declined honestly and it seemed he had been expecting me to do so.

TCHICAI: “Kyahaha! ♪ Okay, okay~ ★ Well then, would you hang out with me here and chat??”

FUU: “Hehe, I’d be happy to!”

So the two of us had fun talking through the night.

[Following morning scene]


The conversation stilled and the place went deathly quiet.

FUU: (I really can’t decide now…)

FUU: “Sorry. I can’t decide at this stage because it’s only been a few hours since we met.”

FUU: “Um, I’ll think back on all of you up until we move in to the Angel Tower and I’d like to have a concrete answer by then.”

FUU: “So please wait until then. I’m really sorry.”

Nana backed me up after I explained my honest feelings.

Nana smiled and patted my head.

My heart warmed as if I was wrapped up in a gentle atmosphere.

Then the question of whether or not we could pair with Nana surfaced in my mind.

FUU: “Um, can we pair up with you, Nana?”

IDZUKI: “Of course. I may be the leader, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m an Angel like all of you.”

FUU: “I see.”

Nana then smiled boldly—

IDZUKI: “What, you want to pair up with me? You’d be more than welcome if so.”

FUU: “What!?”

I was surprised at him saying that so suddenly, but a thought immediately sprouted in my mind.

FUU: (I’d be nervous to be paired up with a veteran like Nana, but I’d be able to learn a lot of work know-how from him…)

I tightly gripped Nana’s hand and responded.

FUU: “I’d absolutely love to be paired up with you, Nana!”

I expected him to respond with a smile and an ‘okay’ but instead he responded as such:

FUU: “Huh…?”

I started to feel depressed that he was trying to let me down gently…

YUN: “Hey, Nana is like pretty old, isn’t he? Is he not used to girls or something for him to get that shy over just being picked?”

TCHICAI: “Kyahaha! ♪ Nana’s gone completely red! How cuuute~ ★”

MICT: “Cute? What’s a cute old man…? Gross.”

RAYLA: “That’s because they’re holding hands. I mean, Nana’s love experience is at the middle school level. As far as I know, he’s never even had a girlfriend.”

NACHI: “No way! Are you serious!?”

We could hear their entire conversation. After Nana trembled for a bit—

IDZUKI: “YOU GUYS, you’re going to get it later! Remember that!”

He shouted some sentences I heard frequently.

Once the dinner party was over-

After I helped clean up the barbecue, we had our rooms assigned and I took a rest on the bed in my room.

Perhaps I was tired because of all the new things from today, but I had fallen asleep before long…

Several hours later.

When I opened my eyes, the sounds and voices that I could hear from the living room before I started to rest were gone and it was as quiet and still as a graveyard.

I looked at my watch; it was past midnight.

FUU: (I think it was around 2100 when I came to my room…)

FUU: (I wonder if it’s okay that I ended up resting without saying anything to anyone.)

In any case, I was thirsty so I got out of bed and left my room.

I opened my door to go out when—


FUU: “You startled me… Nana, what’s wrong?”

IDZUKI: “Sorry for startling you, I was worried because I hadn’t seen you since the banquet finished.”

FUU: (Oh…)

FUU: “I’m sorry, I ended up sleeping without even saying good night…”

IDZUKI: “Don’t worry about it. It’s fine if you were getting some rest.”

FUU: (Was he really up worrying about me this late…? No, I’m overthinking it.)

But still, I felt bad that he even came to my room to check up on me.

FUU: “I just thought I’d shut my eyes for a little bit, but I guess I ended up falling asleep.”

FUU: “I’ll take care this doesn’t happen once we all start living together in the Angel Tower.”

Nana’s eyes went wide at my bold declaration.

IDZUKI: “Uh, at the Angel Tower…? Wait, are you planning on coming to say good night to me before you go to bed every night?”

FUU: “Yes.  We’re all working as a team so I’m sure it’s natural to confirm that. I’ll make sure I go to say good night properly.”

We’ll be living together in consideration of emergencies so it’s natural to confirm and coordinate amongst coworkers.

That’s what I thought anyway, until Nana burst into laughter.

IDZUKI: “Pft- hahahaha! A good night would be nice.”

I thought it was a sure thing because we were working as a team, but I gathered that was not the case based on Nana’s state.

FUU: (Urgh… It’s super embarrassing to be laughed at…)

IDZUKI: “Hah… To think you’d make me laugh… We don’t have such a meddlesome system in place, so you don’t need to come every night.”

FUU: “… So it seems. I really thought there was one.”

IDZUKI: “You’re free to spend your time outside of work in the Angel Tower however you’d like. You can go out or sleep or so on.”

IDZUKI: “I don’t have the right to get tied up in all of your private business and I don’t want to either.”

Nana’s expression darkened at that.

IDZUKI: “…I just want you all to feel as free as you can.”

Nana’s gaze left me; his eyes narrowed and he starred off somewhere in the distance.

The current air about him with his final words made me think there was some sort of meaning there.

FUU: “Um-”

As I was about to ask him, Nana’s gaze shifted to me. And then he slowly extended his hand—

Right as he was about to touch my cheek, he tightly balled it into a fist.

IDZUKI: “…I’m so relieved that you seem to be doing well.”

FUU: “What…?”

Nana quickly pulled back his hand and spoke with a smile.

IDZUKI: “Well, I guess I can get some rest now that I’ve checked up on you. So, good night.”

FUU: “Oh- Good night…”

Nana turned his back on me and entered his room.

Even after I watched him go, I stood there staring off into space and thinking.

FUU: (What did he mean by what he just said? That I seem well?)

He did say he came to check up on me so maybe that’s what he meant.

FUU: (But I feel like there was a jump partway through the conversation…)

The question left inside me was enough to make me forget that I was thirsty.


I ended up returning to my room in thought without ever going to the kitchen.

The following morning.

Everyone else had eaten breakfast and waited for them to make their appearance.

IDZUKI: “They’re late.”

Nana glared at both of their doors and grumbled the same words every five minutes.

MICT: “They didn’t come out when I called for them, and their doors were locked. You don’t think they’re passed out inside or…?”

Whereas Mict’s imagination expanded to the worst case scenario—

RAYLA: “Not a chance in hell I’m waiting, just leave them and let’s go home.”

NACHI: “Hm… They’re going to get a good scolding if they’ve just overslept. But I mean, I can’t think of it being anything other than them just oversleeping.”

FUU: “W-well, if we wait a little longer and they still don’t come out, we’ll try calling out to them again.”

Then as we waited, the door to Yun’s room opened.

YUN: “Ah…so sleepy, I’m exhausted… Didn’t get enough sleep…”

NACHI: “Yun, you’re so late! Hurry up and eat please, because I can’t clean until then.”

Followed by—

TCHICAI: “Good morning, everyone! It’s a great morning, kyahaha! ♪”

In contrast with Yun, Tchicai made a cheerful appearance.

While I was relieved to see the two of them, I felt seething coming from the other three nearby.

IDZUKI: “I’m certain I said the assembly would be at 8. For your punishment, I’ll have you make amends for the thirty minutes you were late.”

RAYLA: “I mean, aren’t they just so dumb they don’t even know how to read a clock?”

FUU: “…”

Nachi and I tried to help them out but we couldn’t get through to Nana and the others…

They were forced to sit up properly with their legs beneath them for 30 minutes while being lectured.


IDZUKI: “This ends the Angels Banquet but…”

IDZUKI: “For me, it’s not just friendships; I’d also like to build trust and bonds with all of you.”

We all looked around at hearing Nana’s words.

FUU: (These people are on the same Akatsuki team. I’m sure they’ll become very important friends to me…)

IDZUKI: “It’ll be tough from here on out, so please enjoy your one month break.”

That was how our 1 night 2 day Angels Banquet ended.

In one month, I’ll take on my duty as an Angel.

I looked up at the sky and spoke to the two people up there.

FUU: (Papa, Mama. All the people on my team are good people. I’m going to give it my best so…)

FUU: “Watch over me from up there…”



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