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Collar x Malice – Mineo Enomoto Walkthrough [All Mineo Endings]

You can download a PDF version of this walkthrough here.

Collar x Malice → Mineo Enomoto Walkthrough (All Mineo Route Endings)

Chapter 0

[Don’t report it]

[Lie to him] (this dialogue option appears after completing one playthrough)

[You don’t care if I die?]

[I want to trust you.]

[Is working for the SP hard?]

[April and May Incidents] [June Incident] [July Incident] [August Incident] [September Incident] [November Incident] [That’s enough for now.]
(select all options to reveal last one; you can select ‘that’s enough for now.’ to start with in subsequent playthroughs.)

[6F – Forensics]

[I want to research X-Day’s beginnings.]

Chapter 1 – Mineo Enomoto

[Someone reckless]

[It will work]

❖ Mineo Route Save 1 ❖

[Take the normal route.]

[4F – Field Operations Support Team]

[Their methods are wrong]

Chapter 2 – Mineo Enomoto

❖ Mineo Route Save 2 ❖


❖ Mineo Route Save 3 ❖

 [Chase after him]

Chapter 3 – Mineo Enomoto

[Say it one more time!]

Investigation Mode [Wall] [Chair on side] [Roman Numeral] [Curtains][Bloodstain] (inspect all to move on)

[The numbers were written with Fuji’s blood]

[The bullet holes around Fuji’s body]

[Murder via an unrelated conspirator]

Chapter 4 – Mineo Enomoto

[I’ll eat it for him]

LEAF mode [I was thinking that]

[Fuji’s murderer…]

[Someone who likes them]

❖ Mineo Route Save 4 ❖

 Successfully shoot target during trigger mode

Chapter 5 – Mineo Enomoto


[He probably wouldn’t try to help others]

[A pre-planned response]

[Was set up ahead of time]

[Vengeance against the police]

❖ Mineo Route Save 5 ❖

[Want me to support you?]

❖ Mineo Route Save 6 ❖

[Where Fuji was killed]

[Move close to him]

Chapter 6 – Mineo Enomoto

[You did.]

[Kiss Mineo]

→ Mineo Enomoto Happy End

Mineo Enomoto Blighted Love and Bad Endings

❖ Load Mineo Route Save 5 OR load Chapter 6 from the ‘Chapter’ section on the main screen at ‘LOW’ affection ❖
Note: Missing 4 or more answers that raise affection will lead to the blighted love ending if you haven’t triggered any other bad ending flags.

[Want your partner on board?]

[Where Fuji was killed]

[Watch TV together]


[Gaze at Mineo]

→ Mineo Blighted Love End

❖ Load Mineo Route Save 1 ❖

[Take the shortcut.]

→ Bad End 1

❖ Load Mineo Route Save 2 ❖

[That’s not true.]

[It’s my SRCPO mission.]

→ Bad End 2

❖ Load Mineo Route Save 3 ❖

[Stay here for now]

→ Bad End 3

❖ Load Mineo Route Save 4 ❖

Fail to shoot during trigger mode

→ Bad End 4

❖ Load Mineo Route Save 6 ❖

[Shinjuku Station]

→ Bad End 5




5 August 2017 at 09:46

Hello! Thank you so much for sharing your walkthroughs! They’re super helpful! w<

    5 August 2017 at 16:10

    Glad to hear they’ve been helpful! :> Happy playing!

      5 August 2017 at 16:44

      Ack my original comment got cut off but I was also wondering if you happen to know which bad endings you have to do to unlock the last two missing CGs in the gallery? Sorry for the trouble! ;A;

        5 August 2017 at 22:29

        No worries! The second to last CG in the Other gallery is obtained from reading through the ‘Criminal’ story. You can access it from the Chapter section off the main screen. After you get that one, it should unlock the final CG. :3

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