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Collar x Malice – Kei Okazaki Walkthrough [All Kei Endings]

You can download a PDF version of this walkthrough here.

Collar x Malice → Kei Okazaki Walkthrough (All Kei Route Endings)

Chapter 0

[Don’t report it]

[Lie to him] (this dialogue option appears after completing one playthrough)

[You don’t care if I die?]

[I understand.]

[What are you trying to protect?]

[April and May Incidents] [June Incident] [July Incident] [August Incident] [September Incident] [November Incident] [That’s enough for now.] (select all options to reveal last one; you can select ‘that’s enough for now.’ to start with in subsequent playthroughs.)

[6F – Forensics]

[There are things that I need to protect.]

Chapter 1 – Kei Okazaki

[…I can’t say.]

[The scope of the broadcast]

[They only wanted the cops to know?]

[They wanted to throw off the investigation]

[The crime was poorly planned.]

❖ Kei Route Save 1 ❖

[Follow Kazuki]

[Isn’t this inappropriate?]

[Prioritize the evacuation]

Chapter 2 – Kei Okazaki

Investigation Mode [Murder Weapon]x2 [Persons of Interest Data]x2 [State of the Body]x2 [Crime Scene]x2 [Ground]x2

[That Ogata stabbed him in the heart]

[Go see Ogawa]

LEAF Mode [Thanks.]

[Sugawara and Ogata are accomplices]

[Ogata went that far]

[It was a substitute murder]

❖ Kei Route Save 2 ❖

[Is very reliable]

Chapter 3 – Kei Okazaki

❖ Kei Route Save 3 ❖

[I don’t want to run from him]

[That’s fine]

Chapter 4 – Kei Okazaki

[7F – Investigation Headquarters]

LEAF mode [No, with Okazaki…]


[Accept his offer]

[They’re linked to the countdown crimes]

[Narrow it down to publicized scandals]

[Someone who got away with a crime]

❖ Kei Route Save 4 ❖

 [Let’s retreat]

Chapter 5 – Kei Okazaki

[I won’t run.]


Chapter 6 – Kei Okazaki

LEAF Mode [I don’t want to lose you.]

[I hate you now, Okazaki]

❖ Kei Route Save 5 ❖

Succeed at shooting target during trigger mode

→ Kei Okazaki Good End

Kei Okazaki Blighted Love End and Bad Ends

❖ Load Kei Route Save 5 ❖

Fail to shoot during trigger mode

→ Kei Blighted Love End

❖ Load Kei Route Save 1 ❖

 [Follow the other guy.]

→ Bad End 1

❖ Load Kei Route Save 2 ❖

[I can’t lie to her]

→ Bad End 2

❖ Load Kei Route Save 3 ❖

[I don’t want him to shoot me]

[Call him]

→ Bad End 3

❖ Load Kei Route Save 4 ❖

[I’ll chase him]

→ Bad End 4





7 January 2018 at 05:29

Thank you so much for the guide! I really loved Kei’s route and didn’t want it to end any time soon. I wish they were longer or a longer bonus chapter ;__;

27 August 2017 at 02:33

Oh man! I just wanted to say that understandinh the trigger mode is the hardest part of the game. :<

4 August 2017 at 06:11

Hello! I followed your answers for kei but i didnt get a good ending for him? 🙁 why is that so?? It led me to ichika’s death. And im nt sure how the trigger mode works. Replayed many times to shoot at the mark but still failed??

    4 August 2017 at 16:27

    Hi there! So sorry to hear you’re having issues! I double-checked the answers, so you should be good on that front… But if you fail at trigger mode, you’ll always end up at the bad end where Ichika dies. The trick to trigger mode is to press the ‘x’ button when the bigger circle shrinks to fit just inside the circle around Ichika’s gun. I hope that helps! If you’re still having issues, I can try to get some screenshots to help explain. 🙂

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