Binary Star


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That Thing I Hate to Death
Yun Rehabilitation Strategy ★ Hypnotherapy
Yun Kamiya Style Love Course
  Written for You - A Love Letter Showdown



At 7 years old, the protagonist, Fuu, discovered her beloved parents' bodies in their living room at home, dead by someone else's hands. She was taken in by people called Angels; the protagonist asked them about the reason why her parents were dead. This is what they told the very young protagonist:

"Your parents sold Star... They were killed because they were dealers."

The truth that her parents were criminals that had sold the taboo and illegal to sell Star deeply wounded the protagonist's heart. So she decided to atone for her deceased parents' crime.

At 20 years old, the protagonist has become an Angel to protect one of Cloud's cities, Akatsuki. While her and her colleagues carried out their various missions, there was something the protagonist noticed: the tragic pasts of her colleagues all involved with Star. But will she truly be able to free these men bound by their past from this curse or-?


Fuu Sorano
[Position: Soldier] [Weapon: Kunai]

A 20 year old who used her parent's death at a young age as a catalyst for becoming an 'Angel'. She constantly wears the final gift she received from her parents, a necklace with a star motif. Her fellow teammates evaluate her as being calm, collected, and a steadfast person. She is working toward her objective of 'retrieving as much Star as possible'.

Yun Kamiya
[Position: Soldier] [Weapon: Bowgun]

A 20 year old who is friendly toward anyone with an abundantly cheerful expression. He's taken a particular liking to the protagonist among the group, and he's always hitting on her one way or another. For that reason, the other members call him a pervert. In missions that include dealers as targets, he loses his sense of discrimination for some reason and goes after any opponent.

Rayla Konomi
[Position: Soldier] [Weapon: Poisoned Needles]

A 24 year old who enjoys gazing at the stars and planets. In contrast to friendly Yun, he's the type where friendliness is a far off thing. His always cold attitude and offensive remarks stand out; his colleagues call him the 'ice man'. He follows an oath of 'never killing a target'. He is the sole member of the team who uses a non-lethal weapon.

Mict Haruno
[Position: Soldier] [Weapon: String]

The youngest of the team at 18 years old, he uses a string with a small, finely pointed blade attached to the end of it as his weapon. He normally adopts a timid and hesitant attitude much like a small animal, but when he's embarrassed or when he snaps, his emotions get worked up and his personality does a complete about-face. Because of this, even he's not certain of his true character.

Tchicai Kanou
[Position: Analyst]

The eldest of the team at 28 years old. He has an upfront and kind disposition, but he's also a 28 year old with a side that's even more childish than Mict, the youngest. He has an abundance of detailed knowledge on the types and ingredients of 'Star', and he spends every night doing research or something on his computer. There are many aspects of him that are mysterious. He likes sweet things enough so that if salty food is served at the table, he will put a sweet sauce on it before eating it.

Idzuki Nanase
[Position: Soldier] [Weapon: Whip]

The one who supervises the protagonist's team and who holds the title of Archangel. He is 35 years old. His weapon is a whip. He has a calm disposition and is fundamentally gentle, but he has another side to him: he is older but has an extreme reaction when faced with love. He is also the only experienced Angel on the team with actual accomplishments. Instead of sending others off during missions, he's the type to prioritize security while working. He's knowledgeable about the under workings of the Heaven Institution, which is restricted even within the organization...

Nachi Sakurai
[Position: Butler]

He's on the same team as the protagonist. He is responsible for assisting everyone. He takes care of the cooking, laundry, cleaning, and also the disposition of bodies and escort duties. He is lively and friendly, the heart of the team.