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The Higashiura Family’s Day Off vol. 1 ~Older Brother & Younger Brother Edition~ Drama CD Translation (Part 3 of 3)

It’s just another day off in the Higashiura house. You had plans to see the boyfriend you’ve been keeping secret from your family today, but you overslept and got cancelled on. So you’ll be spending a leisurely day with your brothers Takashi and Yuto instead.

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The Higashiura Family’s Day Off 東浦家の休日
~Older Brother & Younger Brother Edition~ vol.1 ~兄&弟編~

TAKASHI Higashiura (東浦) …… CV. Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏)
YUTO Higashiura (東浦結人) …… CV. Takuya Eguchi (江口拓也)


An Evening With Your Little Brother 弟とすごす夜


TAKASHI: Are you already out of the bath? Okay. Go to sleep soon. Goodnight.

[Takashi walks away]

[Footsteps approaching, knocking]

YUTO: Hey, sis? Are you already asleep? [knocks] Sis! [knocks] Sis!!

[You get up and open the door]

YUTO: Ah, you’re awake! Hey, are you going to sleep already? No, I just, um, well, uh…

[wind blows against the window]

YUTO: –!?!?!? Wh-what was that? What was that sound just now?!

YUTO: Oh, it was just the wind making the window shake… That’s all…

YUTO: What!? No! I’m not scared or anything like that! Actually, I came here specifically because I thought you were scared by Takashi’s story from before! Just let me in already if you get it…

[door closes]

YUTO: Oh, right! Here, some snacks. These are the ones I bought when I went to the store this afternoon. Hey come on, let’s eat ‘em. I have drinks too.

[Yuto sits down]

YUTO: Dad will get angry at us if he finds out we were eating these at night. So keep it a secret, okay? Come on. Hurry up and sit down, Sis.

[You sit down]

YUTO: Now then, let’s eat~ Oh, this chocolate is good. Hey, try a bite? What, you’re not going to eat it? You’re on a diet!? You’re worried about that? It’s not like you’re going to turn beautiful now just by not eating a little bit~

YUTO: AH, it’s not true! I’m sorry!! No, don’t kick me out!!

YUTO: Uh, here, oolong tea. This is fine, right? Drinking that won’t make you fat. Yeah, drink up! [quietly] Phew, I’m saved…

YUTO: –!? No, nothing at all! Just talking to myself! Haha-ha… Man, this chocolate sure is delicious~!

YUTO: Hey, more importantly, I was wondering about the person you were supposed to go out with today – was it your boyfriend? Yeah right! Like you’d be able to get a boyfriend~

YUTO: Ouch! Come on, that’s not something to hit me over!! Jeez, Takahashi too, you all hit me too much…

YUTO: Huh!? Why’s this conversation turning on me!? I don’t have a girlfriend! Hm… Well, I have been confessed to but…

YUTO: Wh-what’s all this all of a sudden!? Who cares who it was!? Don’t enjoy this… Thinking of it like someone else’s problem… Ugh…

YUTO: It was a girl from the same school as me. But I don’t know much other than that. She’s in a different class. And I’m not really interested in getting a girlfriend right now. I mean, girls are just annoying. What do you mean ‘really’? What’s the very example of annoying saying?

YUTO:  –ouch! Come on, don’t hit me! It was a joke!! Recently this girl in my class, she asked me ‘don’t you think so-and-so is cute?’ and when I said ‘not really’ she said ‘what’s wrong with you!? You’re so mean!’! And the other girls that heard it got all noisy… What the hell is all that about?

YUTO: Huh!? What part of that conversation makes you think she likes me!? She asked me something I know nothing about and then got herself all worked up.

YUTO: She’s interested in me…? Really? Even so, I think she should have asked in a more understandable way. I don’t get it.

YUTO: That’s what a girl’s mind is like, huh… But you’re not like that, Sis. I can talk normally with you. Oh, I get it! You’re not a girl!

YUTO: Ouuuch! Come on!! I’ve been telling you not to hit me!!

YUTO: Sis, you’re the opposite. You’re too simple. You have a quick temper and you hit. Well, being easy to understand is nice but…

YUTO:  -!? Hey, those were compliments!! Really! I’m complimenting you! I’m really complimenting you!

YUTO: Ha-hahaha! What’s that face!? It’s super ugly!! Haha- sorry- haha! But it really is! Hahaha, oh this is bad, I might see that in my dreams tonight- hahaha!

YUTO: I wonder why talking to you like this is so much fun. I mean, if there were a girl like you- Ah, no, I mean, I just thought it’d be easy to date a girl as simple as you.

YUTO: Well it’s true! You say you’re not going to eat because you’re on a diet, but I know you’ve been glancing at that chocolate for a while now! You’re completely wrong if you think I’m going to tell you to eat it if you do that!!

[door opens]

YUTO: Gah-!

TAKASHI: You guys… it’s the middle of the night. What are you doing?

YUTO: Well, this is just, you know, umm…

TAKASHI: You know it’s already past midnight, right? To start with, your room is next door Yuto, so what are you doing in here?

YUTO: Ahhhh~ Well, that’s because… Sis said she couldn’t fall sleep!! [quietly] Come on, just go with me on this!

TAKASHI: You can’t sleep? You, the one who usually falls asleep within three seconds of getting into bed? So why would that happen today…? Maybe there was a dark shadow in your room and a dripping sound coming from your ceiling-

YUTO: I can’t sleep because you say stuff like that!!!

TAKASHI: What’s that? So it was Yuto who was scared and couldn’t fall asleep.

YUTO: Urk- Shut up!

TAKASHI: Who’s the one who needs to shut up!? Don’t be so noisy at night, monkey. I don’t mind telling an even scarier story to make you not be so loud?

YUTO: Stop messing around!! You big jerk!! This is exactly why you’ll never get a girlfriend!!

[Yuto leaves]

TAKASHI: That lout. He took advantage of the situation to say that. I’ll remember that.

TAKASHI: So. You were keeping Yuto company while he couldn’t sleep and were eating those in the middle of the night.

TAKASHI: You didn’t eat any? I wonder about that… There’s no proof. It’s impossible to believe you when looking at this.

TAKASHI: Dad would definitely be angry if he found about this. He’s really scary when his usual kindness shuts off~

TAKASHI: Hmm? Keep it a secret? Let me think… Sure. I’ll keep quiet.  And in exchange-

TAKASHI: Give me some of those too.

An Evening With Your Older Brother 兄とすごす夜

TAKASHI: Mmm~ Hm. This chocolate is pretty good. Huh? The seal on this one is open too. There’s a lot left.

TAKASHI: You two were eating it together, right? You didn’t eat any? You’re still insisting on that? I don’t think you’d be able to restrain yourself with these snacks in front of you.

TAKASHI: A diet? Huh? Trying to be more attractive…

TAKASHI: That reminds me, you’ve got a boyfriend, don’t you? Did you think you hadn’t been caught? Your plans for today were for a date, right? You were so disappointed when you got cancelled on.

TAKASHI: I think it’d be crazier not to notice when you’re that obvious about it. Though Yuto probably hasn’t noticed. Well, you should keep hiding it from him. He says everything that goes on in that head of his out loud. I’ll keep quiet too, so try not to let Dad find out, okay? He’ll collapse if he finds out you have a boyfriend.

TAKASHI: I’ll just say this: you’d better take things one step at a time with him. He’s a seriously overprotective dad.

TAKASHI: That reminds me… Yuto said someone confessed to him? You both have loud voices. I could hear everything from my room. Both of you are getting more interested in the opposite sex…

TAKASHI: So, what’s your boyfriend like? How old is he? Is he working already? Hey, nothing good’s going to come from you hiding it. It’ll only increase my number of assumptions. Go on. What kind of person is he? Tell me.

TAKASHI: Huh? What do mean he’s nicer than me? There’s no way there’s a guy out there nicer than me. Haha, you’re so sassy. Here’s what happens to kids like you- [messes up your hair] Dummy, like I’ll let you get away. This messy look suits you, haha.

TAKASHI: [sigh] It’s too bad about this morning, with your date not happening. You were feeling down all day today, weren’t you? Even though you were probably trying to hide it. Well, these kinds of things happen sometimes. Don’t worry about it too much.

TAKASHI: Come on. Eat this and forget about it. What do you mean you’re good? Hmph. You’re being stubborn even though I know you want it. Ah, mm-

TAKASHI: You don’t have to diet. You’re already dating him. If you can’t keep him without dieting then you should break up with him immediately. If he’s not the kind of guy that’ll accept you the way you are, you wouldn’t stay together for very long anyway.

TAKASHI: And a guy who would criticize you isn’t a decent person in the first place. You’re straight-forward, serious, fun to tease, and you’re cute when you smile. My little sister is the best, all right?

TAKASHI: Hey you, your dear brother is going out of his way to tell you something nice- you really are sassy. Mm, well, if you’re cheerful enough to talk back then you must be fine. Feeling too down about it will just make you depressed. Hurry up and go to sleep. You have to get up early tomorrow, right?

TAKASHI: What’s that mopey look on your face? You’re not tired? Even though it’s already this late?

TAKASHI: You don’t want to sleep because your day off will be over? Look, you’re not some little elementary school kid anymore. I guess you’re still a kid even though you’ve got a boyfriend.

TAKASHI: Hm. Very well. Shall I put you to sleep? I used to do it a lot before; you used to whine that you couldn’t sleep alone so I would stay next to you. I’ll stay with you until you’re asleep like before so- come on. Stand up. Get in your bed.

TAKASHI: Are you under the blankets? Mm. Okay. You said you weren’t tired before, but you must have been thinking things over, right? Like about this morning. You won’t get sleepy if you do that. It’s true that today will be over if you go to sleep, but tomorrow will come in its place. And when you sleep tomorrow, it’ll become the next day- and when that repeats, it’ll soon be another day off. You should just redo the date you couldn’t have today then.

TAKASHI: So get to sleep already. Got it? Mm. Okay. All right. Close your eyes. Sweet dreams. Good night.

TAKASHI: [sigh] You’re asleep. How easily you fall asleep hasn’t changed since you were little. This takes me back. When you were born, your hands and feet, every bit of you was so small. “Is this little one really going to grow up to be like me?” I wondered, “when she gets bigger and can talk, what kind of things will she tell me?” I couldn’t imagine it at all. But now you’re already old enough to have a boyfriend. You’re cheeky, but I guess I really enjoy watching you grow up little by little. You should experience enough to be able to talk with me as an equal. Though, I do feel a little irritated that you have a boyfriend. Heh. Ahh~ It’s been a habit of mine since you were a kid to call you ‘Squirt’, but I guess I should stop doing that now.

The Next Morning 翌朝


YUTO: Heeey! Siiis! SIS!

YUTO: Huh? Don’t tell me- [opens door] Yep, she’s asleep. Again today after she did this yesterday… Hey, get up! What time do you think it is!? You’ll be late if you don’t get up and get ready!

YUTO: Hey, I did wake you up! Don’t blame it on me! Who exactly was the one who was still trying to sleep!? I don’t know how long you were up last night after that, but aren’t you stupid to oversleep?

YUTO: Wh-!? Look, I told you that wasn’t true last night! It’s not because I was afraid to be alone or anything, you were scared so-

TAKASHI: Ahhh! Come on! You brats are too loud every morning! Hey! If you’ve got the time to be noisy, then get up and get ready! You’ll be late if you’re not quick about it!

YUTO: I already told her that.

TAKASHI: You too, dummy. You still haven’t eaten. Squirt, if you’re awake then get out of your bed already. You’re not ready yet because you’re still in there. Hm? Mm. Looks like your loneliness from last night is cured already.

YUTO: Loneliness…? What’s that about?

TAKASHI: Nothing. Get changed already.

[Takashi leaves]

YUTO: What was that…? Takashi being nice is terrifying…

YUTO: HEY! Don’t start changing when I’m in here, dummy!!

TAKASHI: Hey Squirt, what about breakfast? If you don’t eat something, your already slow moving brain will work even less. Take this. Dad made you a sandwich. You’re welcome. Tell Dad that too when you come home, okay? You should smile like that. Otherwise things don’t feel right.

YUTO: Wait, wait! I’m going too!

TAKASHI: Come on, Yuto. If you’re leaving you should do it after you’ve finished eating.

YUTO: But if I don’t go I’m gonna be late!

TAKASHI: That’s why I told you you’d be late if you didn’t hurry.

YUTO: Yeah, sorry! Hey, Sis! I’m gonna leave you behind. I’m leaving!

TAKASHI: Take care. Watch out for cars!

YUTO: Hah, stop treating me like a kid!

YUTO: Hey, go faster. We’ll seriously be late. Yeah, that reminds me, about what we talked about yesterday- keep it a secret, okay? ‘Cause I mean, the thing about me being confessed to… What!? Seriously? Takashi heard everything!? Ahhh~ So that’s what he was smirking about this morning… It’s actually scarier that he didn’t say anything… Well, whatever. Anyway, don’t tell him anything else. And keep it a secret from Dad. Oh, I’ve gotta go this way. See ya, Sis! Don’t slack off just because it’s after the weekend. Hang in there today!

Cast Freetalk  キャストフリートーク

I’m Takahiro Sakurai and I acted the role of Takashi Higurashi. This was actually my first two-man recording with a dummy-head mic, and well, what should I say… And the other actor is Eguchi, Eguchi–, this isn’t Ero, it’s Eguchi, right? — Takuya Eguchi. Well, I haven’t really spoken with him much, so I don’t have any thoughts on him, but- This is an interesting piece of work. I’m seeing dummy-head mics playing an active role in lots of works lately. I’m really thankful that everyone is coming up with all these new ideas with it. This work was just a slice of life, an ordinary day. What should I call it- like it’s something that makes you notice happiness of the norm. That’s what I thought this one was like. Well, Eguchi is still young. He might want something more exciting. I’d like to keep that in moderation, though.

I played Takashi and he’s the older brother. I thought he was a typical older brother. Strong and cunning. Well, older brothers are cunning beings. To go along with that, Takahiro Sakurai himself is the oldest brother. I’ve got two younger brothers. The three of us siblings are all guys, but I’ve done similar things. Things like ‘go buy me potato chips’. But back then we didn’t have convenience stores, back when I was in elementary school I guess? We didn’t have convenience stores, so what was it called? There was some shop I don’t remember what it was called, but they sold all kinds of things there. And I’d send my brothers off on like errands, I guess you could say, so I’ve had that wonderful ‘brother life’ experience.  So how about it? Do you all want to have a strong older brother like that? And if you do, why don’t you enjoy this CD to its fullest? Hehehe. And lastly, here’s a message from Takashi Higashiura:

TAKASHI: A relaxing and fun day off, hm?  Although I can’t relax when you’re around. Well, make it at least a little fun for me by working really hard at being my servant. Okay?

YUTO: What’s this ‘servant’ thing anyway!? Just having one day off like that is enough! Well, it’s not like it wasn’t fun so it’s fine but… Next time, let’s play games without worrying about Takashi, okay Sis!

I played Yuto Higashiura. I’m Takuya Eguchi. We used the dummy-head mic this time, so I’ll do the freetalk while going ’round and around it. So how is this kind of freetalk? Can you like, not feel relaxed?  Oh, you can’t. So right, this recording was done with a dummy-head mic- so how does it actually feel? Like going from the right to the left like this- does it feel like you’re surrounded? It sounds like there are people around you, right? So this dummy-head mic thing is kind of nice, because you can feel the ‘distance’ and such while you’re listening. The first time I recorded using a dummy-head mic, it was sort of scary and embarrassing to talk into the mannequin, but I’ve built up some experience so I’m used to it now. But listening to it must be sort of more uncomfortable? Because if I get close to the mic like this it must tickle, right? It feels like that, right? Oh, so that’s how it feels. So you don’t want me to talk to close to your ear? My apologies. Doing a freetalk with the dummy-head mic just makes me want to play around a bit. So I played Yuto. I wanted an older sister myself. So this ‘younger brother’ character was pretty fun. It felt kind of like enjoying my own life. It was super fun, so if there’s another opportunity as Yuto, like for a different day off- there’s an uncle character, right? So I’d like to do one with him too. So, this was Takuya Eguchi and I played Yuto Higashiura. Thank you~



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