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The Higashiura Family’s Day Off vol. 1 ~Older Brother & Younger Brother Edition~ Drama CD Translation (Part 2 of 3)

It’s just another day off in the Higashiura house. You had plans to see the boyfriend you’ve been keeping secret from your family today, but you overslept and got cancelled on. So you’ll be spending a leisurely day with your brothers Takashi and Yuto instead.

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The Higashiura Family’s Day Off 東浦家の休日
~Older Brother & Younger Brother Edition~ vol.1 ~兄&弟編~

TAKASHI Higashiura (東浦) …… CV. Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏)
YUTO Higashiura (東浦結人) …… CV. Takuya Eguchi (江口拓也)


Idle Time だらだらタイム

YUTO: Man, I really ate a lot. I’m stuffed~

TAKASHI: Hey Squirt, there’s still some coffee left over? Bring it here.

[you walk away]

YUTO: Takashi, you like coffee, right? You already drank a lot when we were eating.

TAKASHI: Yeah. Today’s coffee was pretty all right.

YUTO: Our uncle likes coffee too, doesn’t he? That reminds me, he hasn’t come over yet today. I wonder why. He usually comes to our house on his days off.

TAKASHI: He doesn’t need to come. My day off wouldn’t be one if he was here.

YUTO: Huh? Really? I like him. He’s fun! And he brings snacks and stuff.

TAKASHI: Your standard for liking someone is based on food?

YUTO: It’s not like that.

[you return with the coffee]

TAKASHI: Hm? Oh, thank you.

YUTO: Oh, you got some for me too? Thank you~ But if you were gonna bring something for me, a cola would have been nice.

TAKASHI: Hey Squirt, take away Yuto’s coffee.

YUTO: Hey, wait! I’ll drink it! I will! Yeouch! It’s hot!

TAKASHI: Of course it’s hot. It was just poured from the pot. You really are a simpleton.

YUTO: Simpleton? Your repertoire of insults is way too big.

TAKASHI: I’m normal. Don’t compare my vocabulary with your meager one. [blows on coffee before drinking it] Hah. Hm, I kind of want something sweet now. Hey Yuto, go to the convenience store.

YUTO: What, why? We just ate~

TAKASHI: You eat dessert after a meal.  Don’t complain, just hurry up and go. It’s just right over there anyway.

YUTO: I don’t want to, it’s too much work.

TAKASHI: I’ll give you money. You could buy something for the two of you, if you want.

YUTO: Ehhh…

TAKASHI: I’m pretty sure I left it in my pocket- Ah, there it is. Here. Go and use this. You can keep the change.

YUTO: Wait, 5000 yen!? Really, this much!? So I can have the money that’s leftover?

TAKASHI: Yeah. That’s all I have on me right now. It’s too much work to go upstairs to get my wallet.

YUTO: All right!! Hey hey, what do you want, sis? [pause] Okay, got it! I’m going then!

TAKASHI: Hey! Don’t just buy things for yourself! My dessert is the main thing, okay?

YUTO:  I know!

TAKASHI: Heh. So simple. Hm? What? Looks like you have something to say.

TAKASHI: Huh? I just happened to have some money in my pocket. I stopped by the convenience store on my way home yesterday and just shoved the change in there.

TAKASHI: Shut up. I only put my clothes on from yesterday because that’s what I happened to see. Who cares if I keep wearing the same thing? Don’t nag.

TAKASHI: That reminds me, you haven’t forgotten, have you? About your position right now. You’re my what right now? Say it. Right. My servant.  You’re in no position to be giving me your opinions. If you understand that, then massage my shoulders.

TAKASHI: Don’t you ‘whaaat’ me. Do it now. Huh? “It’s too hard from this position”? What kind of excuse is that? Fine, I’ll sit on the floor. [moves to the floor] There. Now you have nothing to complain about, right? Come on, hurry it up.

TAKASHI: Oh, ohh… Good, that feels good. Ah, and around my neck too- Ow! That’s my bone, stupid. Do it right. Ahhh~ There there, right there. Ahhh~ Feels good. Ah, keep it up like that. To pay respect to your dear brother.

TAKASHI: Mm. Oh-oh-oh-ow-ow. Oh right, there was something I wanted to ask you. Well, it’s not really anything important. Today you were—

YUTO: I’m home~

TAKASHI: What, he’s back already? My shoulders are fine now. More importantly, I wonder if he did a good job buying things…

YUTO: Look, Takashi, I got it!

TAKASHI: Yeah- Wait, you’ve got an enormous number of things. What did you buy?

YUTO: Hm? Let’s see… Here, this is for you!

TAKASHI: Huh? What is this?

YUTO: What, it’s a roll cake?

TAKASHI: I know that. I’m asking why it’s a roll cake.

YUTO: Huh?? You don’t want it? You said you wanted something sweet so…

TAKASHI: What kind of sense is it to have bread for dessert after having bread for breakfast? My mouth will get all dried out.

YUTO: But a roll cake isn’t bread, right??

TAKASHI: Breads and cakes are really similar! Come on, I wanted to eat pudding or something like that!

YUTO: Then say that to begin with!

TAKASHI: You’d understand that if you just thought about it a little. You really are dense…

YUTO: What the hell? That’s no way to talk to me when you made me go…

TAKASHI: The change.

YUTO: Urk-

TAKASHI: I could ask for it back right now? Hm?

YUTO: Ah- Uh…

TAKASHI: Did you… already use it?

YUTO: Y-yeah.

TAKASHI: All of it?

YUTO: …Yes.

TAKASHI: Hah… How can you waste that much money at a convenience store?

YUTO: But you told me I could use it for whatever I wanted…

TAKASHI: Still, there are more constructive ways you could have used it. This is exactly why poor hungry high school kids are-… Hah.

YUTO: ??

TAKASHI: Hey. I’ll give this roll cake to you. Yuto, go back to the convenience store again.

YUTO: WHAT!? Again!?

TAKASHI: You’re too damn loud! Dad will hear you!

YUTO: Ouch!!

TAKASHI: What are you going to do if you interrupt his work?

YUTO: Your voice is loud too…

TAKASHI: Did you say something?

YUTO: I didn’t!! Nothing at all!

TAKASHI: Fine. Anyway, hurry up and go.

YUTO: But I don’t have any more money…

TAKASHI: You brought that on yourself, young glutton. Just go already. I want to eat pudding. Ah, I can’t wait. I want it now. I want to eat it right now! ♪ Pudding~ Hurry up~ ♪

YUTO: What the hell’s that pudding cheer!?

TAKASHI: [chanting in background] ♪ Pudding~ Hurry up~ ♪

YUTO: I seriously have no money this month…

TAKASHI: [chanting in background] ♪ Pudding~ Hurry up~ ♪

YUTO: [yelling over Takashi] Oh! Right! I have this really fun game, you know~?! Why don’t we play?!

TAKASHI: [chanting in background] ♪ I want to eat pudding~ Pudding is amazing~ ♪

YUTO: [yelling over Takashi] Hey, you want to play too, right sis?!

TAKASHI: [chanting in background] ♪ Sweet and delicious pudding~ ♪

YUTO: [yelling over Takashi] Right!? You want to play! Yeah! Let’s do that! It’s settled!

TAKASHI: [chanting in background] ♪ Yeah, pudding~ Pudding~ ♪

YUTO: [yelling over Takashi] I’m gonna go get it from my room!!

TAKASHI: Hey!? Hey! Don’t you run away! Yuto!!

In the Evening 夕方になって

[game sounds]

YUTO: Rgh!? Dammit! Stop it, dummy! Why have you just been getting in my way!? No no no! I’m gonna lose! I’m gonna lose! Rrr- I LOST! Gaaah agh ahhh…. Why can’t I win!?

TAKASHI: That’s because you just smash the buttons, even though it’s a racing game.

YUTO: Shut up! Smashing the buttons is just a habit!

YUTO: Sis, just one more! One more time! I won’t lose this time!

TAKASHI: Just how long are you two going to play? It’s already 5.

YUTO: Huh!? Is it seriously that late already…? It really is. I guess I’m kinda hungry.

TAKASHI: Playing your games and being all noisy and making yourself hungry… You’re just chock full of your own wants.

YUTO: Who cares? It’s my day off.

TAKASHI: Is the issue really with it being a day off?

YUTO: Hah. I wonder what’s for dinner tonight.

TAKASHI: It isn’t a matter of what’s for dinner, we’re making it ourselves.

YUTO: Agaaaain?

TAKASHI: Don’t complain. Dad must not be done with his work if he hasn’t come out of the office. So hurry up and make it you two.

YUTO: Huh!? Why!? We made breakfast, didn’t we!?

TAKASHI: You two are my what for today…?

YUTO: Er… Your servants.

TAKASHI: Well said. So Yuto, go check what’s inside the fridge.

YUTO: Okaaaay. Tch. Servant this, servant that, when he already uses his superiority over us to begin with…

YUTO: Let’s see… Carrots, potatoes, onions, oh, and there’s meat too…

TAKASHI: Those were left over from yesterday’s stew.

YUTO: We could make curry! Is curry okay?

TAKASHI: Stew yesterday and curry today? That’s so dull.

YUTO: If he’s going to complain like that he should just make it himself…

TAKASHI: Huh? Did the pauper who doesn’t even have the money to buy a pudding say something?

YUTO: I didn’t say anything at all, master~!!

TAKASHI: Hah. Fine, we’ll do curry. And in exchange for that, make it well.

YUTO: Yes sir~

TAKASHI: Come on, Squirt. You help out, too. We have no idea how it will end up if we leave it to him alone.

YUTO: Hey hey~ There was some salad left over from this morning, and natto and jam and stuff in the fridge. Let’s put it in the curry! As a surprise.

YUTO: It’ll be fine! Curry tastes like curry no matter what you put in it. It sucks that we haven’t been able to talk back since this morning, so don’t you want to show him that we’re capable of getting stuff done when we try? Let’s make a special curry that will have Takashi oohing and aahing!

YUTO: [humming] Curry~ Curry~

Dinner Time ディナータイム

YUTO: All right, dinner is done! Err, huh? Where’s Takashi?

YUTO: Ah, there he is! Takashi! The curry’s done.

TAKASHI: Mm. Ah, it looks like Dad is sleeping so we’ll eat first.

YUTO: Okaaay.

TAKASHI: Okay, ready and-

YUTO & TAKASHI: Let’s eat.

YUTO: So? How’s the curry I made? How is it??


YUTO: What!? You said that without even hesitating. Did you really say it was gross!?

TAKASHI: Try it yourself. Then we’ll talk.

YUTO: [eats a bite] Mm-urgh!? What is this…? It doesn’t taste like curry…

TAKASHI: Got it? Come on… How do you mess up curry?

YUTO: Uh, well, you know…

TAKASHI: Did you make it like the recipe said? You didn’t get carried away and make your own adjustments, right?

YUTO: Uhh…

TAKASHI: You did, didn’t you? Hah… Why do you always do unnecessary things…?

YUTO: Unnecessary!? But sis was going to make plain old ordinary curry!

TAKASHI: On the contrary, why the hell did you make unordinary curry!?

YUTO: Because I thought it’d make you happier that way—

TAKASHI: Do I look happy to you, you monkey!? Even if you did handstands and somersaults, you’d never be a first-class chef! If you’ve got the time to spare on your fruitless efforts, then you’d be better off using it to carve the phrases ‘know my place’ and ‘do things by the recipe’ into that smooth brain of yours!

YUTO: Urgh… It’s not like I was thinking of making something gross to begin with… I tried my best to make it even though I’m no good at it…

TAKASHI: Hah. Fine. I’ll recognize that you did your best.

YUTO: Really?

TAKASHI: Yeah. I’ll even show you my thanks after this.

YUTO: Your thanks!? Are you gonna give me something!?

TAKASHI: You can look forward to it after our meal. So just hurry up and eat.

YUTO: Yeah! [shovels food into his mouth]

TAKASHI: If you can go at it with such enthusiasm, you should eat my portion too. Here.

YUTO: My apologies, please spare me. I’m sorry.

YUTO: Thanks for the food!

TAKASHI: Thanks.

YUTO: Hey hey, Takashi, that thanks you were talking about before, you can tell me now, right??

TAKASHI: Ah, right. Well then, let’s turn off the lights in here and assemble in the living room.

YUTO: Huh? Turn off the lights? Why?

TAKASHI: Just turn off the lights and come here.

[you turn off the lights]

YUTO: Ah- it’s pitch black in here.

TAKASHI: Your eyes just aren’t used to it. Well, I guess it could be dangerous. Yuto, turn on just the floor lamp.

YUTO: Mm, okay. [turns on the light] Is this good?

TAKASHI: Okay, sit here you two.

YUTO: Ahh… Okay?

TAKASHI: All right. I’m going to tell you a story I’ve been saving.

YUTO: A story you’ve been saving?

TAKASHI: Well, just listen. It was one day when I was on my way home from work.

YUTO: Yeah.

TAKASHI: I had overtime that day, so I worked longer than usual, and it was around midnight when I reached the train station. Of course, there was no one around. Still, I thought it was unusually quiet as I exited through the ticket gate.

YUTO: Oh…kay.

TAKASHI: So after walking for a little while, I got a kind of bad feeling. Like the atmosphere seemed to cling on to me, or like I was being stared at…

YUTO: Wait- what?

TAKASHI: It was creepy, but I thought I was just tired, so I just kept walking. And then when I had reached a place that had no signs of other people being around, I suddenly heard a steady noise like footsteps from behind me.

YUTO: F-footsteps…?

TAKASHI: I thought it was just my imagination at first. But then I could hear it even more clearly. And when I sped up, those footsteps also increased in speed.

YUTO: A-and then…?

TAKASHI: Thud thud, thud thud… There was no one there, but just the sound of footsteps… I was so curious that I turned to face where the sound was coming from—

YUTO: [gulps]

TAKASHI: But no one was there. There were the sound of footsteps but not a single person. I thought again it must have been my imagination and when was about to keep walking, that exact moment I felt a presence behind me.

YUTO: !?

TAKASHI: “I shouldn’t look that way” – or so I thought, but at the same time I couldn’t look anywhere else. So, I summoned up my courage and turned around. And then—

YUTO: [voice trembling] And then…?


YUTO: AHHHHHHH!!!!! [runs away]

TAKASHI: Hey, where are you going, Yuto!? I’m not done with the story-!

YUTO: [from a distance] FORGET IT!! YOU JERK!!

TAKASHI: It was going to end with “So I summoned up my courage and turned around, but no one was there.” It’s because he didn’t listen until the end… Well. He had some fun so that concludes his thanks for making dinner.

TAKASHI: What? It doesn’t look like you had much fun at all.

TAKASHI: There’s something wrong with you two to find this kind of stuff scary. Well, whatever.  Okay, I’ll go get the bath ready as my thanks for your part. Though it seems like Yuto will be too scared and just say he’s not going to take a bath. Hahaha~



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