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The Higashiura Family’s Day Off vol. 1 ~Older Brother & Younger Brother Edition~ Drama CD Translation (Part 1 of 3)

It’s just another day off in the Higashiura house. You had plans to see the boyfriend you’ve been keeping secret from your family today, but you overslept and got cancelled on. So you’ll be spending a leisurely day with your brothers Takashi and Yuto instead.

The Higashiura Family’s Day Off 東浦家の休日
vol. 1 ~Older Brother & Younger Brother Edition~ vol.1 ~兄&弟編~

TAKASHI Higashiura (東浦) …… CV. Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏)
YUTO Higashiura (東浦結人) …… CV. Takuya Eguchi (江口拓也)


A Lively Wake-Up Call 賑やかなモーニングコール

YUTO: Hey, sis! Sis! Come on, wake up. Your alarm clock’s been blaring for a while now.

[alarm turns off]

YUTO: Huh? It stopped. Hey! You awake? Ah! Did you turn off your alarm and go back to sleep!? HEY!

[door opens]

YUTO: She really did go back to sleep. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

YUTO: Hey! Wake. Up! You’re the one who told me to wake you up at 9! Why are you still sleeping?

YUTO: Dammit. She won’t wake up. What’s her deal when she’s the one asking other people to wake her up? Well then–

YUTO: Hey dummy sister, get up! A-h-! Wh-wh-what are you doing!? Your stomach– Your whole stomach is showing! D-don’t show me that first thing in the morning, idiot!

YUTO: Listen, seriously, just get up! If you don’t, I’m gonna throw out that weekly boys manga I just bought! I’ll tear it to pieces before you can read it and flush it down the toilet! Got it!?

TAKASHI: You brats are too loud!

TAKASHI: Hey, Yuto, what are you making such a racket about so early on a Sunday morning!?

YUTO: Oh, Takashi.

TAKASHI: You know, I was up late last night working and finally finished up. Let me take my time to sleep on my rare day off, you idiots.

YUTO: But she told me to wake her up and she won’t get up.

TAKASHI: Don’t talk back. You’re the one who said you were going to throw a manga into the toilet to start with, didn’t you? The toilet will get clogged, imbecile.

YUTO: What, no! That was just a figure of speech; I mean she won’t wake up unless I go that far.

TAKASHI: A figure of speech? You know, I still haven’t forgotten that time you two were fighting over the card that came with our snack and ended up flushing it down the toilet.

YUTO: Th-that was when we were really little!

TAKASHI: This is practically the same. Brats.

YUTO: Urk.

TAKASHI: Hey, Squirt, you too. If you asked Yuto to wake you up you should get up.

TAKASHI: Tch. Come on. Wake up. [quietly] If you don’t, I’m going to strip off your pajamas and throw them out the window.

YUTO: Oh, she’s up! Amazing… What’d you tell her just now? I’ll use it next time I wake her up~

TAKASHI: It’s a secret.

YUTO: Whaaat, come on, you can tell me.

TAKASHI: It’d be too stimulating for you.

YUTO: Uh, what? Seriously, what’d you say?

TAKASHI: By the way, are you okay on time? You said you had plans or something today right? It’s already 10.

YUTO: HAH!? ‘I’m late waking you up’!? I’ve been trying to wake you up this whole time! Why are you getting angry with me when you’re the one who was sleeping up until now!? You should be thankful I even woke you up!

TAKASHI: Come on, can’t you two understand you’re too loud!?

[phone vibrating]

TAKASHI: Huh? Oh, someone’s cell is going off. It’s yours, Squirt.

[looks at phone]

YUTO: What is it, sis? Getting bummed out like that all of a sudden?

TAKASHI: Were your plans cancelled?

YUTO: [laughs] You’re so lame getting cancelled on at the last second! This is your punishment for not waking up early! Serves you right!


YUTO: OW! Hey, why are you hitting me too, Takashi!?

TAKASHI: Hm? Just because.

YUTO: Hitting someone ‘just because’ is weird! I’m opposed to violence!

TAKASHI: I don’t mind it. It’s your fault for having your head in a place that’s easy to hit.

YUTO: !? You’re so mean… When you know I’m worried about my height… What are you going to do if I stop growing now!?

TAKASHI: If you stop growing that easily, it just means that was it for your growing period anyway.


TAKASHI: Hey now, hold it Squirt. Why are you trying to go back to sleep? I’m not going to let you go back to bed when you’ve woken up other people.

TAKASHI: You think I can go back to sleep when you’ve been that noisy? Huh? You don’t have the free time for sleeping in the first place.

TAKASHI: Nothing’s going on, you lazy-… As your punishment for interrupting my sleep, you’ll be my servant for the entire day today.

YUTO: Haha! That’s right, that’s right~ Be Takashi’s servant~

TAKASHI: You too, Yuto.

YUTO: What!? Why me too!?

TAKASHI: You’re the one mostly responsible for the racket.


TAKASHI: If you understand then be quiet and come to the living room, both of you. Hurry it up.

[Takashi leaves]

YUTO: Tch. I thought I’d go hang out after this… It’s your fault it ended up like this, sis! Hurry up and come down before he gets into a bad mood again.

[Yuto leaves]

Brunch Time ブランチタイム

YUTO: Oh, she’s finally here.

TAKASHI: Just how long does it take for you to change your clothes, knucklehead?

TAKASHI: I’m mean? That’s my line. Try looking at it from my perspective: I was woken up by the both of you shouting on my rare day off. Well, whatever. You’re both here so make breakfast, Servant 1 and 2.

YUTO: Servant 1…? Wait- What’s with that!? You’re not saying I’m Servant 2 are you!? No! I want to be Servant 1!

TAKASHI: [quietly] That’s the part that you’re hung up on…?

YUTO: Come on, Takashi, I want to be 1! Hey, hey~

TAKASHI: Ahhh, I don’t care which is which.

YUTO: Wait that reminds me, what about Dad? Dad’s usually waiting for us with food ready around this time…

TAKASHI: It’s right before his deadline so he’s been holing himself up since last night until he’s finished.

YUTO: Ah, it’s already that time. He only comes out of his room to go to the bathroom around his deadlines. I wanted to have Dad’s French toast…

TAKASHI: Can’t help it since he’s got work. Looks like he made some salad though, so Yuto, get it out of the fridge and toast some bread. Squirt, you warm up the leftover stew and get the coffee going. Okay, and start!

YUTO: Yeahhh… [sigh]

TAKASHI: Hey, don’t use tap water for the coffee. It’ll change the flavor. We have mineral water. Use this. That’s how you usually do it, so why are you spacing out? …Oh. Are you—

YUTO: Hey, Takashi, how many slices of toast?


YUTO: And Sis? [pause] One, got it.

TAKASHI: [sigh] Well, whatever. Once you’ve got the coffee ready, get the stew, too.

YUTO: [cooking noises in background] Two for Takashi and one for sis and two for me… The toaster is full. Ah, if I do it like this then—

TAKASHI: Hey, what are you doing!? The toaster takes two slices at a time. Why are you putting in five slices?

YUTO: Well, I thought I could do them all in one go like this…

TAKASHI: Are you serious with that right now?

YUTO: Huh?

TAKASHI: So there really are idiots out there who don’t even know how to use a toaster.

YUTO: !? Well, I mean, Dad always does it for us so—

TAKASHI: Hey, shut it. I’ve got a call from work. You two, finish getting the food ready. [answers call] Yes, this is Higashiura. Hello. Is this about yesterday’s delivery?  Ah, I see, that’s good. In that case, would it be all right if I took tomorrow off as well? I’ve saved up a lot of compensatory time off recently so- Yes, thank you. Just to be sure, I’ll make sure that I’m ready to work tomorrow so if anything happens just contact me—

YUTO: Isn’t there anything to do about him being that way? [quietly] He can grin like that outside but I don’t think he’d get any divine punishment for smiling inside the house.

TAKASHI: I can hear you two.

YUTO: ?! S-sorry…

TAKASHI: [sighs] … Ah, sorry, [in background] my family is right here next to me so-

YUTO: [quietly] And to make matters worse he hears everything.

TAKASHI: [in background] [laughs] Not at all. My little brother and sister are really cheeky so they’re quite a handful.

YUTO: [quietly] But you know, he really is cool. He has that ‘working man’ feel to him. Will I be like that when I’m Takashi’s age?

TAKASHI: [in background] Yes, understood.  Thank you for going out of your way to call me. Please excuse me then. [hangs up]

YUTO: [quietly] Hey, what do you mean there’s no chance!?

TAKASHI: [in background] Tch. I told them yesterday I was taking today off, so don’t call me over every little thing. It’s so annoying.

YUTO: [quietly] Wooow, that difference in attitude. He’s a real fraud.

TAKASHI: Hey, what are you two chattering on about? I told you to finish getting the food ready.

YUTO: Yeah, yeah…

TAKASHI: What? Looks like you have something to say. Come on, look into your dear brother’s eyes and say it.

YUTO: It’s nothing at all~

TAKASHI: Then get back to work already. Huh? [sniffs] Doesn’t it smell like something’s burning?

YUTO: Ah, it’s the stew—!

TAKASHI: Why’d you take your eyes off it!? Are you two that dumb!? Just hurry up and turn off the flame!

YUTO: Ah- yeah—! [cookware clattering] OUCH!

TAKASHI: Hey, are you okay!? My stew!?

YUTO: Huh!? The stew!? You’re not worried about me!?

TAKASHI: Is this everything?

YUTO: Yeah.

TAKASHI: All right, take a seat.

YUTO: Yeaaah.

[everyone sits]

TAKASHI: You put your hands together? Okay, one, two-

YUTO & TAKASHI: Let’s eat!

YUTO: [eating] Mm! This stew is good! Curry’s like this too but stew is still good the following day. It’s a good thing it didn’t get too burnt~

TAKASHI: The toast did get burnt though, by some imbecile.

YUTO: Urgh…

TAKASHI: [sighs] Why do I have to eat such tragically hard toast on my day off? Come on.

YUTO: Wh-what? If you have something to say to me then why don’t you just give it to me bluntly?

TAKASHI:  Really? I’ll tell you then. You need to do something about that stupidity of yours. Not being able to toast bread in this day and age makes you as incompetent as a monkey that can’t climb trees.

YUTO: That’s so blunt…

TAKASHI: You’re the one you said to tell you bluntly? Anyway, switch your toast with mine. Hey, Squirt, switch yours with Yuto’s too.

YUTO: Hey-! Don’t take them! Now both of mine are totally black!

TAKASHI: That’s your fault for burning them. Don’t be so cheeky to take the non-burnt ones for yourself.

YUTO: But the burnt ones taste bad.

TAKASHI: You were going to feed us those ones that taste bad then? Huh? HUH? Servant 1?

YUTO: [grumbles] Oh right, sis! You said that your plans for today were cancelled but was the person you had plans with your—


YUTO: Ow! Why’d you do that!?

TAKASHI: Huh? Just because.

YUTO: Hey, can you stop hitting me just because!?

TAKASHI: More importantly, what about the dressing?

YUTO: Huh?

TAKASHI: Not ‘huh’! What do you usually put on a salad when you eat it? DRESSING, right?

YUTO: …Yeah.

TAKASHI: So there really are idiots out there who will only take out the salad itself when you tell them to get the salad.

YUTO: You already said that back when I was doing the bread! I’ll go get it.

[Yuto gets up from the table]

YUTO: [mumbling] He’s a real slave driver…

TAKASHI: Hey! And bring out some plates. I’m not in the habit of using my hands in place of a plate to eat salad.

YUTO: Gooot iiiiit. [sigh] Can’t he be a little nicer about it?



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