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Kamigami no Asobi InFinite Drama CD Translation – Celebrating Birthdays Together

Kamigami no Asobi InFinite 神々の悪戯InFinite
Celebrating Birthdays Together Gift CD 共に誕生を祝うギフトCD
First Press Limited Edition Bonus Drama CD 初回限定特典ドラマCD

APOLLON Agana Belea (アポロン・アガナ・ベレア) …… CV.  Miyu Irino (入野自由)
HADES Aidoneus (ハデス・アイドネウス) ……  CV. Daisuke Ono (小野大輔)
DIONYSUS Thyrsos (ディオニュソス・テュルソス) …… CV. Hirofumi Nojima (野島裕史)
TAKERU Totsuka (戸塚) …… CV. Toshiyuki Toyonaga (豊永利行)
TSUKITO Totsuka (戸塚月人) …… CV. Yuuto Uemura (上村祐翔)
AKIRA Totsuka (戸塚) …… CV. Yuuya Uchida (内田夕夜)
LOKI Laevatein (ロキ・レーヴァテイン) …… CV. Yoshimasa Hosoya (細谷佳正)
BALDER Hringhorni (バルドル・フリングホルニ) …… CV.  Hiroshi Kamiya (神谷浩史)
THOR Megingyoruzu (トール・メギンギヨルズ) …… CV.  Noriaki Sugiyama (杉山紀彰)
THOTH Caduceus (トト・カドゥケウス) …… CV. Toshiyuki Morikawa (森川智之)
ANUBIS Ma’at (アヌビス・マアト) …… CV. Yuuki Kaji (梶裕貴)
MELISSA (メリッサ) …… CV. Tomokazu Seki (関智一)


APOLLON: Yay~! This is great! This is ‘καλός’~! I just got something really amazing- A birthday! Haha, I’m so happy~ So happy that I’ll just start skipping~ Haha!
APOLLON: Uncle Hades?
HADES: [sigh]
APOLLON: What’s wrong? What’s the problem? Does your stomach hurt? Does your head hurt? Or do your teeth hurt maybe?
HADES: No, I’m just thinking about something.
APOLLON: Thinking about something? What were you thinking about with that absentminded look on your face?
HADES: About life and death. Happiness and sadness.
APOLLON: Hah. The weather is really nice so think about something better than that! I know! You should get a birthday! You’ll have fun that way! You’ll be ‘καλός’!
HADES: I already received one.
HADES: That’s exactly why I’m having these thoughts. Because for humans, getting older means getting closer to death.
HADES: So I was thinking humans might be happier without a birthday.
APOLLON: Huh? I don’t think so. ‘Cause humans say ‘happy birthday!’ and stuff on their birthday, so birthdays are a happy cause for great celebrations!
HADES: But… Are those really words that come from the heart?
HADES: Because birthdays are an unhappy time, you can’t deny that people could be saying ‘happy birthday’ as a wish for them to feel even a little happiness.
APOLLON: Wh-what?
DIONYSUS: ♪♪ Grapes, grapes, grapes, grew so many grapes~ Gonna make, make, make grape juice~ Hey! ♪♪
APOLLON: Di-Di! Di-Di, what do you think?
DIONYSUS: Hm? About what?
APOLLON: Birthdays are happy, right? Right!
HADES: On the contrary, birthdays are unhappy, right?
DIONYSUS: Wh-!? Um… Isn’t it that individual’s freedom to decide whether it’s happy or unhappy? Everyone has their own feelings so I think people around them don’t have to decide~
HADES: …I see.
APOLLON: Oh~ Nice! That’s a nice way of thinking!
DIONYSUS: Err? I-is it?
TAKERU: Bro, it’s okay!
TSUKITO: It’s absolutely impossible. It’s far too difficult for me.
APOLLON: Tsuki-Tsuki! Take-Take!
HADES: What’s wrong?
DIONYSUS: What’s bothering you?
TAKERU: We got birthdays but…
TSUKITO: I can’t remember it at all. I took thorough notes but…
APOLLON: You don’t have to remember when everyone’s birthday is, right? I think it’s fine.
DIONYSUS: That’s right. Of course it’s impossible to remember them all.
HADES: You’re paying it too much mind.
TSUKITO: My birthday is February 12th. February 12th. February 12th. February 12th-
APOLLON: You meant your own birthday!?
TAKERU: That’s right… He’s worried that he can’t remember his own birthday.
APOLLON: Whaat!?
HADES: What-
DIONYSUS: To have that little interest in yourself…
TSUKITO: I’m closing my memo pad to test myself.
TAKERU: Bro! I’m sure you’ll do fine!
TSUKITO: Yes… February…
TSUKITO: …? 21st?
TAKERU: BRO~~! It’s okay! Even if you can’t remember, I definitely won’t forget it! We’ll celebrate it right on time every year!
TSUKITO: Totsuka Takeru…
TAKERU: Bro~~~
APOLLON: You two don’t need to worry! I’ll write everyone’s birthdays on the calendar in the student council room! I’ll write them down!
LOKI: What’s this~? Did everyone get a birthday??
DIONYSUS: Yeah, we were just talking about it.
LOKI: Which means~★ Hey hey~ Tattan, you got one too?
TAKERU: Why, is that bad?
LOKI: Not really~ Just, they say humans grow bigger as they age right? But I was just thinking Tattan stays tiny no matter how much time goes by~~!
TAKERU: WHAT. Are you making fun of me!?
LOKI: Not at all~! It’s true, right~?
TAKERU: I won’t forgive you-!
LOKI: Ahh~ You wanna go?
TAKERU: I’ll make you take me seriously-!
APOLLON: Take-Take!
TSUKITO: Totsuka Takeru!
BALDER: Loki! You shouldn’t fight.
LOKI: Balder~ I wasn’t fighting.
BALDER: Really? But you and Takeru were- WAH!?
LOKI: Balder!?
TAKERU: You okay!?
APOLLON: That was harder than normal huh? He fell harder than normal right?
TSUKITO: That fall was 2.4964 times harder than usual.
BALDER: [panting] Everyone, I’m fi- WAH!?
LOKI: Ah, he fell again!
HADES: Is it me!? Have I invited misfortune upon us by accepting a birthday!?
THOR: It’s not that; Balder is just a little excited.
BALDER: Well, it’s joyous thing, isn’t it? Having a birthday makes us like the humans, like her.
APOLLON: That’s true! It makes us the same!
LOKI: Well, it’s not a bad feeling~ ♡
DIONYSUS: I’m happy too~
HADES: Yeah.
APOLLON: That reminds me, humans do all sorts of celebrations for their birthdays. Let’s try it out! You want to try, right!?
TSUKITO: Whose birthday is it today?
APOLLON: Everyone’s!
LOKI: Everyone…?
APOLLON: Today is the day that everyone got a birthday. That’s right; it’s the birthday of our birthdays!
TAKERU: I see. The birthday of our birthdays.
APOLLON: So let’s get ready for a human celebration and invite Thoth, Anu-Anu, Aki-Aki, Meli-Meli, and of course, her too! We’ll invite them!
DIONYSUS: Let’s do it~
APOLLON: Oh, Uncle Hades, you don’t have to force yourself to participate if you don’t want to. Di-Di said that it’s up to each person’s feelings after all…
HADES: Ah, no, um… I’ll participate…
APOLLON: Haha! I’m so happy! Thanks, Uncle Hades~
THOR: But what specifically do they do for their celebrations?
BALDER: Why don’t we go research that in the library?

THOTH: Hm? What is it, Anubis?
ANUBIS: Thoth. Anubis heard he’d get something nice but didn’t get anything at all. Um… A bir-birf-
THOTH: Mm? Ah. A birthday?
ANUBIS: That. A birthday.
THOTH: Because birthdays are not an object. You cannot see it with your eyes nor can you touch it.
ANUBIS: What!? It isn’t something yummy??
ANUBIS: Did Thoth get one, too?
THOTH: Yes. It was forced on me even though I said I did not want it.
ANUBIS: Ah~ Anubis feels let down… Kaaa…

MELISSA: Kuuuu! Ain’t this a joyous situation!!
AKIRA: You seem happy, Melissa.
MELISSA: Huh? Oh~ If it ain’t Akira! Come on~ I can’t help but be delighted by this! I gotta birfday!
AKIRA: A birthday, right?
MELISSA: Yeah, that’s right! A birfday!
MELISSA: For a guy like me who couldn’t even turn into a complete human to be rewarded with a birfday! I’m so happy I’m about to break into tears!
AKIRA: Mm. Sorry for saying this when you’re so happy-
AKIRA: You’ll find out eventually so I’ll say it now.
MELISSA: Mm, mm mm? What is it? I’m gettin’ impatient, hurry up and say it!
AKIRA: You are not the only one who received a birthday.
AKIRA: Everyone in this miniature garden got one. Even I received one, even though I’m only here on an errand.
MELISSA: Huh!? Whaaaa!?
AKIRA: That’s the situation.
MELISSA: Kaaaah~ Ain’t this the best!!
MELISSA: Even I’m gettin’ treated the same as you gods~~ It makes me so happy~~~
AKIRA: What…
AKIRA: Melissa, you really are a good guy.
MELISSA: Eh? Eh eh eh!? Akira~ What’s all this~? You’re embarrassin’ me~~
AKIRA: [laughs]

BALDER: According to this book, humans send ‘birthday cards’ for birthdays.
LOKI: Birthday cards?
APOLLON: We know what a birthday is, but what’s a card? What could it be?
TAKERU: It’s written in this book that you can go shopping with a card.
TSUKITO: This book says you can ride transportation with them.
APOLLON: Amazing! You can go shopping and get rides?
HADES: It’s also written here that you can get points with it.
LOKI: Says here that it can get stamped, too.
APOLLON: Points? Stamps? You can get all sorts of things with a card!
TAKERU: H-hey, this is bad!
APOLLON: What is it, Take-Take!?
TAKERU: It looks like you can use cards in battle, too!
APOLLON: In battle!?
HADES: What’s the text?
TAKERU: Um… A d-deck? Construct a deck, battle, cost, life…? What is this?
APOLLON: What could it be?
LOKI: I don’t get it at all…
TSUKITO: Cards are unparalleled.
DIONYSUS: But just how do you celebrate a birthday with these ‘unparalleled’ cards?
BALDER: It says here that birthday cards are sent when you won’t meet in person.
THOR: We’re meeting in person so-
HADES: So it’s fine if we don’t worry about birthday cards?
BALDER: So it seems!
APOLLON: Oh good! That’s great, isn’t it!
TSUKITO: According to this book, humans hold a party for their birthday, eat cake, and give presents.
LOKI: Isn’t that for Christmas?
TSUKITO: They do that for Christmas and for birthdays as well, it seems.
LOKI: Mmm~ The way humans think is confusing…
APOLLON: Well then! Let’s get ready for the party and call everyone here!
TAKERU: Right!
BALDER: A party means a feast! Steak, fried chicken, hamburgers, tonkatsu! Let’s pack the table so full of meat that there isn’t even a single millimeter of empty space!
THOR: We’ll have to reject that.
BALDER: What? Why?
TSUKITO: It’s written in this book that the most important part of a birthday feast is the cake. Everyone sings a celebration song, and the person with the birthday blows the cake away.
DIONYSUS: The cake!?
THOR: Blows it away!?
TAKERU: Amazing!
HADES: That requires an incredibly high lung capacity.
APOLLON: All right! Let’s all go running together! We’ll train our lungs to be able to blow away a cake!
BALDER: But wouldn’t it be bad if the cake gets blown into someone’s face?
LOKI: You just nimbly avoid it when that happens~
APOLLON: Okay everyone! Let’s all do jumping side step training together!
TSUKITO: Oh, I had it wrong. They don’t blow it away, they blow it out.
DIONYSUS: They make the cake disappear?
LOKI: Humans can do that???
TSUKITO: Ah, I had it wrong. It’s not the cake they blow out; it’s the flame on the candles on top of the cake.
LOKI: What…
THOR: So let’s order cake and candles from the school store.
BALDER: About that cake, why don’t we make it from meat? Some tightly packed steaks and fried chicken sandwiched between ginger fried pork and topped with soba noodles with meat!
TSUKITO: That’s not a cake.
BALDER: Whaat, it IS a cake!
HADES: Hey, how about making the cake out of strawberry daifuku? Red strawberries lined up beautifully on top of so much daifuku you can’t finish it no matter how much you eat- [gasp] Is it really okay for me to be allowed such happiness!?
APOLLON: Uncle Hades…?
THOR: Let’s just do a normal cake.
TAKERU: I feel bad for Hades, but it’d be better that way.
DIONYSUS: I’ll get some grape juice ready for the drinks.
APOLLON: Oh! Nice, Di-Di’s grape juice!
LOKI: [laughs]
BALDER: What is it, Loki? What are you laughing at?
LOKI: There’s something good written in this book~ ♡ Here, look at this. It says humans do ‘surprises’ for birthdays!
BALDER: Surprises?
LOKI: Humans do think of good things sometimes~ What kind of surprise would be good~? One that goes kaboom would be good huh~? Should I do one that goes kapow at the end? Then there’s the ones that go blam too~~~ ★
LOKI: Oh, by the way, which would be better: cayenne, wasabi, or mustard? Which do you all prefer when it comes to snakes or frogs??
BALDER: Loki! None are okay!
APOLLON: Hm mm, no good!
TAKERU: What are you thinking!?
LOKI: Look, it’s a surprise! Why are you all so against it!?
TSUKITO: Loki Laevatein. There’s an explanation here. The surprise is to keep the party a secret from the birthday person and give them a pleasant shock.
LOKI: Whaaat, that sorta surprise is boring~~
THOR: It’s not really boring.
LOKI: Ehhh…
APOLLON: So let’s keep the party a secret from her and Thoth and the others. It’ll be a surprise! It’s a surprise!
HADES: Right.
DIONYSUS: So we’ll be ordering a cake, candles, and food from the school store-
BALDER: It doesn’t have to make up everything, but please order some meat!
HADES: And strawberry daifuku as well, please.
DIONYSUS: Yeah, okay… Anything else?
TAKERU: There’s also things to decorate the room. Like flowers and those sparkly thick strings and stuff.
DIONYSUS: Ah, tinsel, right.
BALDER: Oh right! I didn’t think of that.
THOR: Takeru is surprisingly attentive to small details.
HADES: That’s true.
TAKERU: ! Ah…not really…
APOLLON: All right! Let’s all get ready for the party! Get started!

MELISSA: I wonder what they need, sayin’ they need us for somethin’.
ANUBIS: What could it be, what could it be~?
AKIRA: I hope it isn’t anything bothersome…
MELISSA: Thoth, did you give out some outrageous homework again? And they’re all troubled…
THOTH: If they’ve called me out here for that, I’ll increase their amount of homework 15 fold.
AKIRA: You’re a very strict teacher.
THOTH: I do not want to hear that from the likes of you.
ANUBIS: Hey~ How far are we going?
AKIRA: We’ve arrived.
ANUBIS: Oh! Where, where~??
THOTH: Anubis. It’s this room.
MELISSA: All right. I’m goin’ in.

[small explosive noises]

AKIRA: Today isn’t our birthday.
THOTH: What the hell are you all thinking!?
APOLLON: It’s the birthday of our birthdays!
ANUBIS: Birthday of…
MELISSA: Our birfdays…?
BALDER: We decided to throw a party to commemorate the day we all got our birthdays.
LOKI: Hee~ How about it? Were you shocked~? ★
THOR: This is what you’d call a ‘surprise’, apparently.
TSUKITO: We researched a lot into the way humans celebrate.
TAKERU: All right, let’s all blow out the candles on the cake together.
DIONYSUS: Yeah, take care not to blow away the cake!
APOLLON: Okay, here we go~
AKIRA: My goodness…
ANUBIS: [laughs] This looks fun!!
MELISSA: I’mma little nervous…!
THOTH: Hmph.
APOLLON: Ready, set-

[everyone blows out the candles; laughter]

TAKERU: We got lots of food and drinks ready!
DIONYSUS: Let’s all have fun together!
ANUBIS: SO much to eat! Anubis’ll sprinkle on the spices!!
APOLLON: Come here, Anubis! This way, this way~~
ANUBIS: Kaaa~!!
THOTH: They’re an amused bunch. They get so energetic at getting to play around. They should show some of this assertiveness in the classroom.
AKIRA: But this isn’t so bad either.
MELISSA: Kuuuu~! To think I get to celebrate with all of you-!

AKIRA: However, birthdays don’t come intuitively. Age isn’t a notion gods really have. It’d be hard to remember aging by one every year at 59370295 years old.
TSUKITO: I can’t even remember now. But year after year for such a long time… It’s impossible for me.
TAKERU: Bro! Don’t worry about it! I won’t forget!
DIONYSUS: Thoth, how about more grape juice?
THOTH: I’ll drink another.
DIONYSUS: Okay, here you go~
THOTH: However, I cannot comprehend why birthdays celebrate a person.
APOLLON: Huh? Why?
HADES: Because they’re getting closer to death, right?
THOTH: Not that. Instead of being celebrated by others, the person themselves should be thankful that they were born.
AKIRA: Hm, I see.
THOTH: Humans were created by the gods, so they should be more grateful to us.
MELISSA: That’s right! I’m grateful toward Zeus~ I can eat meat and daifuku and even drink grape juice ’cause I was born! I’m so grateful~~
BALDER: Melissa…
AKIRA: That reminds me, the only one who knows their actual birthday among us is Melissa.
THOR: That’s true, now that you mention it. Your birthday is the day Zeus made you after all.
TAKERU: I’m a little envious.
MELISSA: Eh? Ah? Hahaha~ Not only do you guys not know when you were born but you also don’t know how you were born?
TSUKITO: No, we know that. I was born from my father’s right eye.
AKIRA: I was born from his left eye.
MELISSA: Heeeh~ And Takeru?
TAKERU: … nose.
TAKERU: I was born from my father’s nose!
MELISSA: Huh~ His nose, huh~
DIONYSUS: Hey, it’s fine Takeru. I was from born from a thigh.
MELISSA: Thigh!?
APOLLON: Hm mm! That’s right!
BALDER: Huh, what do you mean?
DIONYSUS: My mother died before I was born. I was put into his thigh when I was still a fetus.
MELISSA: Uh, whose thigh?
DIONYSUS: … Zeus’s.
AKIRA: Thigh.
BALDER: Principal Keranous’s…?
THOR: …thigh…
TSUKITO: Zeus Keranous’s…
TAKERU: Thigh!?
THOTH: Zeus’s…
DIONYSUS: Come on, you guys don’t have to emphasize it that much…
APOLLON: Now now, Di-Di.
HADES: Here, eat some daifuku.
DIONYSUS: Oh…Thanks.
THOR: What is it, Balder?
BALDER: Loki? Where’s Loki?
TAKERU: He’s gone.
TSUKITO: He was just here.
LOKI: [giggling]
APOLLON: Loki-Loki?
LOKI: We’ve built up to today’s biggest excitement~~
HADES: No way- LOKI!
LOKI: Ready, everyone~~? LET’S★SURPRISE!
BALDER: Stop it, Loki!
THOR: He’s seriously going to do it!
APOLLON: Be careful everyone!
TAKERU: Everyone, get out!
EVERYONE: [screams]
THOTH: Confetti-?
AKIRA: Flowers and balloons…?
ANUBIS: KAA! It’s so pretty!
HADES: It wasn’t an explosion-!?
LOKI: Huuuh? I brought the wrong one on accident~~ I was planning on making the party a mess with a huge explosion, too~
APOLLON: Jeez, Loki-Loki!
DIONYSUS: He’s not honest at all!
HADES: It’s beautiful. It really is.
MELISSA: Uh huh~!! A good ‘taprise’!
AKIRA: It’s ‘surprise’.
MELISSA: Oh~ ‘Taprise’, right?
APOLLON: How fun~ This is fun, this birthday celebration!
TAKERU: Seems like it’d be a good idea to keep doing these.
BALDER: Right, let’s hold a party for each person’s birthday.
LOKI: I’ll do a different surprise each time!
TSUKITO: Please keep it within good sense.
THOR: It’s nice to be celebrated, but celebrating someone else is even more enjoyable.
DIONYSUS: Ah, that’s true.
THOR: The number of birthdays to celebrate grows with the amount of people you hold dear and your own happiness increases along with it.
TAKERU: You’re… a good guy.
LOKI: Thor says some good stuff~
THOR: Ah- No…
ANUBIS: Huh? You’re turning all red.
THOR: That’s, well-…

[everyone laughs]

APOLLON: Ahh~ It’d be nice if every day was a birthday. Then every day would be fun. It’d definitely be fun!
THOTH: Every day is a birthday in some sense.
AKIRA: Indeed, there’s an unlimited amount of humans in this world.
MELISSA: I see~ So that’s why every day is a ‘birfday’!
APOLLON: καλός!! So today is someone’s birthday too!
HADES: Thinking that way makes every day precious.
BALDER: Every day, someone out there is happily facing their special day.
LOKI: So every day is a special day, huh~ ★
DIONYSUS: So let’s all celebrate whoever’s birthday it is today.
TSUKITO: That’s a good idea.
THOTH: As long as it doesn’t turn into something idiotic.
APOLLON: It won’t, Thoth! Okay, let’s all send a message, one by one to the birthday person! I’ll go first!

APOLLON: To you, whose birthday it is today: here’s to you always being sparkling and bright! I recommend you bask in the sun! The light from the sun is light from me wishing for your happiness! It’s my light! Let’s bask in the sun together, okay? Let’s do it~

HADES: I’m praying that you continue to always be happy. However, even if you’re surrounded by misfortune, if you don’t forget to smile brightly without complaints, you’ll surely be granted good fortune. I’d like you to believe in me.

DIONYSUS: I want you to always spend your time carefree and cheerful without having to worry over anything. I recommend grapes! And also juice, wine, and jam- you can feel relaxed when you eat grapes. Give it a try~

TSUKITO: Please look up at the moon in the sky tonight. Even if you can’t see it because the weather is poor or it’s a new moon, the moon is always there watching over you. If you fall asleep with the moon watching over you, we may even meet in your dreams.

TAKERU: Hey. Always have a happy smile on your face. Don’t you go saying anything weak! But if you’re having a tough time, think about me. I’ve got your back no matter what happens! I will protect you!

AKIRA: Life is like a journey; it will have its sunny days and rainy days  and cloudy days along the way. Always carry the sun within your heart. I’ll always illuminate your path. I hope that you have great fortune.

BALDER: Eat lots of meat on your birthday today, okay? Each bite will give you the power of the light god’s good fortune. I’m always praying that your days are full of bright and warm light. Okay?

LOKI: Hehe~ An entire year of days thrilling enough to make you shiver are waiting for you~ If anything surprising happens to you, that’s my surprise present to you, okay~?

THOR: I’m not very good at speaking. I don’t have anything clever to say either. However, these feelings are real; your happiness… I’m just always praying for your happiness.

ANUBIS: Anubis loooooves you~! You’re nice and warm and soft and kind! I always want to be together with you~ When you’re having fun, Anubis is having fun too! I hope you have lots of happy things happen every day!

MELISSA: I’m so happyyy that I get to say congrats too! Hey, you! If anything is troublin’ you, tell me. Because I’m a reliable man, okay! So you can feel at ease like you’re gettin’ on a sinking—errr, a strong sailing ship when you come to me! All right!

THOTH: It is not in my nature to make drawn out speeches.  There is only one thing I have to say: revere me. You will be blessed if you do.

APOLLON: Okay; ready, set—
EVERYONE: Happy birthday!!




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