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If There is a God in This World… Drama CD Translation – The Nanashima High School Trip Committee’s First(?) House Visit

Haruka’s fellow school trip committee members pay her a visit after she missed a day of school due to a cold. But there’s just something about this situation that doesn’t seem quite right to them…

If There is a God in This World…  この世界に神様がいるとするならば。[kono sekai ni kamisama ga iru to suru nara ba]
The Nanashima High School Trip Committee’s First(?) House Visit 七科高校修学旅行委員会・初めて(?)のお宅訪問
Limited Edition Bonus CD限定特典ドラマCD

MASATO Kurumi (来実マサト) …… CV. Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川 光)
ACE Sasanami (細波エース) …… CV. Kousuke Toriumi (鳥海浩輔)
NEJI Yumikura (弓倉ネジ) …… CV. Daisuke Namikawa ( 浪川大輔)
KYO Kamisato (神里キョウ) …… CV. Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部順一)
SYURI Sashino (指乃シュリ) …… CV. Yuuki Kaji (梶 裕貴)


MASATO: Is she sleeping…? Ah, sorry, did I wake you? It’s about time to take your medicine.  Mm.  It looks like your complexion has gotten much better. Let’s take your temperature before you take your medicine. Can you use the thermometer on your own?

[thermometer beeps]

MASATO: … Give it here. It’s gone down. I thought I’d take you to the hospital if it stayed like that, but I guess you’ll be fine if it’s like this. You might even be able to go to school tomorrow at this rate. Hm? Oh, I took today off, too. I can’t just leave you alone when you’re not feeling well, can I? Haha, it’s fine for one day. You don’t need to worry about it. As your brother, you’re more important to me than university. Well then, I’ll go get you some water- [doorbell rings] A guest? Sorry, I’m going to go out for a sec. You go to sleep. It’s fine. I’ll be right back.

NEJI: [growling]
ACE: What is it, Neji? You’ve been grumbling for a bit.
NEJI: I’ve felt sorta creeped out for a while. Like sorta not quite right or out of place…?
KYO: Did you catch a cold, too?
SYURI: No way! We’re talking about Neji, right? No! No! Impossible!
NEJI: What does that mean?
KYO: Because idiots can’t catch colds.
NEJI: I don’t want to be told that by a fellow idiot, Kyo.
ACE: More importantly, I don’t hear any noises. Is no one inside?
KYO: She should be in there at the very least. How about you try ringing the bell again?


NEJI: It couldn’t be she’s gotten so sick that she can’t even get up!?
KYO: You’re anxious; she said she just had a cold.
SYURI: Then… Maybe her condition suddenly changed after sending that message?
ACE: …


NEJI: Ace, knock it off!

[ringringring][ring] [ring]

ACE: If she doesn’t come out after all that ringing, then we should probably-
KYO: Relax. She’s probably just sleeping.

[door opens]

MASATO: Sorry to keep you waiting. May I ask who you are?
SYURI: Sorry for being so noisy! We’re from Nanashina High School.
MASATO: Nanashina…? Are you… my sister’s friends?
KYO: Sister? You’re her older brother?
MASATO: Ah, yeah. Nice to meet you. Thanks for always looking after my sister. I’m her brother Masato.
NEJI: It’s a pleasure. I’m Neji Yukimura.
ACE: I’m Ace Sasanami. I’m in the Tennis Club.
KYO: Kyo Kamizato.
SYURI: [whispering] He’s older than you!
KYO: …I’m (Kyo Kamizato).
SYURI: I’m Syuri Sashino. Nice to meet you!
MASATO: Yumikura and Sasanami. Then, Kamizato and Sashino, right? Did you come to visit my sick sister?
ACE: Yes. She contacted us saying she’d be taking today off because she had a cold.
MASATO: She contacted you…?
SYURI: Do you mind if we come in? We brought some get-well presents and we’d like to see her…
MASATO:  I don’t mind. But she is ill, so please try to be as quiet as possible.
KYO: Right, Neji?
NEJI: Why are you only sayin’ that to me!?
SYURI: Because you yell like that! Anyway, thanks for having us.
ACE&NEJI&KYO: Thanks for having us.
MASATO: [sigh] Honestly…

NEJI: Heh, so this is her house.
SYURI: Stop staring. It’s rude.
MASATO: [laughs] It’s fine. There’s nothing around you shouldn’t see. Well, I’m going to go tell my sister first, so wait in the living room.
ACE: Ah—
MASATO: Ah- What are you doing down here? You need to sleep.
NEJI: Yo, you got a cold? We were worried so we came to see ya.
SYURI: Sorry for showing up so suddenly. Is it all right for you to be up?
KYO: Well, you look healthier than I expected. That’s a relief.
MASATO: It looks like they all came out of their way to check up on you. They’re good friends.
NEJI: [whispering] Hey, those are her pajamas, aren’t they?
ACE: [whispering] That’s right. She has bed hair, too, like she just woke up.
KYO: [whispering] Not bad…
SYURI: [whispering] Hey! Could you stop eying her up when she’s sick? She is really cute, though…
MASATO: Anyway, what do you want to do? They’re here but if you’re not up to it I can have them leave— Are you sure? Well, I know you’re happy to have them visiting, but are you sure you’re all right?
ACE: We don’t plan on staying long, so please don’t worry.
KYO: Yeah and we’ll make sure Neji doesn’t make a racket.
NEJI: [loudly]Hey, why am I—[muffled voice]
SYURI: Tell me right away if you think he’s being too loud! ‘Cause I’ll just cover his mouth like this!
MASATO: Anyway, go on up to the second floor. Can you show them the way? Okay, thanks. I’d just be in the way, so I’ll stay downstairs. Call out if there’s a problem.

ACE: So, where is your room?
NEJI: Here? Okay, don’t mind if I do—
KYO: Don’t just let yourself in!
SYURI: Going into a girl’s room without permission is the worst! Neji, you’re disgusting.
NEJI: I’m not disgusting!
ACE: Maybe not disgusting but you certainly have no tact.
KYO: Listen up, Neji. Think of silently entering a girl’s room as an act of madness. Not even family members are allowed to do that. Even if you go in to just clean one day… The only thing waiting for you is Hell.
ACE: Kyo, what happened to you?
KYO: Don’t ask. I don’t even want to remember.
NEJI: Got it, got it. It’s fine if I get permission, right? Hey, can I go in?

[Haruka nods]

KYO: Good. Those intentions will change our fate from here on out.
SYURI: Seriously, what happened to you?
NEJI: Okay then, don’t mind if I do~ Ohh, you’ve got stuffed animals and stuff. Feels like a girl’s room.
SYURI: You really do have no tact.
KYO: Hey, you can go to sleep. You don’t need to mind us.
ACE: Like Kyo said. Go on, get in your bed.

[Haruka lays down]

KYO: Will you be all right without a blanket on like that? It isn’t good to let your body get cold so if you start to get chilly or feel worse, tell us right away.
ACE: Is your fever better yet? Your face looks unusually red. Let me take a feel really quick. [touches Haruka] Your cheeks are hot. Are you sure it’s gone down yet? I’ll check for you, so face this way-
NEJI: Take that! [punch]
ACE: Ouch! Why’d you hit me?
NEJI: Of course I hit you, idiot! If I hadn’t your foreheads would have been completely pressed together!
ACE: I was trying to check her fever, so of course I was going to do that.
SYURI: All right, Ace, take a step back.
ACE: Mm. Fine. Before that, let me at least give you your get-well present. Yeah, I brought something for you. Kyo told me it isn’t good to show up empty handed.
NEJI:  Tryin’ to make an impression…
KYO: It’s common sense.
ACE: Hm… [rummages through a bag] There it is. It’s a sheet for cooling down fevers. I just bought it at the drug store. I’ll put it on for you, so stay still.
NEJI: Wait a sec! Before you put it on- I’m gonna borrow a pen from your desk. Guess this will do?
KYO: What’re planning on doing with that pen?
NEJI: Just watch. Ace, I’ll take that sheet for a sec. [draws] Like this and that… All right! Done!
SYURI: What is it?
NEJI: A cat! Whadya think? Ain’t it cute?
KYO: Cute or not aside, why’d you draw it?
NEJI: Don’t ya do that when someone’s sick? Like when someone’s admitted to the hospital?
ACE: That’s for casts…
SYURI: Well then, I’ll draw too! Neji, pass me the pen! [Syuri hums while drawing] Okay! Done!
ACE: !! Syuri, this is…?
SYURI: You can tell just by looking, right?
KYO: A zombie?
ACE:  No… Isn’t it a sea monster?
SYURI: You’re both wrong! No matter how you look at it, it’s clearly a chihuahua!
NEJI: No matter how you look at it, it’s a monster!
KYO: Chihuahuas don’t look like that!
ACE:  To start with it looks like it has six legs… Is it an illusion?
SYURI: Ahhh! Jeez, shut up! She’s going to be wearing it anyway and won’t see it so who cares! That said- here, I’ll put it on! Feels good, right?
ACE: It seems like it should lower your fever, but also like it might absorb something else…
KYO: Like her life force, huh?
NEJI: No way!
KYO: It’ll be bad if you don’t get better. Hey, are you hungry? Really? All right. I thought fruit might be easy for you to eat, so I brought some from my house. There’s apples, oranges, a bunch of different types. Is there anything you feel like you could eat?
ACE: You cut those up and brought them with you?
KYO: You can’t just help yourself to the kitchen in someone else’s house. I cut these ones up small, so if your throat hurts, try these.
NEJI: Should I say you’re well prepared or… experienced?
KYO: Whenever anyone gets sick in my family, I’m the one who takes care of them. So, which do you want to eat? Got it. Open your mouth and wait- I’ll feed you. You don’t have to be shy. I’m used to this, so don’t be embarrassed. Come on, hurry and open up.
ACE: Syuri, go!
SYURI: Roger! [munch]
KYO: Ah-! You- Syuri!
SYURI: [mumbling] Not allowed~ Ah, that was good!
KYO: Honesty, don’t act like kids… Hey, I’ll leave it on your desk so eat it when you feel like it.
NEJI: So I’m next! …Is what I’d like to say but sorry. The truth is, I came right after I got done with my club, so I didn’t get to bring anything. …Ah! Right! [shuffles through a bag] I brought something that’s perfect for when you have a cold! A sports drink!
KYO: It looks like it’s already been drank from.
ACE: It’s leftovers from his club.
SYURI: Absolutely not. Or perhaps I should say I won’t allow any indirect kissing!
NEJI: Oh, that’s right, I guess… But maybe now that you think about it that way, you’ll want to drink it? Just kidding-
ACE: Got it! [slam]
NEJI: [coughs] You- just lunged at me so quickly… right into my side…
ACE: It’s revenge for earlier.
NEJI: This is one of those that’s gonna sting later…
SYURI: Honestly, jeez. You promised not to make a commotion, shut up! Hey, back off Neji. I have something I want to give to her, too. Unlike everyone else, it isn’t something that’s good for your body… Here! It’s notes from class. I thought you might want it because you’re serious about school. Want it?
ACE: You’re in different classes. Does that really have any meaning?
KYO: The contents of the classes aren’t all that different. But I feel like it won’t be worth much to her being in A class.
SYURI: No, no! See, this is about feelings, right? And by some miracle, these notes might even be good enough for a student from A class?
ACE: How about you test it out and look them over? [pages flipping] What is it?
NEJI: What is it? Something wrong? Show me, too- Woah!?
KYO: What’s the big- Ahhh…
ACE: It’s like a huge picture book of monsters…
SYURI: Grr… Could you not be so rude about it!? I just scribbled a bit to help cheer her up! And I didn’t make this for everyone in the first place so don’t just help yourself to it! Give it back! And you, too! Don’t just hand this over so easily. I made these notes just for you. Here, hold on to them tightly. Got it? I don’t need any thanks. I did it because I wanted to.

[knock knock]

MASATO: Sorry for interrupting your fun. I forgot to give you your medicine earlier. Here’s your water. [sigh] No, you need to take it even though you don’t want to yet. Your face is redder than before. [puts his forehead against Haruka’s]
ACE: Ah-
MASATO: See? Your forehead is hot.
ACE: [whispering] Hey, Neji. You’re not going to hit him this time?
NEJI: [whispering] Like I could!? That’s her brother!
ACE: [whispering] …It’s unfair.
MASATO: Honestly… I know you’re happy that your friends came to visit, but you’re too worked up. Rest for today. I know you’re reluctant to say goodbye, but if you get better and go to school tomorrow, you’ll be able to see them then, right?
NEJI: That’s right. And all of us want you to feel better soon.
ACE: Yeah, we can’t talk about the school trip without you.
KYO: We don’t want to see you in pain either.
SYURI: We should get going. So take it easy, okay? See you at school tomorrow?
MASATO: See, they all said it too, okay? Good girl. Here, take your medicine. All done? Okay, lay down. Close your eyes. Goodnight.
ACE: Goodnight.
NEJI: Goodnight~
KYO: Goodnight.
SYURI: Goodnight!

ACE: I hope she’s feeling better tomorrow.
KYO: She’ll be fine if she rests up now.
SYURI: So, thanks for having us, Haruka’s brother!
MASATO: Ah, wait! You’re already here, so why not have some tea?
NEJI: Oh, is that all right?
MASATO: Of course. I want to ask about how she is at school, too. I’ll show you to the living room. Go on.
MASATO: I’ve got cold tea and then this for Sasanami.
ACE: Is that— Crow Cola!?
MASATO: Correct. [laughs] So you really do like it.
KYO: How did you know Ace is a cola enthusiast?
MASATO: [laughs] It’s not just him I know about. For example, Yumikura-
NEJI: What—
MASATO: You’re in track-and-field and have a promising future in it. You’re the life of the party and you like eating. Kamizato, you’re busy with your part-time job, right? You seem scary at a glance, but you’re actually nice. Sashino is a mysterious one. You look frivolous, but you’re probably the most dependable among all of you.
SYURI: !! How—
MASATO: I hear a lot about the four of you from my sister. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel like this is the first time we’ve met? My sister is an introvert, right? She doesn’t have many friends either so she rarely talks about school, but she’s been talking about it a lot recently. About the classmates she’s in a committee with.
ACE: About us?
MASATO: I was relieved to hear it as her brother. I feel like she’s gotten more cheerful since she joined the committee, too. So I’m happy to be able to meet the people who changed my sister. Moreover, she said that there was someone she was interested in among you. So I’ve always thought I wanted to meet him.
KYO: What did you just say?
MASATO: Huh? ‘I thought I wanted to meet him’?
NEJI: Before that!
MASATO: ‘There was someone she was interested in among you?’ Shoot. I might have said too much.
SYURI: By the way, did she happen to mention this person’s name?
MASATO: No, she didn’t say that much… It’d be hard to say to a sibling of the opposite sex, right? But I think she might have said that they were in a club…?
KYO: What-!?
NEJI: Huhuhu~ Too bad, Kamizato~
ACE: You’re the only one left out, Kamizato.
KYO: Wait— The ‘Going Home Club’ counts as a club, right?
NEJI: It doesn’t!
KYO: No, it’s a club! ‘Going Home Club’ – it’s got club on the end!
SYURI: Kyo, you’re being a sore loser.
MASATO: Hm? Wait, maybe I had it wrong. I feel like she also might have said they had a part-time job…?
KYO: Hmph. Sorry, it’s a turnabout home run. I’m the sole victor.
MASATO: Hmm… But what was it actually?
SYURI: Hey, please try to be certain!
NEJI: It’s important! This is important, okay!?
MASATO: Ah, I remembered! I’m certain this is what she said: his first name is written with Katakana!
KYO: That’s not a hint at all! Come on, try to remember something else!
MASATO: Well now, let’s keep it down. She’ll get woken up if we’re too noisy. How about we have some tea first and all calm down? At the very least, I’m certain it’s one of you. Okay?
ACE: Okay, I’ll have some Crow Cola then.
SYURI: Me too. How about having something, Kyo, Neji?

[everyone drinks]

ACE: Neji, is something wrong?
NEJI: I feel sort of weirdly uncomfortable…

[school bells ringing]

NEJI: School?
KYO: What’re you doing half-asleep?
NEJI: Kyo?
KYO: Well, not like I can talk. Japanese class always makes me tired.
NEJI: [sigh] It was a dream, then.
KYO: Did you have a good dream or something?
NEJI: Fifty-fifty. I woke up right as I was about to find out if it was Heaven or Hell.
KYO: What a coincidence. I had a dream like that, too.
SYURI: [yelling from a distance] Neji! Kyo!
ACE: We’re going to Ninjya after school today. Did you remember?
KYO: Don’t worry. I remember. That aside, Ace, you’ve got sleep marks on your cheeks.
ACE: Yeah, we had math.
KYO: Can’t help it then.
SYURI: Oh right, I actually fell asleep during last period too and had an interesting dream. It was a dream about going to Haruka’s house—
NEJI: Seriously? What a crazy coincidence. I had a dream about going to her house, too.
ACE: You guys, too? I went to go see her when she was sick.
KYO: Are you serious?
SYURI: Wait, you too, Kyo? Are we all having the same dreams now?
ACE: Or was that actually a dream?
NEJI: Don’t say that, that’s terrifying! It’d be weird for us to be at school now if that was real!
KYO: But it’s not impossible. When you think about what’s been happening to us lately…
SYURI: Wait, then that would mean it’s true that she’s interested in one of us…
NEJI: Whoaaa-!? It’s you— don’t just show up so suddenly!
KYO: Ah? You were calling for us? Sorry, I didn’t notice.
ACE: Won’t we know if it’s a dream or not by asking her?
SYURI: Hey wait, Ace-!
ACE: There’s something I want to ask you. Is it true that you’re interested in one of—
SYURI: Surround him!
ACE: Huh? Why are you stopping me? Wait- where are you taking me!?
NEJI: ‘Cause it seemed like you were gonna say too much. Come on, let’s go.  I’ll treat ya.
SYURI: Don’t worry about him! It seems like Ace is still half-asleep!
KYO: He had a weird dream. Right. That was a dream. So I shouldn’t pay it any mind…
SYURI: Knowing the truth is terrifying, in dual meaning. [pause] What kind of dream, you ask?
KYO: You’re the only one we can’t tell. It feels like we’ll just return back to the beginning…
NEJI: Hey! We’re heading out to Ninjya first!
KYO: Okay! Should we get going, too?
SYURI: Mm. It’s still the five of us together, right? All right, you come too! To the place we always go, with the people we’re usually with!



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