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Home, Honey Home Drama CD Translation (Part 1 of 2)

This is the story of a girl named Ichika who has been living alone in an old house in Kamakura after her mother and grandparents have all passed away. One day, four men appeared before her and each claimed ‘I’m your father’. Who is the real deal or are they all liars…? This CD accompanies the light novel that is currently being released by individual chapters in Sylph.

Home, Honey Home Situation & Drama CD  ホーム、ハニーホーム シチュエーション&ドラマCD

KEI Tsuzumi (水留 ) …… CV. Kishou Taniyama (谷山紀章)
CHIAKI Yura (由良 千晃) …… CV. Ryoutarou Okiayu (置鮎龍太郎)
FUYUHARU Shindou (真堂 冬陽) …… CV. Tomoaki Maeno (前野智昭)
YOUSUKE Komasa (駒生 葉介) …… CV. Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川光)

KEI Tsuzumi – English Lecturer
Works as an English lecturer at the protagonist’s high school. Has a refined appearance like a prince and a calm disposition. But he’s scary when provoked!

CHIAKI Yura – Popular Actor
An incredibly popular and skilled actor with sex appeal. He never divulges his true feelings. A considerably dangerous man.

FUYUHARU Shindou – Architect
A young architect with workaholic tendencies. He has a pompous personality, but he might have a different side when relaxed?

YOUSUKE Komasa – Stalker?
Occupation unknown, age unknown – an airy and mysterious type of man. He talks with a peculiar sense of distance, and also draws close unexpectedly…


7:00 AM – Prologue

KEI: Hm? Oh, good morning. Fuyuharu and I are the only ones awake so far. You still look sleepy. Why don’t you go get some sunlight? The weather is nice out today, so it might wake you up. Oh, I don’t need help with this. You can leave getting breakfast ready at the very least to your father. Make sure you wear a jacket so you don’t catch a cold- oh right, you left your cardigan out, didn’t you? Fuyuharu was just saying you shouldn’t leave your things around. Go put it on.

[TV program in background]

FUYUHARU: Oh, you’re awake? Your cardigan? Yeah. This, right? Make sure you clean up your own clothes. What, are you going outside? Kei is making food right now so hurry back. Grab the newspaper while you’re out there. Oh, some tea before that. Make it really hot. ‘Do that sort of thing yourself’? And just what kind of way is that to talk to your father? You in your rebelious stage?

CHIAKI: [distant] I’m home!

FUYUHARU: That voice is- Chiaki? Honestly, coming home in the morning… what a nice life he leads. Don’t grow up to be that sort of an adult.

CHIAKI: Ahh, I’m exhausted. Huh? Oh, good morning~ I didn’t think you’d come out to greet me. [grabs Ichika] Mmm~ What a joyous morning to be able to hug my adorable daughter~ Ah- why are you running away!? Papa worked really hard at his job, you know? … I smell like alcohol? Ahh… I was drinking until morning with the people from the studio so- Huh? ‘Just hurry up and go get the newspaper’? Why the newspaper? Yeah, yeah, got it. Where are you going? Going out to get some fresh air, huh. That reminds me, You was out in the garden. Looked like he was sitting out there doing something.

YOUSUKE: Oh… Good morning. It’s already time for you to wake up, huh? Several of the birdhouses were broken because of the wind earlier, so I was fixing them. It took some time, though… You’re right. Fuyuharu is more suited to doing this. But I was thinking about you while I was fixing them. Just like how I was fixing them, I want to be able to protect you and the things you cherish. Exaggerating? …Am I? I don’t really get it, but those are my real feelings. Because I’m your father.

Home, Honey Home

KEI: Yousuke. You won’t be able to digest your food well if you eat that fast.
YOUSUKE: Seconds?
KEI: Yeah, yeah.
FUYUHARU: You sure can eat well first thing in the morning. It doesn’t seem like the sort of appetite a man in his thirties would have.
CHIAKI: He’s like a high schooler, right? I’m already full.
FUYUHARU: You need to eat more, Chiaki.
CHIAKI: Not a chance. Oh, are you done, too? You need to eat more, too. You won’t get bigger, you know? In several ways~


KEI: No sexual harassment. Here, Yousuke, your seconds.
YOUSUKE: Mm, thanks.
FUYUHARU: Oh right, an old lady from the neighborhood talked to me recently.
CHIAKI: Getting picked up by the ladies? You’re a popular one, Fuyuharu~
FUYUHARU: I said ‘old lady’. She said she’s seen some men coming and going from the house and asked if we were relatives. She said she asked the young lady, but she didn’t even get a gist from her. That ‘young lady’ was you, right?
KEI: That’s a… hard question to answer.
CHIAKI: You should just tell the truth: ‘My Papa who I thought was gone all this time suddenly showed up, but in actuality there are four of them and I don’t know which is my real Papa!’
FUYUHARU: Not a chance. That’s just more suspicious.
YOUSUKE: I heard money is good for keeping people quiet. Should we pay?
KEI: Yousuke, Chiaki was the one who told you that, right? You can’t take him seriously. I’ll explain the situation to the neighbors properly later. Oh, is everyone off today? Do I need to make 5 servings for each meal?
CHIAKI: I have off, but I’m going to be sleeping through the afternoon so don’t worry about me. [yawns] My colleagues from the drama were so pushy, I’m exhausted~
FUYUHARU: Were you doing this ‘drama’ while drinking?
CHIAKI: You can be an actor too if you’re jealous, Haru~? Quit from being an architect.
FUYUHARU: Of course not, idiot. I have today off, but I’ve got left over work to do. Sunday means high schools are out too, right? What about the teacher? Do you have nothing to do when school is out?
KEI: I don’t really have anything for today. I’m just a ‘lecturer’ not a ‘teacher’ after all. You’re also off for today, right? Um, and Yousuke-?
YOUSUKE: I have nothing to do…
FUYUHARU: That’s a NEET for you huh? Even though he’s got enough money to be an Arab oil prince… If I’m jealous of anyone, it’s him.
CHIAKI: You is very mysterious. Nevertheless, it’s too bad we aren’t going anywhere considering all five of us are off today.
KEI: Oh well. Let’s just spend a comfortable day around the house.
YOUSUKE: I like being comfortable. And I’m happy I get to be with you, too.
CHIAKI: Hey you. Don’t hit on my daughter while we’re eating.
YOUSUKE: Huh? Did that count as hitting on her??
KEI: You’re fine, Yousuke. It was way better than the creepy things Chiaki says.
CHIAKI: What I say is normal! Just normally whispering of my love for my daughter.
KEI: That’s exactly what I’m saying is creepy.
CHIAKI: If you’re going to say that then Kei you-
FUYUHARU: ARGH! Shut up! At least let me eat in peace!

I won’t be adding the audio for this track or the remaining tracks when I get around to them, so please purchase the CD if you’d like to listen along while you read!

4:00 PM – Yousuke

YOUSUKE: Ah- I forgot a change of clothes. …It’s fine I guess. [bumps into Ichika] Are you okay? Sorry for coming out so suddenly; I was in the bath. Fuyuharu got mad at me because I got dirty from sleeping outside. Your cheeks are kind of red?

YOUSUKE: Oh, clothes are too much of a bother so I just put on pants. It’s hot when you get out of the bath. Hm? Are you hot, too? You’re sweating… If you’re going to take a bath, I’ll put you in. ‘Socializing in the nude’ is part of Japanese culture, isn’t it? And it was written in a book I read that it’s a father’s job to bathe his daughter. Um, it said hold her firmly and wash gently like a massage. You don’t want her to get dizzy, so do it quick. Huh? Am I wrong? That’s what was written in the book, ‘Child Rearing Techniques for the Newbie Papa’. You’re not getting in? Okay…

YOUSUKE: Is it all right for me to wear these clothes? Is this better? Good. Thanks. Whose are these? I see… You got these for me.  My hair? It’s wet but I’ll just leave it like that. It’s such a bother, and it’ll dry with time anyway. I don’t catch colds. I’ve been around to lots of countries but my body has never been messed up. Huh? You’ll dry it for me? Hmm… I’m not against it but… I really am okay. I’m going to take a walk around here so it’ll dry right away in the wind. Ah-!? All right – I’ll listen to you so you don’t have to drag me so hard.

YOUSUKE: No, it’s not hot. Thanks. It feels nice to have you touch my hair. I usually don’t comb it, but I’m happy to have you doing it for me. But if you’re that kind to me, I feel like my illness might come out again. No, it’s not a cold; it’s my clinginess disease. Sometimes I really want to be close to you and hug you. Oh, I guess it’s not just sometimes, it’s always. I’m not joking. I’m being serious. Even just a little is fine; I want to hug you. No? All right, I’ll restrain myself. I wonder how I can cure my clinginess disease.

YOUSUKE: Mm. You’re right; I need to be more steadfast, because I’m your father. You know, I actually hate hair driers. But I like it when you do it for me. With you brushing through my hair, the air from the dryer feels nice even though it should be unpleasant. I was thinking it’d be nice if this time continued on forever.

YOUSUKE: Huh? It seemed like I didn’t like it before? It’s not that; I wasn’t opposed to it. I was just a little worried. I’m the least ‘father-like’ out of the four of us, right? I was always with the circus troupe before coming here so I understand circus things. And I can at least speak in several other countries’ languages. But I don’t really know anything other than that. I don’t know about Japan or have common sense; I’m lacking a lot of proficiencies to live here. I can’t really protect you with what I have now.  That’s a little painful. And you, too. What you love, hate, what you’re afraid of, how you’ve spent your time until now- there’s so much I want to know.

YOUSUKE: [hugs Ichika] I couldn’t hold back after all. Even just for a little while is fine, but let me hold you. The time I’ve spent as a parent is really short, but I did study up on being a father through books. To be strong, kind, reliable, and protect you well – that’s a father, right? A parent and child are still connected even when they’re apart. They’re connected by a bond that can’t be broken even if you try to sever it. I want to be like that with you too. I’ve always thought it’d be nice if we were.

YOUSUKE: That’s the reason why I was worried. I’m your father but you’re the one looking after me. I’m the one who should be looking after you.  But you know, if I were to be honest, I really love having you take care of me. Because I can hog you to myself. It’s not okay to like things that aren’t good, huh? Are these feelings okay for a parent and child? You know, they don’t write about feelings in any of the books. I read lots of books to be your father, but the one thing I wanted to know most wasn’t written anywhere. It’s not just my clinginess disease, but I just want to do things with you that I shouldn’t. Huh? It’s fine if it’s just a little bit? Thank you! Just a little is fine…? Those are very kind and beautiful words. I better thank you- what would be good? Ah! Should we go buy you some clothes? You don’t have to be shy. Fuyuharu told me that my wallet was the only thing about me that was fully adult. Huh? That’s not a compliment? I see… But I’m happy to be able to buy something for you that you want. There’s nothing you want? Mmm~ What should I do? I want to do it, though… Oh, right.

YOUSUKE: Thanks for everything. I love you. [smooch] Huh? Did I get my thank you wrong again? I thought a kiss on the cheek was a sign of thanks…? Oh. Right. Japan doesn’t have that custom. Umm… Sorry. I’ll be careful from now on. No kissing, no hugging, no buying things. There are a lot of things off limits. Huh? Just a little is fine? Mm. Got it. Just a little. Why am I hugging you again? Well, just a little is fine, right? I’m not hugging you too much. Not at all. This is ‘just a little’ to me. Well then, how much is your ‘just a little’? 5 minutes?  10 minutes? No. No matter how you try to count my feelings or cut them away into little pieces, they can’t be given a number. You’ll always be dear to me, without any breaks. [smooch] Sorry. I might never be cured of my clinginess disease.




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