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DYNAMIC CHORD feat. apple-polisher Drama CD Translation – Which one do you choose, Yuki or Shinobu?

Miu gets caught up in Yuki and Shinobu’s drunken antics late one night while helping Yuki support Shinobu on his way to bed. Somehow, she ends up between them in Shinobu’s bed…?

DYNAMIC CHORD feat. apple-polisher
Which one do you choose, Yuki or Shinobu?
Stellaset Limited Bonus Drama CD ステラセット限定版特典ドラマ

YUKI Aoi (青井有紀) ……  CV. Yoshiki Nakajima (中島ヨシキ)
SHINOBU Kurosawa (黒沢 ) ……  CV. Yuuichirou Umehara (梅原裕一郎)


YUKI: Hey, are you okay Shinobu?

SHINOBU: Look, I told you I wasn’t drunk.

YUKI: Yeah, yeah, that’s what drunks usually say. Sorry for making you help me carry Shinobu. It would have been nice if Yuusei was here… Come on, we’re almost at your room.

YUKI: Okay, we’re here. Shinobu, just take a seat on the bed for now. You shouldn’t be too tipsy that way.

SHINOBU: I said it before, but I’m not drunk.

YUKI: How can a guy who’s been stumbling over his own feet say that? How many did you have? I told you not to drink at the same pace as Terinari, didn’t I?

SHINOBU: I don’t remember how much I drank but… I’m still quite conscious so it’s fine.

YUKI: It’s true that you’re talking the same way you always do, but you get weirdly erotic when you’re drunk.

SHINOBU: I don’t understand what you mean. Yuki, you had plenty yourself, didn’t you? Why are you only getting angry with me?

YUKI: If you’re going to tell me you’re not drunk, then why aren’t you ever letting go of her hand?

SHINOBU: What are you talking about?

YUKI: That. That hand! You’re totally holding it.

SHINOBU: Ah… When did I…?

YUKI: Here it is. Agh. Just who was it who grabbed her when she got out of the shower and wouldn’t let her go?

SHINOBU: Me, I guess.

YUKI: And you’re still not letting go. It’s a good thing Narumi’s already asleep. Shinobu, you’re such a pain in the ass when you’re drunk.

SHINOBU: That’s not true. And alcohol tastes better when you’ve got a beautiful girl like her next to you when you’re drinking. But… did you not like it?

SHINOBU: I see. You’re a good girl. You’re adorable when you blush like that too.

YUKI: This is no good. He’s completely trashed. Agh, jeez! I guess I’ll sleep with you too if it’s going to be like this.

SHINOBU: Yuki, her aside, why are you sleeping in the same bed, too? You have your own bed over there.

YUKI: Who cares every now and then? We’ve slept together a number of times before, right?

SHINOBU: Just when exactly are you talking about? That was a long time ago.

YUKI: Yeah, yeah, that’s right. Ahh, I can’t get back up now that I’ve laid down. I’m not as bad as Shinobu, but I’m actually pretty drunk myself. I’ve given up on my sense of duty for dealing with that drunk.

SHINOBU: Honestly, you’re hopeless no matter how old you get.

YUKI: Shinobu, you’re the only person I don’t want to hear that from right now.

SHINOBU: Mm? Oh, sorry. It must have been hard to move around since I was holding your hand this whole time. Still, your fingers are pretty.

SHINOBU: Does it bother you that you have calluses? It’s nothing you need to worry about. On the contrary, it’s a sign that you’ve taken on your instrument seriously.

YUKI: Right. From my perspective, I like them way more than manicured nails.

SHINOBU: Me too. But girls’ hearts are complicated. She’ll still worry no matter what we say.

YUKI: That might be the case.

SHINOBU: Well then. [smooch] Did that show you that they’re lovely enough for me to want to bring them to my lips?

SHINOBU: Hm? Why are you going all stiff?

YUKI: Oh boy. Shinobu’s going to bury his head in his hands over this when morning comes.

YUKI: ‘Don’t laugh, stop him?’ Sorry. It’s difficult even for me to stop Shinobu when he’s like this. And it’s fun to see that perpetual sour face of his crumble.

YUKI: You know, you think I’m just going to leave you guys alone when you’re flaunting it? …You’ve got a bad feeling? So mean. It’s something much better. [smooch] [smooch] [smooch] [smooch] Some magic to make you like your own hands. How about it? Think you’ll come to like them? You’re blushing all the way to your fingertips. Okay, one more time–

SHINOBU: Yuki. Can you stop? You’re bothering her.

YUKI: What, are you jealous, Shi?

SHINOBU: Don’t be ridiculous. And stop calling me that. You’ll catch the stupid from being next to Yuki. Come a little closer this way.

YUKI: Hey hey, that’s not true. And besides, it seems like you’re more likely to get eaten up by Shinobu in this situation. I’m safer, right?

SHINOBU: You’re safe? That’s the first time I’m hearing that. I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t do anything with her in front of you when you’re drunk.

YUKI: Come on, is that really a line someone who’s pulling her back with his arms around her waist can say?

SHINOBU: Don’t lump me in with you.

YUKI: That has absolutely no persuasiveness in your current state, Shinobu.

SHINOBU: What’d you say?

YUKI: Oh, sorry. We’ve been pushing and pulling you around too much.

SHINOBU: Sorry. I ended up getting completely engrossed…

YUKI: Don’t be so angry. I’ll be gentle for all the roughness you’ve been put through. [smooch] Did that surprise you? Your neck is sensitive. I really like the line of the nape of your neck. It’s fine when you have your hair down like usual, but it’s enticing to see when you put your hair up every now and then.

SHINOBU: I see. So I should tell her what part of her I like?

YUKI: No, not quite-

SHINOBU: Right. Let me think…

YUKI: He’s not even listening…

SHINOBU: Your ears, I guess. I thought they had a pretty shape. And then when I- [smooch] it’s nice how they turn red immediately.

YUKI: I hate to admit it, but you’ve gotten tangled up with some pretty tiresome guys. But… I’m about at my limit. It’s too bad, but we’ll keep the continuation of this for another time.

YUKI: Hey, Shinobu, it’s about time you should—

YUKI: He’s sleeping!? Ah, I’m looking forward to Shinobu’s reaction tomorrow. Let’s go to sleep, too. Good night.

SHINOBU:  [wakes up] -? Is it morning…? Where am I…? Yesterday I…- !? What are Yuki and her doing in my bed!? … Dammit, I got drunk. Yuki! Wake up! Yuki!

YUKI: [sleep talking] Narumi~ Isn’t beer delicious~?

SHINOBU: They’re both sleeping soundly. Ah, the futon is all turned around.

SHINOBU: Maybe I’ll hold back on the alcohol for a while.




7 April 2018 at 02:20

hi! i was wondering where you got this track. i’ve been looking for this track for a while now, but i haven’t found it yet. thank you!

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