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DYNAMIC CHORD feat. apple-polisher Drama CD Translation – Which one do you choose, Narumi or Yuusei?

Narumi comes to Miu’s door late at night with a request for a pajama party, claiming that Yuusei wanted to have one. Only Yuusei has a slightly different idea of what this sleepover will entail…

DYNAMIC CHORD feat. apple-polisher
Which one do you choose, Narumi or Yuusei?
Animate Limited Bonus Drama CD アニメイト限定版特典ドラマCD

NARUMI Amagi  (天城成海) …… CV. Shouta Aoi (蒼井翔太)
YUUSEI Otoishi (音石 夕星) …… CV. Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏)


NARUMI: Ah, good. You’re still up. It’s Narumi. Sorry, I know it’s late.
NARUMI: Good evening. Hey um, you’re off tomorrow too, right? I know it’s a little sudden but… would you come to my room? Yuusei’s staying here tonight too, and we were just talking about how you and Kana had a pajama party together before. Then Yuusei said he’d never had one before so then we were talking about doing one now but… If it’s just me and him then it’s no different from normal, so if you’re okay with it, would you come too? …Is that a no?
NARUMI: Ah, great! Well then, here- please take my hand. I’ll guide you to our rendezvous spot.
NARUMI: Haha, just kidding. Let’s go!

NARUMI: Yuusei! Thanks for waiting.
YUUSEI: Ugh, you’re finally here~ I was so sick of waiting I was about to go to sleep.
NARUMI: No, no! I especially went and got her, so come on, don’t lie down, get up!
YUUSEI: Noooo~
NARUMI: I’ll get you up. Hold out your hands.
YUUSEI: [grumbles]
NARUMI: Whoa- I can’t get him up at all. Yuusei! You’re intentionally putting your strength into this, aren’t you!?
YUUSEI: Who knows?
NARUMI: Jeez, Yuusei you’re hopeless. Will you help me pull him up?
NARUMI: Here we go. Ready, go- !? –Whoa!?
YUUSEI: Hahaha! You both fell down, you knuckleheads~ Hahaha~
NARUMI: That’s ‘cause you pulled us! Are you okay? You didn’t hit your head?
NARUMI: Okay, good.
YUUSEI: So you had a pajama party with Kana? Of course I wouldn’t say I want to have one. I said ‘sounds like fun’ and then it was Naru Naru who said we should have one now-
NARUMI: Ahhh! Yuusei! Why are you selling me out!?
YUUSEI: Naru Naru really wanted to have one~
NARUMI: Urgh, I mean, I wanted to be part of the pajama party too…
YUUSEI: So what? Let’s lay down now, all three of us. We have something to substitute for snacks here anyway.
NARUMI: A substitute for snacks?
YUUSEI: That’s right~ This right here— [smooch]
YUUSEI: Ah ❤ She’s blushing~
NARUMI: What are you doing!?
YUUSEI: What, I mean I was just giving her a kiss on the cheek? Why are you blushing too, Narumi?
NARUMI: Why-!? ‘Cause— Hmph, you, come here! I feel like it’ll be dangerous to leave you next to Yuusei.
YUUSEI: Hah, what’s that? I’m offended.
NARUMI: No matter how cute she is, don’t use her as a substitute for snacks.
YUUSEI: But she looked so soft and delicious~
NARUMI: Soft…?
YUUSEI: Why don’t you take a taste if you’re curious, Naru Naru? You’ve been holding her so carefully for a while now so you must be interested.
NARUMI: Huh? Ah-! Oh, I uh, sorry. I didn’t even notice. …
NARUMI: Um. I-if you don’t mind then, could I… kiss you too?
NARUMI: O-on your cheek, of course!
NARUMI: Thanks! Okay then— [smooch] It’s true! Your cheeks are really soft. And they look even more delicious when they turn red.
NARUMI: Hey. Can I have another taste? [smooch] Hehe. You’re cute.
YUUSEI: I’m getting the creepy crawlies over here just watching…
NARUMI: You’re the one who did it first, Yuusei.
YUUSEI: Well yeah but…
YUUSEI: Hey. So mine or Narumi’s – whose kiss had your heart racing?
YUUSEI: Hahaha~ She’s blushing even more~ So simple. Ah- Ouch! Fugly just hit me! I didn’t even do anything bad~! ?
NARUMI: Come on, don’t fight you two. Heh. This really does seem like we’re actually siblings.
YUUSEI: I’d be the older brother then. I am older after all~
NARUMI: Huh?? You’re more like a little brother. You’re too quick to fight. So I’m the older brother.
YUUSEI: Boooo~ ?
NARUMI: How you pout right away is little brother-ish, too. You think so too, right?
NARUMI: What? You’re the older sister and Yuusei and I are your younger brothers?
YUUSEI: It’s definitely not that one.
NARUMI: Mm hm, nope, nope.
YUUSEI: Ahhh~! Fugly is getting violent~! Ah!
NARUMI: Ah-hahaha! Sorry! Sorry! Don’t get so mad. It’s ruining your cute face.
YUUSEI: You look like a puffer fish with your cheeks all puffed up like that. Hey hey, mind if I poke ‘em?
NARUMI: Yuusei has so much fun teasing you he can’t help himself. Just let it go. [smooch] Feel better now?
YUUSEI: It’s a waste to be angry when you’re in between us~
NARUMI: Haha, did that tickle? Looks like you are feeling better.
NARUMI: [yawn] I think I’m starting to get sleepy.
YUUSEI: This is staying up late for Naru Naru. You look tired too, so should we start getting to sleep?
NARUMI: It feels like a waste but let’s do that. It’ll be hard on you if you don’t get enough sleep, right?
YUUSEI: You’re tired but you don’t want to sleep? So selfish~
NARUMI: But I understand how you feel.
YUUSEI: Hmm… Mm. Well then, I’ll cast some magic on both of you.
YUUSEI: Come on. Come here, you two.
YUUSEI: Hug~~ ❤
NARUMI: Hahaha~ That tickles, Yuusei!
YUUSEI: Heh. Now you and Narumi feel like you can sleep, right?
NARUMI: Mm. My eyelids are already stuck shut… Goodnight…
YUUSEI: Ah. Narumi’s asleep. He always falls asleep so easily. Come on. I’m turning off the lights, so you go to sleep too. Goodnight.



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