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Blackish House sideA→ Drama CD Translation – Night Tempted~Choose Gou or Madoka?~

Hina is playing an otome game in Gou’s room while Madoka and Gou watch. But then Madoka thinks of better way for them to spend their time…

Blackish House sideA→
Night Tempted~Choose Gou or Madoka?~
Stellaset Limited Drama CDステラセット限定ドラマCD

GOU  Shiba (椎葉 ) ……  CV. Tomoaki Maeno (前野智昭)
MADOKA Kuze (久世 ) ……  CV. Shinnosuke Tachibana (立花慎之介)


MADOKA: [sighs] A dating sim geared towards women? So this is one of those ‘otome’ games?
GOU: Yeah, that’s right.
MADOKA: So? Why do you have a game like this, Gou?
GOU: I have a role in it, so I got a copy of the final version. Well, I’m no more than just a sub character without a route, though.
MADOKA: Hmm? So you can’t fall in love with Gou, huh.
GOU: Don’t say it in a way that’s misleading! Well, you’re not wrong though.
MADOKA: So? She’s pretty into this. Is it interesting?
GOU: I only read the scripts my character was in, but the story was pretty elaborate so it seemed interesting.
MADOKA: Hmm… Oh-? A whole bunch of good looking guys showed up!
GOU: This is a school one so there’s upper classman, junior classmen, and classmates. You’ve got the pick of the litter.
MADOKA: Come on, even if you say ‘I recommend this one’ I just…
MADOKA: Whoa, he’s pleased by that? I don’t get it…
MADOKA: ?? Two guys showed up just now for some reason.
GOU: Looks like they’re fighting over the protagonist.
MADOKA: It’s progressing so fast! Is this really fun?
MADOKA: Yikes, it’s got cliché lines too.
GOU: That’s what otome games are.
MADOKA: Huh… But she’s had her eyes glued to the screen for a while now which means… girls are into these clichés?
MADOKA: No, you’ve just been playing the game seriously so… Hey, does your heart race when you hear that sort of line?
MADOKA: Ohh… I see. But there’s no sense of reality to being fought over in a game. Don’t you think the real thing would be better?
GOU: Huh? The real thing?
MADOKA: So we’ll compete for her now.
GOU: Us? Wait, do you mean me and you?
MADOKA: Who the hell else is in here? We’re the only ones.
GOU: HAH!? Don’t be ridiculous. I definitely don’t want to!
MADOKA: Why? You’re able to say these kinds of lines at work now, right, Gou?
GOU: Well, I mean, yeah but…
MADOKA: Then it’s fine as practice.
GOU: No, it’s not! Lines from a script and saying things myself are totally different—
MADOKA: Well then, Gou and I are going to compete for you. Tell us afterwards which of us was better, okay?

GOU: (in background) Kuze, listen to what other people have to say! Hey!
MADOKA: NO! I won’t be listening to any objections. Okay, we’ll start with me.
MADOKA: Hey, did you know? I’ve been thinking you were cute for a while now.
GOU: (in background) Gah-! He just went ahead and started!

MADOKA: I’m not lying, it’s the truth. You don’t know your own charm, do you? Fine, I’ll tell you then. Let’s see… First, here. These soft-looking lips of yours. Just looking at them makes me want to kiss you. Hey, you wanna try kissing me? I’ll show you how nice kissing feels. So? You want to try? Hmm? Your face is all flushed. That part of you is cute too. Everything about you is cute somehow. Your expressions are constantly changing. That’s why I think it’s fun to be around you. What would you do if I said I wanted to keep you all to myself? What, you don’t believe my feelings? Well… That’s understandable. This is the first time I’ve said anything. But no, these are my true feelings. So, what about it? Can I have you all to myself? It’s troubling? Hmm, you’re troubled. Nice, I might want to trouble you some more. I like seeing you laugh a lot but I do want to see you cry. I’m certain your face is cute when you cry, too. [laughs] Don’t get mad! Hey, go out with me. Then I can keep you to myself, right? I don’t plan on losing to Gou when I like you this much. So, how about it? Be my girlfriend.

GOU: (in background) !!
MADOKA: I’m trusting in the fact that you’ll pick me. Come on, it’s your turn now, Gou.
GOU: I have no intentions of fighting over her…
GOU: Ah-! No, it’s not that, I don’t think you’re not attractive enough to fight over at all-
MADOKA: Huh??? Is that so~ Gou thinks she’s nothing much so he can’t get himself motivated to do it~
GOU: I said that’s not it! I-I mean, I’m not good with girls and you’re the only one that’s different, I guess, I’m not bad with you, I mean, um…
MADOKA: Hmm?? And how is she different from other girls?
GOU: No, I mean…
MADOKA: Come on, explain.

GOU: So even though you’re in a different field, I respect you as another person who works in the performance arts, and I… um, I think you’re cute for a girl, too. I mean, you’re an actress so of course  you look cute, but what I’m really interested in is your personality. Like how you don’t make fun of me even though you know I’m a gaming nerd, and how you don’t get discouraged no matter how many times I tell you I’m not good with girls, and I’m super thankful that you’re trying so hard to help me out even with the way I am. Well, you do overdo it sometimes. You should probably just leave me alone, but you always keep me company. I’m a little weak to that. And every time that happens, I think ‘she really is nice’. Well… I do think you’re a weirdo with strange taste, too. When I see you being fragile sometimes, I just can’t leave you alone or I guess I… want to protect you – by my own hands. If possible, I don’t want that to be some other guy’s job. Like how great would it be if you were all mine? Because I like your smile, your voice, the way you speak, all of it. I want them all to be mine. I don’t want them to belong to some other guy. I want you to be at my side. Er, ah… I’m being pretty heavy, huh? What I mean is, uh, well… Anyway! I really think it’s great how you’re always working so hard! I love you!

MADOKA: Hmmm~ Gou can really do it when he tries.
GOU: Huh!? What did I just—!?? No-that was just—!
MADOKA: It’s fine, it’s fine~ Her face is all red so you definitely made an impression just now! So who was better – me or Gou?
GOU: Hey, what’s with the blank look? Y-you were listening to us, right…?
MADOKA: There’s no saying ‘I won’t choose!’ after you had us say all that.
GOU: You’re the one who just started talking, Kuze… But I want to know too. What did you think…?
BOTH: Which one?
GOU: Ah- Hey!
MADOKA: She’s running away!?
GOU: Wh-!? Well, I guess ‘cause we did something stupid to her all of a sudden…  Why’d I have to blabber on about such embarrassing things—
MADOKA: This isn’t the time to start feeling depressed, Gou! Let’s hurry up and catch her!
GOU: Huh? Why?
MADOKA: We’re gonna catch her and find out which of us she thought was better!
GOU: Does it matter anymore? I can’t face her now…
MADOKA: What’s this now? When you were so passionately hitting on her just before!
GOU: !? That’s not what I was planning on doing! You used your cleverness to get me going-
MADOKA: Don’t try to blame it on someone else! But… I’m glad I got to hear how you really feel.
GOU: Huh?
MADOKA: Those things I told her just before weren’t all lies so…
GOU: !?
MADOKA: Sorry, but I’m serious about her now. It’s true that I don’t want to lose to you either.
GOU: …
MADOKA: Let’s have a fair and square fight, hm? And no grudges, no matter who wins. That’s fine, right Gou?
GOU: I don’t really want to fight—
MADOKA: You’re serious about her, aren’t you? It’s too late to complain now. We both heard your feelings about her quite clearly so it’s too late.
GOU: !
MADOKA: You’re important to me Gou, but she’s just as- no, sorry, she’s even more important.
GOU: All right. I’ll accept your feelings. But I can’t say things upfront like you can. I’ll do things my own way.
MADOKA: Heh, bring it on! But we’ll both be a total laughingstock if she gets snatched up by Sera.
GOU: That’s true… I’m going to go at her seriously, so be ready.
MADOKA: Just how I’d want it!



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