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Binary Star Drama CD Translation – Yun Rehabilitation Strategy ★ Hypnotherapy

SUMMARY: Mict has the perfect idea about how to ‘rehabilitate’ Yun’s over the line behavior toward Fuu – hypnotize him! Rayla agrees to help out but he has some doubts…

Binary Star バイナリースター
Yun Rehabilitation Strategy ★ Hypnotherapy 「ユンく更正作戦★催眠療法」
Sofmap Bonus Drama CD ソフマップ特典ドラマCD

MICT Haruno (ハルノ・ミクト) …… CV.  Kenshou Ono (小野賢章)
YUN Kamiya(カミヤ・ユン) …… CV. Ryota Osaka (逢坂良太)
RAYLA Konomi (コノミ・レイラ) …… CV. Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏)

MICT: Ahh, this beef stew is so good… Today’s dinner is great.
YUN: Fuu, you have some stew on you here~ Nuh uh, not there- here.
RAYLA: Hey, you went too far just now!
MICT: Huh? W-what happened?
RAYLA: Yun got the stew off Fuu’s cheek by licking it.
MICT: Wh-….WHAT!?!?
YUN: Come on, you’re overreacting~ It’s not like I kissed her, right? Come on Fuu, you tell them too~ Huh? Fuu? Hey, Fuu?
RAYLA: She’s so grossed out that she froze up. It’s understandable.
MICT: Fuu, excuse me for a sec.
YUN: Hey hey hey! What are you doing, Mict!?
MICT: I’m sterilizing the parts of her that were injured by being licked by Yun.
YUN: SO MEAN! You’re treating me like I’m some vermin! It’s discrimination!!
RAYLA: Obviously. Oh yeah, if you do something like that again, I’ll stab your tongue with one of my needles.
YUN: EEEK!? J-just imagining it is frightening…!
MICT: [aside] I need come up with a strategy to protect Fuu from that monster… Oh, right! I should just train the monster… Hehe. Hehehe~

RAYLA: Thanks for the meal.
MICT: O-oh! Ray!
RAYLA: What?
MICT: There’s something I’d like to talk to you about. Is now okay?
RAYLA: Yeah, sure. Isn’t it kind of rare for you to have something to say?
MICT: Ah- well. I’d like to stop Yun’s out of bounds behavior. S-so, would you work together with me to rehabilitate Yun?
RAYLA: Rehabilitate… Kind of like he’s a Stardust. Well, I did think what he did before was way over the line, so I’ll help you out.
MICT: R-really!? Ahhh, thank goodness.
MICT: [aside] Now all the preparations are set.
RAYLA: So what are you going to do to rehabilitate him?
MICT: Hehehe! I’ve already decided. My weapon is string, and since it has a small blade at the tip, I’m going to use it to hypnotize him!
MICT: I read about it in a book, but there are lots of them! It’s simple to get him to sleep, but then we can change his way of thinking—
RAYLA: Hold up! I’m pretty curious about that book, but I’m more curious to know – Mic, can you hypnotize people?
MICT: Oh, well, I haven’t done it on a person yet, so I don’t know.
RAYLA: What do you mean ‘not on a person yet’?
MICT: B-but! Yun is a simple-minded idiot so I think he’d just fall for it really easily.
RAYLA: Hah… You don’t have a more realistic method??
MICT: This was the only thing I could-… Is it no good?
RAYLA: Hmmm… Well, it’ll kill some time and it might work, so why not?
MICT: All right! I’m sure it’ll go well! Let’s hurry to Yun’s room!

YUN: It’s pretty rare for both of you to come to my room. What’s wrong?
RAYLA: We’re going to rehabilitate you.  From an R-18 to, well… about an R-15?
MICT: No, suitable for all ages.
RAYLA: Seriously!? You can do that!?
YUN: H-hey-wait just a second! I can’t really follow what you’re saying – what are you going to do to ‘rehabilitate’ me? I mean, why do I have to be rehabilitated anyway!?
MICT: You don’t have to follow what we’re saying, your eyes just need to follow the blade on the end of this string.
YUN: YAHH!? What are you planning on doing to me with your weapon out like that!?
RAYLA: Listen, just sit on your bed.
YUN: Ah-!?
RAYLA: Mic, I’ll hold Yun down so do it.
YUN: [in background] What are you doing!? Let go of me, Rayla!
RAYLA: [in background] No, this is for Fuu’s benefit so just behave.
MICT: Let’s see… There it is! It’s this page. Okay, here it goes.
MICT: Yun, stare at this blade. Got it? Listen well to what I’m about to tell you. You’re a good kid. Good little Yun. You love picking flowers and humming tunes. You hate insects. You love strawberries. That’s right: Yun is—
YUN: —!?
RAYLA: Huh? Did it work? And was that stuff you just said an incantation?
MICT: That’s right! That was—
YUN: [in higher pitched voice] No! What are you planning to do to me, hanging over me like that!? Someone save meee! I’m being assaulted by a man with a scary look in his eyes!!
RAYLA: Wah- gross!!! Ew, Mic! What kind of hypnotism did put him under!?
MICT: One to make him a cute 15 year old girl. It changed his way of thinking so instead of attacking Fuu, he’ll be a good friend to her!
RAYLA: Not a chance! And be considerate of me ‘cause I’m paired up with him! There’s no way I can do missions with that!
YUN: [in higher pitched voice] Hey… Why are you in my room!? Hurry up and get out! You perverts!!
MICT: [gasps] To think Yun would call us perverts… Haha, amazing! Rayla, it’s a total success!
RAYLA: No it isn’t! Hurry up and put him back to normal. Even his usual R-18 self is better than this!
MICT: Jeez… Fine. Okay, let’s try something else. It’s too dangerous to put him back to normal.
YUN: [in higher pitched voice] Wait… are you a stalker!? No! Going so far as to come into my room… No matter how cute I am, this is over doing it!!
RAYLA: Pft! And just exactly who was originally stalking Fuu!? By the way, that whole self-consciously calling himself ‘cute’ hasn’t changed.
MICT: Ah! This is good. Okay, here we go. Yun, look at this and listen to my voice. You are a gentleman.  Gentlemanly Yun.  A man brimming with kindness and elegance. The word you love is ‘love’. The word you hate is ‘evil’. That’s right; Yun is—
YUN:  —!?
RAYLA: Is this next one going to be okay? And wouldn’t hypnotizing people with your weapon be helpful during missions??
MICT: Shh! Quiet! Yun’s looking at us.
YUN: [in lower pitched voice] Welcome to my room. Allow me to properly welcome you, my guests. Hahaha~
RAYLA: Huh? Ahh… This seems sort of off.
MICT: Looks like he’s going to make us some tea. Hehe~ This time it really is a huge success!
RAYLA: That’s fine if so but…
YUN: [in lower pitched voice] Wh-what is the meaning of this!?
RAYLA: Hey, your gentleman is yelling.
MICT: Wh-what’s wrong, Yun!?
YUN: [in lower pitched voice] There’s no tea set to welcome guests! This is unacceptable. But if I go into town now and buy one—
RAYLA: Right now-!? Hey, wait! Nothing is open at this hour.
YUN: [in lower pitched voice] What!? What have I done… I can’t even welcome my guests! To apologize for my indiscretion, I’ll cut through my stomach—
RAYLA: AHHH! Wait!! Mic, your gentleman is mixed up with a samurai!
RAYLA: [in background] Stop it, stop it!
YUN: [in background] Aghh! Let go—
RAYLA: [in background] You’ll start bleeding—!
MICT: That’s odd… It should have worked well… Look, it’s just like the incantation said!
RAYLA: Forget the book already, bring Yun back! Even his R-18 self is fine, just put him back to normal! Before he commits seppuku!
MICT: Ahh~ Having to turn him back to his R-18 self~…
YUN: [in lower pitched voice] Don’t stop me!! At the very least, let me apologize by cutting—
RAYLA: MIC! Hurry it up!!
MICT: G-got it! Yun! Look at this and listen to my voice. You’re Yun Kamiya. Return back to yourself.
YUN: —!?
RAYLA: [panting] I’m exhausted… Hey, did he go back to normal? Maybe?
MICT: Um, Yun?
YUN: Mict? AHHHH!? Why am I holding a kitchen knife!?
RAYLA: Ahhh… thank goodness. Hey Mic, give me that book.
MICT: Hm? Oh, sure.

[rips pages]

MICT: AHH! What are you doing!? Stop it!!
RAYLA: This is for the best! [rips pages] It’s a mistake for this terrifying book to have even existed in this world in the first place.
YUN: Hey, what’s that book? And don’t leave garbage in someone else’s room! You two better clean it up nicely. Ah, it’s already 10! Fuu is in the training room a lot around this time~ So I’m going to go help her with her training~!
YUN: H-hey! Rayla! Let me go! If I don’t hurry then I won’t get to see Fuu!
RAYLA: Mic. Sorry. Actually, can you put him under one more time? That last gentleman one would be fine.
MICT: In that case, I remember the incantation so no problem.
YUN: Huh!? Hey! What are you doing!? STOOOOOOP!!



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