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Binary Star Drama CD Translation – Yun Kamiya Style Love Course

Yun has the perfect(?) idea to get Idzuki to recognize him as a capable man after getting lectured over work issues – teach a love course for Idzuki’s benefit! Surely it will go well… right?

Binary Star バイナリスター
Yun Kamiya Style Love Course カミヤ・ユン式恋愛講座
Animate Limited Bonus Drama CD アニメイト店舗特典ドラマCD

YUN Kamiya (カミヤ・ユン) …… CV. Ryota Osaka (逢坂良太)
TCHICAI Kanou (カノウ・チカイ) …… CV. Kenichi Suzumura (鈴村健一)
IDZUKI Nanase (ナナセ・イヅキ) …… CV. Hiroyuki Yoshino (吉野裕行)


TCHICAI: Done! And with that, I’m done writing my report! Are you done, Yun-Yun?
YUN: ….hey now… if you touch me there-… *giggle*…
TCHICAI: Wow! ★ He’s having a pretty risqué dream~ Better report this to Nana! Tefu Tefu, get some great photos~

[Tefu Tefu takes pictures]

TCHICAI: All right! That should be good. Okay, send those to Nana~

[Sound of running footsteps approaching]

IDZUKI: YUN! Is Yun in here!?
YUN: Yes! Present!
TCHICAI: Kyahaha! He’s finally awake!
IDZUKI: What are these pictures?
YUN: Ah- Pictures? Wah- What is this!? It’s me! Ahh~ I’m still handsome even when I’m all slouched over!
IDZUKI: Is that all you have to say when you look at these!?
YUN: Ah- well, I mean! Everyone else gets to go out on investigation missions while I’m the only one who has to stay behind and write reports with Tchica? It’s favoritism! I want to go out and do some work that involves moving around!
IDZUKI: It looks like I have no choice but to rake you through the coals. Come. HERE!
YUN: What the-!? NOOO!!
TCHICAI: Waahh~ Nana was more upset than I expected. I guess I did something bad to Yun-Yun. Oh, right! I’ll write up his report for him as an apology! ♪ La la~ …? What’s this? It’s totally blank. Yun-Yun didn’t do anything at all…

[Door opens]

YUN: *sniffles* … I’m back… *crying*
TCHICAI: Oh my, what’s wrong, Yun-Yun? Your face is a mess of tears and snot.
YUN: *crying* Nana was… super angry… even though… there wasn’t anything… to be that mad about-!
TCHICAI: Ohhh, there there. Don’t cry, kiddo. It’s embarrassing to cry like that at 20 years old.
YUN: Tchica, did you send Nana those photos?
TCHICAI: Ahhh… Mm! But, but~ Look, I finished up your report to make up for tattling on you!
YUN: You’re so MEAN–! But thanks.
TCHICAI: Yun-Yun. I know writing up reports might be boring, but if you don’t do them properly the data won’t be there. It’ll just make things worse in the future. So make sure you do them well from now on. I know that you’re a capable man, Yun-Yun~
YUN: But Nana doesn’t get it. He doesn’t think that I’m a capable man.
TCHICAI: So then let’s work on finding a way to get Nana to understand that with our remaining time.
YUN: But the reports are already done, right?
TCHICAI: That’s true…
YUN: Hmm… I suppose demonstrating my field of expertise would be the way to show him I’m capable.
TCHICAI: Yun-Yun’s field of expertise? I guess that would be like peeping, taking peep photos, and stalking?
YUN: Right, exactl- NO! Those are all crimes! I’d be seized by the Public Order Department! Not that, love! Look, Nana’s rather ignorant about it, like sort of grossly inexperienced, right? So I’ll teach him how to hit on ladies! And then even Nana would be like ‘Haha, I was pretty ignorant of love. You’ve really helped me out. Let me call you ‘master’ from now on!’ And with that I’ll be a ‘capable man’!
TCHICAI: Hmm… I have a totally different feeling about this but… It sounds fun so why not? I’ll help you out. ★
YUN: Thanks, Tchica! So after dinner we’ll call Nana and hold a love course. But this really requires the role of a lady… I have no choice but to rely on Fuu, huh? Hahaha~
TCHICAI: Hm? Don’t get too touchy-feely with Fuu…
YUN: I-I know that! I’m a gentleman, after all! Well, let’s start by making the materials we need. Tchica, look into Nana’s standard love score, okay?
TCHICAI: Okay~  ♪

IDZUKI: Hey, what’s about to start? Fuu’s here too… Ah. Are we going to have a darts competition together?
TCHICAI: No. The teacher will be here soon, so just wait.
IDZUKI: Huh? Teacher?
YUN: Hey ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for waiting. Let’s begin right away.
IDZUKI: Begin what? And with that moustache over your mouth…
YUN: This is an accessory to set the mood! We’re going to be starting something for your benefit, you know? ~Kamiya Yun Style Love Course~!
IDZUKI: A l-l-love course!?
YUN: We started by looking into your love experience score- huh? Wait, Tchica, this can’t be right? There’s only one number here?
TCHICAI: Sir! There’s no mistake; Nana’s standard love score is the same as his name – ‘nana’ (seven)! ★ Kyahaha! ((The joke here is that the mean score is 50 with a standard deviation of 10 and poor Nana’s score is 7))
IDZUKI: Seven… That can’t be true! Say what you will, but that number is odd. …H-hey, Fuu, don’t take that number they’re saying seriously.
YUN: This is a number that would even shock an academic conference.
IDZUKI: An academic conference? What academic conference!?
YUN: This is a grave time. I’d like to deal with this immediately. Tchica!
TCHICAI: Right! Fuu, you stand here. Hey, if the teacher gets a little too grabby-handed with you, you can hit him!
IDZUKI: Hey, Yun, this is enough so let us go back to our rooms.
YUN: Hah… Nana doesn’t get it. With a love score of ‘seven’ you really should be taking this more seriously, you know? You’re already 35 years old; a score of seven is really bad. At this rate you’ll never get married and die alone! Don’t you want to create a happy household? What about your dream ‘home’!?
IDZUKI: M-m-married, of course I want to get married! But ‘my home’ is here.
TCHICAI: Well, that is true. This place is ‘my home’, too.
YUN: ANYWAY. I’m going to teach how to speak with girls. This is for your benefit, Nana! So look, listen, remember and take those skills back with you! Okay?
IDZUKI: Ahh, got it.
YUN: Good. Very well. Fuu, treat me not as Yun Kamiya, but as a guy who you’ve only just met and all you know about him is his name.
TCHICAI: Okay, the scene is a guy and a girl who were introduced to each other by a good friend. Today is their first date. This is the part where they meet up.
YUN: Ah, did I make you wait? Sorry! I had to take care of something and ran late. What? What was I doing? It was – this~
IDZUKI: Giving flowers as a present is good, but those flowers are ugly…
IDZUKI: Ah, sorry.
YUN: I went to buy you these flowers. I thought these lovely flowers looked like you. Maybe I’m trying too hard to look good? Well, shall we get going? Here! … What do I mean? Your hand! It’d be awful if we got separated, so- Good. Let’s go.
TCHICAI: Okay, the end!
IDZUKI: H-H-holding hands is overdoing it!! There’s been practically no time since you’ve met! It’s too soon for that!
YUN: You don’t get it, Nana. First impressions are said to be crucial. And just holding hands is-
IDZUKI: LISTEN. Hurry up and get away from Fuu!
TCHICAI: Oh! ♪ Great timing for this situation! Sir, let’s move on to the ‘get your hands off my girlfriend!’ part where she gets caught up with a bad guy!
YUN: Got it!
IDZUKI: Huh? What are you talking about?
YUN: Hey punk! Get your hands off my girlfriend right now or else! If you don’t, I’ll make sure you have a bad time!
IDZUKI: ‘Punk’? You’re calling me a punk…
YUN: Don’t feel like listening? Fine. I’ll rough you up a bit.
IDZUKI: Good. Come at me. You won’t hold her hand ever again.
YUN: The time to strike is RIGHT NOW!
TCHICAI: Wow~ ★Yun-Yun seems more like a punk!
IDZUKI: Heh. Did you really think you could steal her away from me with that kind of an attack?
YUN: Uh? Huh? Nana, this is an act so I intentionally used a weak punch, so let go of my hand and-

[Yun collapses]

IDZUKI: Well, this is a relief. Fuu, you can get back to your room. Something strange will happen to you if you just go along with them. Yun? Don’t worry about him. He’ll be up in ten minutes. Yeah. Good night.
TCHICAI: You were amazing, Nana~! Nana, that was super cool! This will cause a sharp rise in your score! Fuu’s eyes had turned into hearts just now!
IDZUKI: A-ah, r-really? Hm. Well. I just did what was justified.
TCHICAI: Ohh~ Even your words are becoming cool now~ ★Yun-Yun, your love course was a huge success!
YUN: …that’s…great…
TCHICAI: Huh? Yun-Yun? Yun-Yun! Wah!? His eyes are rolled into the back of his head! And he’s foaming at the mouth-!
IDZUKI: This is bad. Did I hit him too hard? I might have used too much power because it had to do with Fuu… Hey! Hang in there, Yun! Yun!
TCHICAI: Yun-Yun! Hang in there! Wake up!
IDZUKI: Ugh… He’s crying…
TCHICAI: He IS! Wah, this is the first time I’ve seen someone cry while passed out!
IDZUKI: Whatever, let’s carry him to his room-
TCHICAI: Yep yep~!



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