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Binary Star Drama CD Translation – Written for You: A Love Letter Showdown

Tchicai decides to write a letter to someone he loves after seeing Mict writing to his parents. Somehow Mict and Idzuki end up getting dragged into a love letter writing showdown with Tchicai…?

Binary Star バイナリスター
Written for You: A Love Letter Showdown「キミへ綴る、ラブレター対決」
Imagine WEB Bonus Drama CDいまじんWEB特典ドラマCD

MICT Haruno (ハルノ・ミクト) …… CV.  Kenshou Ono (小野賢章)
TCHICAI Kanou (カノウ・チカイ) …… CV. Kenichi Suzumura (鈴村健一)
IDZUKI Nanase (ナナセ・イヅキ) …… CV. Hiroyuki Yoshino (吉野裕行)


MICT: Let’s see… Dear Mom and Dad. Are you doing well? I’m doing the same as always. I’ve gotten used to work lately so I can move pretty fast now. It’s tough because we have little time off, but my days are very fulfilling. Everyone on my team is very nice. There’s not-so-smart Yun, sarcastic Ray, noisy Tchica, way-too-normal Nana, and then there’s the very adorable, clever, and kind Fuu. Everyone is good to me. There’s also a cooking expert named Nachi and—

TCHICAI: [humming] Oh, Mic! What are you doing?

MICT: Oh, Tchica. I’m writing a letter to my family. I send one every week, but we were busy last week so I couldn’t send one…

TCHICAI: Ohhh~ I see. It’s pretty amazing that you do that every week. Letters are nice. There’s some warmth in writing letters directly instead of using cell phones or email on the computer. ♪

MICT: Right!

TCHICAI: Oh yeah- Do you have any blank sheets?

MICT: I do but… Do you want to write a letter to someone?

TCHICAI: Mm! I want to write one to someone I love! Just one sheet is fine, please?

MICT: Sure, here.

TCHICAI: Thank you~ Well then- Okay. Dear Fuu. I love you, Fuu. So let’s always, always be together, okay? Let’s stay close forever and ever—

MICT: H-hang on a second! Are you writing that to Fuu!?

TCHICAI: Yeah, that’s right~ Even though we’re living together here, I thought this sort of thing would be nice sometimes. And Fuu can write me a response after she reads this… Kyahaha! ★ Like a secret letter exchange!

MICT: That’s so unfair! I mean, I’d like to—

IDZUKI: What’s this? You guys were in here?

TCHICAI: Ah, Nana! I’m writing a letter to Fuu right now.

IDZUKI: Huh? To Fuu? If you have something to tell her, you could just tell her in person instead of in a letter. You live together.

TCHICAI: Jeez, you’ve got no sense of romance. You know, there are things that are conveyed better through writing than by saying them. And there are things you can write in a letter that you’re normally too embarrassed to say out loud, right?

IDZUKI: Things that you’re normally too embarrassed to say…

TCHICAI: Ah! I just had a good idea! ♪ Let’s all have a love letter competition!

MICT: Huh!? Why would we do that…?

TCHICAI: It’ll be a showdown to see who can write the most romantically about their love! I had one with Yun before and it was pretty fun. Yun-Yun has a natural gift for writing creepy letters~ ★

IDZUKI: Uhh, Yun probably doesn’t see it that way, right?

TCHICAI: Hmm~ Really? Well, who cares! So, what’s it going to be? Are we doing it? Or not?

MICT: I’d like to give it a try. It’d be good practice…

IDZUKI: I’ll pass. I’m not very good at that sort of thing, or rather, I’ve never written one so…

TCHICAI: Huh!? Nana, you’ve never written a love letter!?

IDZUKI: Ah-uh, well…

MICT: He’s already 35 years old and never written a love letter… So it’s true that he’s never had a girlfriend…

IDZUKI: Hey! I can hear you, Mict! Good grief, if you’re going to be so insistent I’ll participate.

TCHICAI: Yay! It’s decided! ★ The time limit is 15 minutes.

IDZUKI: -!? That’s it?

MICT: Th-that’s a little short…

TCHICAI: Is it? I could write 5 pages in 15 minutes though…

IDZUKI: [grumbles] He may be an airhead but it’s irritating…

MICT: I-I’ll do it in 15 minutes! I can do things when I put my mind to it!

TCHICAI: Well then, let’s start! ★

TCHICAI: Hmm~ Something like this, I guess. Ah- it’s almost been 15 minutes. We’re all done, you two.

IDZUKI: -!? What!? I’ve only written three sentences so far!

MICT: Me too… Just four sentences…

TCHICAI: Anyway, let’s present them. It’s fine if they’re short. We’ll decide the presentation order by rock paper scissors.

MICT: I definitely don’t want to be last!

IDZUKI: Hey, wait a minute! If you say we’ll be presenting them and this is a competition, we’ll need a judge, right?

TCHICAI: Oh, that’s right. I totally forgot. Okay, I’ll go call Fuu.

MICT: Wh—wh-what!? Why Fuu!?

TCHICAI: Well, I think a girl like Fuu would be more suitable for judging love letters written by guys. We’ll have her judge which one made her heart flutter the most! ♪ So, I’ll contact her through Tefu Tefu~

IDZUKI: Fuu’s going to be listening… She won’t notice that this is written to her, right?

MICT: I-I…I’m so nervous…

TCHICAI: So, you’re judging which letter is most heart moving to you, okay? So we’ll start with Nana who lost at rock paper scissors.

IDZUKI: H-hey. Do I really have to read it out loud?

MICT: It’s meaningless if you don’t.

IDZUKI: [sighs] Okay, here it goes. ‘S-sorry for writing you a letter out of the blue like this; I’m writing you because there’s something I really wanted to tell you. M-my heartbeat races when I’m around you and I can’t breathe right. I feel like my heart is about the burst when I think of you, so I wanted to tell you this: I—‘ and that’s where it ends.

TCHICAI: WHAT!? You were at such a good spot! And wouldn’t it be heart-bursting to end it there!?

IDZUKI: Th-that was just a metaphor! A metaphor! And I couldn’t do anything about it because that was when our 15 minutes was up. Well, I do think it’s probably for the best that I didn’t get to write the next part though…

TCHICAI: Ahhh~ How boring. It’s not like Yun-Yun’s laughable love letter…

MICT: Huh? And what’s a laughable love letter anyway?

IDZUKI: Anyway, I’m done. Mict is next.

MICT: R-right! Okay, here it goes. ‘J-just thinking about you is painful and agonizing and I lose my ability to reason. B-but-! I’m fine with that. I want to be honest in front of you so- I love you so much it seems like my heart will break. But I don’t mind, no matter what I have to sacrifice and even if it does break my heart.” Th-that’s it.

IDZUKI: Well…that’s uh… A little ‘hard’, I guess you could say? That last bit reeked of danger.

MICT: Huh? R-really!? I thought it was normal…

TCHICAI: Hmm… Mic is dangerous in a different sense than Yun-Yun. ★

MICT: What? …No way… I’m getting compared to Yun…

TCHICAI: Well then, I’m the last one. Okay, I’ll read it! ‘Dear Fuu, I—‘

MICT: W-wait just a second! Why do you have a name in yours!? Weren’t these love letters supposed to be written to a fictional person!?

TCHICAI: Mm, nope. I mean, there weren’t any particulars established, so we were free to set it up however we like. So I wrote mine to my much loved Fuu! Kyahaha ★ It’s embarrassing doing this in front of her~

IDZUKI: You don’t look embarrassed at all, though…

TCHICAI: Okay, I’m going to continue reading. ‘I really love you. When I wake up in the morning, I think about pancakes and Fuu. When I’m working in the afternoon, I think about muffins and Fuu. When I go to bed at night, I think about candy and Fuu. I’m always thinking about you. So I hope that you’ll think of me every day, even if it’s just for a minute. My beloved Fuu, let’s always be together. –Tchicai’

IDZUKI: I think it’s amazing that you managed to write that much in such a short time but… I wonder about you comparing Fuu on equal footing as sweets.

MICT: Right, right! I think you should have omitted the parts about sweets since you’re writing it to Fuu.

TCHICAI: But I mean, comparing her with the sweets I love just shows her how much I love her!

IDZUKI: W-well, to each their own…

MICT: A-anyway… Fuu, whose was the best?

TCHICAI: Ahh! This really gets your heart going~

IDZUKI: I-if you didn’t like any of them, just say so. You can be honest with us.

TCHICAI: Huh? You can’t decide? I see~ Kyahaha! That sounds like you.

MICT: It’s a bit of a letdown, but there’s always next time.

IDZUKI: Gah… I got all nervous for nothing. I won’t do this again!

TCHICAI: Whaat, don’t say that! We should do it again. Oh, right. Next time let’s invite Yun-Yun and Ray, too.

MICT: Hehe, good idea! And Nachi. Oh, and Jiro too?

IDZUKI: Stop. I feel like things will get out of hand if he comes… Anyway, these letters—

TCHICAI: Let’s put them together and give them to Fuu as a present! You can throw them out or you can keep them. Hey, next time I’ll personally bring one to your room, okay? ★ Kyahaha~

MICT: Ah-ah-ahhhh! Tchica is trying to get a lead on us!

TCHICAI: Kyahaha! Well, I guess I’ll go eat some pancakes~

MICT: Ahh! I’ll eat some too! Fuu, let’s go!

IDZUKI: Hey!! Good grief… So I’m the one who has to clean up? Hm? Is this Mict’s letter? It’s written to his parents. Is he already fini–!? ‘Way-too-normal Nana’…? Is that about me…? Way too normal… Hahaha… Haha… Grr… Maybe I’ll try to change up my image tomorrow…



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