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Binary Star Drama CD Translation – That Thing I Hate to Death

Tchicai has the perfect(?) idea to help Rayla overcome his hatred of sweets with Nachi’s baking expertise – make him eat sweets under different conditions! This can’t go wrong, can it?

Binary Star バイナリースター
That Thing I Hate to Death 死ぬほど嫌いなアレ
Stellaworth Limited Bonus Drama CD ステラワース店舗特典ドラマCD

RAYLA Konomi (コノミ・レイラ) …… CV. Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏)
TCHICAI Kanou (カノウ・チカイ) …… CV. Kenichi Suzumura (鈴村健一)
NACHI Sakurai (サクライ・ナチ) …… CV. Shouta Aoi (蒼井翔太)


TCHICAI: Nachin, where are you?? Nachin~ He’s not in the kitchen either; maybe he’s in the dining room…? Nachin~! Oh- Fuu! Have you seen Nachin?

TCHICAI: He went shopping? Ahh… I thought I’d have him make me some pancakes… I wanted to eat them right now~ Hm? Really!? You’ll really make pancakes for me!? Thanks~ ★ I’m so lucky I get to eat Fuu’s pancakes ♪ Kyahaha!

TCHICAI: Let’s eat~! Wah, it’s so good! You’re amazing, Fuu! Not only are you cute, but you’re a great cook, too. ♪ Kyahaha! Don’t be so shy~ These taste as good as the ones Nachin makes.

RAYLA: Ahh, I’m starving. Hey, where’s Nachi?

TCHICAI: If you’re looking for Nachin, he went out shopping. Oh, if you’re hungry, you want to eat some of this?

RAYLA: Ugh-! What’s with these pancakes…? There’s so many… Gross.

TCHICAI: They’re not gross! You can’t say that when Fuu went out of her way to make these! And these are really yummy!

RAYLA: Huh? Fuu did…? Ah~ I wasn’t really talking about the pancakes when I said gross. They look like they’re… probably delicious.

TCHICAI: Not ‘probably’, they are super delicious! Huh? You’re going back to your room, Fuu? Got it. Thanks a lot for the pancakes.

TCHICAI: Okay, Ray. Say ‘aahhh~’ ♪


TCHICAI: I mean, you just said they look delicious so here – ‘aahhh~’ ♪

RAYLA: Don’t want it. I don’t eat sweet things.

TCHICAI: What!? Really!? So why’d you say these looked delicious then?

RAYLA: I said that because Fuu made them. Oh and since she’s not here anymore I’ll say this: I really hate sweets. Just smelling them is awful.

TCHICAI: Whaaat!? Mmm… You know, you know~ If you get over your hatred of sweets, you can ask Fuu to make you a snack, right? And then maybe you’d be even closer than now.

RAYLA: Huh? But it doesn’t have to be sweets, right?

TCHICAI: Hmm… But Nachin makes our regular meals, so wouldn’t it be hard to ask her to do that?

RAYLA: Well… Now that you mention it.

TCHICAI: And because Fuu’s nice, she’d probably defer to Nachin to make things other than snacks if she was asked. She isn’t the kind of girl who could steal someone else’s job.

RAYLA: I don’t really want to ask her for a snack that bad.

TCHICAI: That half-hearted attitude of yours is no good! If you can conquer your hatred for sweets, you’ll decrease the number of foods you dislike and it gives you an opportunity to get closer to Fuu – two birds one stone! So Ray, you should overcome your hatred of sweets!

RAYLA: Wait, why do you want me to eat sweets so badly?

TCHICAI: I want you to understand the greatness of snacks! Eating sweets cheers you up and makes you want to try harder!

RAYLA: Isn’t that different for everyone?

TCHICAI: That may be true but Fuu likes sweets too, so wouldn’t it be nice to share that happiness with her?

RAYLA: Mmm…I feel like I’m being forced, but well… I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to give it a try—

TCHICAI: All right! It’s decided! Okay, we’ve got to get all sorts of sweets ready—

RAYLA: Ah, hey! I didn’t say I’d do it—

NACHI: I’m back~ Ahh, I’m exhausted. That was heavy.

TCHICAI: Welcome home, Nachin! You came back at a good time~ Hey, hey~ I want to make some sweet things. Lots of them!

RAYLA: ‘Lots’ is too much so—

NACHI: I don’t mind but why?

TCHICAI: Rayla wants to conquer his hatred of sweets! Amazing, huh!? Gyahaha!

RAYLA: Why did it turn into sounding like I was the one who said that!?

NACHI: I think it’s great! It isn’t good to have likes and dislikes~

TCHICAI: Right, right!?

RAYLA: They’re not even listening…

NACHI: All right! I’ll put in everything I’ve got to make lots and lots of sweets!

RAYLA: Ah, no, you don’t have to get so worked up—

TCHICAI: I’ll decide the menu~!! Waffles, right?  Chocolate muffins, right? Vanilla soufflé, right? Ahhh~ ★ I’m so excited, so excited~!

RAYLA: Urgh… Just hearing the names is grossing me out…

NACHI: Tada~ First up is Nachi’s specialty waffles! They’re garnished with homemade jam, maple syrup, and fresh cream! Please eat up!


TCHICAI: Come on, come on! They won’t taste as good if you don’t eat them while they’re hot.

RAYLA: I need a little more time to prepare myself mentally—

TCHICAI: Nachin! Your turn!

NACHI: Yessir! Rayla, please take this.

RAYLA: What’s this? …A photo of Fuu?

NACHI: If you can overcome sweets, you’ll be able to hog this smile all to yourself! …Maybe.

RAYLA: Urk….. this… smile… [eats food]

NACHI: Oh!! He’s doing it!

TCHICAI: I’m so nervous! ★ Is it good, Rayla?

RAYLA: …hng…wa-…water-…water!! GIVE ME WATER!!

NACHI: Whoaaaa!?? H-here!

RAYLA: [gulps water] I-i-it’s impossible after all!

TCHICAI: Hmm~ I guess our strategy of having him conquer this by looking at her picture is a no-go~ Well then, on to the next one! Please, Nachin~

NACHI: Yessir! Next we have chocolate muffins! Rayla, please close your eyes for a little bit.

RAYLA: Huh!? Why!?

NACHI: It’s fine, it’s fine~

RAYLA: Hah… What’s going with this? …Here, is this okay?

NACHI: Mm! Please imagine that Fuu is in front of you right now. [changes voice] Rayla~ I made these muffins with my love~ So I ♥ want ♥ you ♥ to  ♥ eat ♥ them ♥, okay~? Say ‘ahhh~’

RAYLA: Uh, hang on a sec. Nachi is being even grosser than these sweets.

NACHI: Whaaaat!? But I was trying so hard.

TCHICAI: Hmmm~So our delusion mode strategy to conquer it is no good either, huh~ All right Nachi, next one!

NACHI: Yessir! Next is… one I’m confident in! Vanilla soufflé!

RAYLA: I didn’t even eat the last one! What’s the point in changing the food!?

NACHI: Rayla, look into my eyes!

RAYLA: What is it this time?

NACHI: [changes voice] If you eat all this, Fuu will give you a kiss~ Okay~?

RAYLA: [gags]

NACHI: You’re so mean! You just gagged while looking me in the eye!

RAYLA: Your imitation of Fuu is nothing at all like her! First off, the way she talks is completely different!

TCHICAI: Hmm~ So delusion mode strategy part two to conquer it is a flop too, huh~

NACHI: If Fuu knew that even her love wasn’t enough to alter that tall barrier of yours… I’m sure she’d be hurt.

RAYLA: Urgh… Love or whatever, there’s no way I can get over it like this!

TCHICAI: Hmm~ Nachin, come here for a sec.

NACHI: ? What is it?

TCHICAI: A strategy meeting! What can we do to be able to feed Rayla sweets??

NACHI: Hmm~ Ah- It’s no good, Tchicai, let’s just give up?

TCHICAI: No! I want Rayla to like snacks and sweets too!

NACHI: Um, I was wondering, why do you want him to overcome it so badly?

TCHICAI: Well, I mean!! Because I want him to feel happy from eating sweets!

NACHI: That’s… Those words are…

TCHICAI: ?? Nachin, what’s wrong?

NACHI: Ah! Nothing at all si—Err, it’s nothing.

TCHICAI: Oh yeah, by the way, what was it that Rayla liked?

NACHI: Oh, salads. He always eats them with lots of dressing.

TCHICAI: Hmm~ Dressing, huh. Ah! I just thought of something good! It’ll definitely go well with this! Hey, hey~

TCHICAI: Tadaa~ Thanks for waiting~♪

RAYLA: Mm, I’ve had it up to here with sweets… And when you think about it, it’s not really something I need to force myself to get over, so why are we doing this!?

TCHICAI: Huhuhu~ I thought you’d say that. So that’s why the next dish is this—

NACHI: It’s a heaping salad filled with in-season vegetables! And it’s topped with plenty of my specialty dressing~

RAYLA: Seriously!? Aren’t you thoughtful!? Wow, it looks so good! And there’s just the right amount of dressing to cover the vegetables-!

NACHI: Right, right~!

TCHICAI: We’re quite confident in it.

RAYLA: …Hang on. There’s nothing sweet in here, is there? Like chocolate shaped like lettuce or marshmallows that look like mushrooms or caramel that looks like onion chips?

NACHI: We haven’t done any tricks like that~ All the salad ingredients are vegetables!

RAYLA: That’s fine if so… Thanks for the meal.

TCHICAI: We made the dressing sweet instead~! ★

RAYLA: [spits] …wh-what…is this…?

NACHI: First I dissolved some sugar into maple syrup, then I put in some chopped almond toffee and added vanilla ice cream to bring out the flavors! It’s a specialty dressing!

RAYLA: …I’m really…going to…die…

TCHICAI: What!? Ahhh! Ray!!

NACHI: This is bad!! Water, water~!!

[running footsteps]

TCHICAI: That was the first time an Akatsuki Angel ever got seriously ill outside of work and had to be taken to the Heavenly Skies. And they all lived happily ever after~♪



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