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In a complicated relationship with languages. Hopeless lover of cute things.



1st: Ruka Sakurai (Tokimeki Memorial GS 3)
2nd: Keitarou Shichihara (Suran Digit)
3rd: Elbert (Wand of Fortune)
6th: Takato Kaidou (Clock Zero)
7th: Fuuto Asahina (Brothers Conflict)
8th: Mict Haruno (Binary Star) ★ Kuon Tsukinohara (DYNAMIC CHORD feat. [rêve parfait])
10th: Tougou Kisaki (Blackish House sideA→)
12th: Kairi (Re:BIRTHDAY SONG)
16th: Karen Hanatsubaki (Tokimeki Memorial GS 3)
19th: Teru Saeki (Tokimeki Memorial GS 2)
23rd: Yuma Mukami (Diabolik Lovers More Blood)
25th: Kakeru Yuiga (Norn9) ★ Shin (Kanuchi)
26th: Yuuta Mirako (Kenka Banchou Otome)
27th: Lutz (Yoiyomori)
29th: Pace (Arcana Famiglia)