Collar x Malice – Kageyuki Shiraishi Walkthrough [All Kageyuki Endings]

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You can download a PDF version of this walkthrough here.

Collar x Malice → Kageyuki Shiraishi Walkthrough (All Kageyuki Route Endings)

Chapter 0

NOTE: Kageyuki’s route unlocks after you have played through either Mineo, Takeru, or Kei’s route.

[Don’t report it]

[Speak honestly]

[You don’t care if I die?]

[I understand.]

[Is working for the SP hard?]

[April and May Incidents] [June Incident] [July Incident] [August Incident] [September Incident] [November Incident] [That’s enough for now.]
(select all options to reveal last one; you can select ‘that’s enough for now.’ to start with in subsequent playthrough)

[6F – Forensics]

[I think there’s a leak in the police station.]

Chapter 1 – Kageyuki Shiraishi

[I stay at home]

[I have a lot]

[I like a good drama]

Chapter 2 – Kageyuki Shiraishi

[Be honest]

Investigation Mode [Over the Drawers] [Sofa] [Bookshelf]

❖ Kageyuki Route Save 1 ❖

 [Uhhh… Mukai said, um…]

❖ Kageyuki Route Save 2 ❖

[Run home.]

[I’d think of a third option]


Chapter 3 – Kageyuki Shiraishi

[Would ask their reasons]

 [Turn away and pout]

[The benefactor’s side.]

[Be furious]

[Yuki Sunamori]

❖ Kageyuki Route Save 3 ❖

LEAF Mode [Please don’t push yourself too hard.]

Chapter 4 – Kageyuki Shiraishi

[I don’t care if I get hurt]

[the crime scene.]

Investigation Mode [Wall] [Floor] [Window] [Dolls]

[Went to the park]

❖ Kageyuki Route Save 4 ❖

Successfully shoot the target during trigger mode

Chapter 5 – Kageyuki Shiraishi

[Explain it]

[Turn them down]


Chapter 6 – Kageyuki Shiraishi

❖ Kageyuki Route Save 5 ❖

Successfully shoot the target during trigger mode

→ Kageyuki Shiraishi Good End

Kageyuki Shiraishi Blighted Love End and Bad Ends

❖ Load Kageyuki Route Save 5 ❖

Fail to shoot the target during trigger mode

→ Kageyuki Blighted Love End

❖ Load Kageyuki Route Save 1 ❖

[I was curious about, um, about underneath, uh…]

[Run home.]

[I’d sacrifice myself]


[Would never forgive them]

→ Bad End 1

❖ Load Kageyuki Route Save 2 ❖

[Listen closer.]

→ Bad End 2

❖ Load Kageyuki Route Save 3 OR load Chapter 6 from the Chapter section on the main menu with ‘LOW’ affection ❖

LEAF Mode [I want to get your opinion on the case.]

[I understand]

[There might be something else there.]

Investigation Mode [Wall] [Floor] [Window] [Dolls]

[Went to the free school]

Successfully shoot the target during trigger mode

[Keep it a secret]


[Get a taxi]

Successfully shoot the target during trigger mode

→ Bad End 3

❖ Load Kageyuki Route Save 4 ❖

Fail to shoot the target during trigger mode

→ Bad End 4

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    Even though I played through Mineo, Takeru, and Kei’s routes, I can’t get the option for Kageyuki’s?? I’m super confused… Is it because I didn’t play any of them fully? *I hate playing bad endings so I only played the good endings for the three routes*

      • Celine Turner
      • 30 November 2017

      You just need to choose the option for there being a mole in the organisation.

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